Artificial evolution

by soma bose

Amir was lost in a sandstorm. He fell and
panted on sand, lost in the reddish yellow.
The wind wailing in his ears. He watched
the wind erased his fresh footprints. He
managed to sit up. Out of swaying curtains 
of sand, he caught a glimpse of movement,
a flurry of color.
A familiar shape materialized. A hand reached
out for him. He took the hand and suddenly
the sand was gone. He was standing in a
field of grass with soft wisps of clouds drifting
He looked up and saw the clear sky was
filled with a blue sheet. Green grass 
shimmered in the bright light.
It was a dream.
Amir hurried back to his house and found
the guests all standing in the yard.
They cheered and burst into applause.
He almost forgot that it was his birthday.
A havoc caused by an unknown virus
damaged  normal life. Amir was a young
doctor. The virus infected many many
human beings. The doctors were unsure,
excited, scared. They were unable to
find out any ultimate solution to cure
the disease. Even many doctors were
were getting infection through the close
contacts with patients.

In one of those guests, he found someone:
Mr. Paul.He was a great scientist. Every
few seconds, the backyard lit up in sudden
flashes of red, green and yellow. Mr. Paul
handed Amir something.
It was a leather- bound humanoid robot.
"I almost forgot," Paul held up a finger,
asking Amir to wait and walked to his car.
 A moment later, he emerged with a remote
and a notebook in his hands. He forwarded
these to him. "For your instructions," Paul
said, "It's a modest humanoid robot, Amir.
Our research institute has made it to assist
you in treatment of patients. I hope you will
like it. Happy birthday!"

The next few months are on lots of tests
on infected patients. Doctors and medical
institutes are unable to find out any proper
treatment to prevent the viral infection.
They already tried with various medicines.
sometimes these medicines worked on 
patients and sometimes not. Even doctors
are in the danger zone. Many of them are 
infected through direct contacts with patients.

Robotic humanoid assistance was better 
option for the medical staff to get rid of 
direct contacts. Paul had provided lots
of robots. Many hospitals are getting 
details of patients through these robots.
Sitting in home or any control room of 
hospitals, doctors are instructing the robots
how to deal with injections, thermal checking,
with injections, thermal checking, specimen 
collections and ultimate screening of medical 
data. some instructions are already fed with
their memory to observe the patients.
Amir observed one of these metallic twinkle 
eyed robots examining the patients with a
vast cavernous screen.
Screen reports whether a patient tests positive
with infection. But the doctors had begun to
worry. They could see that the robots had
begun to take steps of their own, without
any further charging the the batteries, any
reminder of further actions they began to
take care of patients. They were making
some dry scratchy sound.
Apparently they were looking beneficent
but soon doctors and medical staff woke
up from this fantasy and learnt how difficult
it would be to trace the symptoms of patients
as the curves on the screens slowly became
Mr. Paul heard the fact. Some robots were
defused, some were not as they were totally
out of control.
"Not much to ask for the robots, is it an
 interaction with virus on their metallic 
 body?" Amir asked .
"I will let you know further what I am thinking
about them." Paul said.
The defused robots were taken back to
the research center. Some patients were
taken out from hospital where the metallic
bodies were out of control.
Doctors and medical staff even did not
try on some robots. From the beginning,
they were not activated.
But doctors were bothered since the active
robots suffered a disorder.
They were piled aside in the corner of hospitals.
Amir sat on an edge of his bed, Thought what
Paul had said when they met last.

All the doctors and medical staff were waiting
for Paul since the last few days.
All are eager to take back the modified robots
into the hospitals. They looked out but an
emptiness moved over the passage.

It was later when Amir discovered Paul
hiding with some robots in one of his
research laboratory. It was shocking enough
seeing Paul did not rectify them. Amir
felt watched by eyes blinking in dim light.
He saw shapes huddled around the room,
their silhouettes thrown on the walls by the
dim light.
Amir thought it would be a matter of robotic
revolt. Amir heard a scratching sound from
Paul's body and observed his  right shoulder
hunched. Amir caught the snippet of it, Paul
was transformed into a half metallic robot.
"What will save us is this metallic robotic
 body from the virus, so I moved on to safety."
 Paul said.
Paul stretched his hands and legs. Amir was
scared. Already drenched as slithering beads
of rain sluiced, he decided to walk back. And
then something glowed in the sky. Light! It was
thunderbolt. Paul too came out from his lab
and thunderbolt electrocuted his metallic body 
part. He fell down. All the robots within his
lab fell down too as Paul's metallic body part
was itself a remote to control the robots.
Paul lost his consciousness but was still alive.
He was taken to hospital and robotic part was
removed from his body. The fellow scientists
became aware of the incident. What happened 
next was too fast. Paul recovered, a few times
later, he had come close to launch a new model 
named "alienotic" for further assistance in hospital 
activities. It was basically an implementation of 
fossils collected from soil of mars which was craftily stowed into the metallic body.
Amir did not know what to think or say.

Was that a perfect artificial evolution of previous
robotic model?

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