Time Heals Every Wound

by habiba
“So, is this it? Are you really breaking-up?” Ahmed asked Sara, anguished but aggressive.
“We have no reason to be together Ahmed. I can’t take it anymore. When you don’t trust me then it’s better to stay away.” Sara responded, her heart overwhelming.
“Do you really think Rizwan is a better option? I want to give our relationship a last time.” Ahmed continued, his anger growing.
“It’s not because of Rizwan Ahmed, but because of you I am breaking-up. You can’t even take my calls, you have better works to do I guess.” His question made her furious.
“Ok! But I still want you to think one last time. We can work it out.” Ahmed tried to be calmer now.
“Ok I will. But let me tell you one thing, I have thought enough already. My answer will be no.” Sara replied, stood up, hanged her bag and went towards the café.
Sara and Ahmed were class-fellows. They had an exemplar relationship for three years and they were proud of it. After three years of togetherness, Sara had decided to separate their ways.
Rizwan, their mutual friend, but now one of Sara’s close friends has made a triangle in their love angle. Sara had tried several times to make things out with Ahmed. Once she had loved him passionately and now she was ready to break-up. How time changes! Their fights started before a few months which once seemed to be normal couple scuffles but they grew with time. Ahmed started envying Sara’s closeness with Rizwan which became extreme when he came to know that she had shared some secrets with Rizwan which Ahmed told her while confiding in her. When Ahmed once beefed about that, Sara told him that Rizwan was his good friend and that he was always there for her when she needed someone while Ahmed was not. Sara complained Ahmed multiple times about his heedless behavior but he was always confident that she would never leave her. He used to ignore and acted like it was no big deal. Both of them were going through a difficult time now but differences had occurred. It wasn’t just a difference, it was a cleft.
“I can’t take it anymore Rizwan. It’s too much. He doesn’t even realize what he has done, as if his non-chalant and reckless behavior was nothing for me.” Sara was sobbing in front of Rizwan. Both of them just came to cafe after their biophysics class.
“You should give him a chance if he wants to make things work between you two.” Rizwan was persuading her to think about what Ahmed had asked her to.
“I have thought about it already Rizwan. He will do what he has done before. I know him; he’s never going to change.” Sara was telling him, like announcing a final decision.
“As you wish! Whatever you feel better.” Rizwan stepped back and concluded the discussion.
Sara texted Ahmed as soon as she got home. She told her that it was her final decision that she wanted to break-up.
“I thought about it again. My decision is constant. It’s in betterment of both of us.” Sara pressed the send botton.
Her phone beeped, Ahmed’s name appeared. “OK.” She read and cried for hours.
Sara’s friendship with Rizwan grew stronger and stronger with every passing day. It was more -than a friendship now. And Ahmed could discern easily that what he doubted earlier.
I should find some alternate now. It can’t work like this anymore. I should try to make another girlfriend. May be this will work- Ahmed was trying to find some solution of his disturbed mind. It had been almost a month since their breakup but it was still lingering in his mind. Watching Sara with his own friend several times a day was killing him deep inside. It was indeed a stab in his back from his own friend and finding another girlfriend was the only possible solution that he could anticipate.
“Hello Hamra! How are you? Didn’t you take first class today?” Ahmed asked Hamra delightedly.
“Nayh! I got late today. You know late night movies! Couldn’t get up early.” Hamra replied a bit more pleasantly.
“LOL. But that’s not so good. Which movie did you watch last night by the way?” Ahmed continued the chat on their way towards café.
“Everest.” Hamra smiled towards him now.
“Boring.” Ahmed grimaced. Hamra only smiled back.
“It’s my class time now. See you later! When will you leave today?” Hamra asked him hurriedly.
“I’ll be here till 4:30.” Ahmed told her, praying silently in heart she could stay with him.
“That’s great! I’ll see you after the lab then.” Hamra smiled and went towards her class while Sara and Ahmed watched them from a few meters distance.
She is nice. I think she knows that I want her as my girlfriend- Ahmed thought when she left.
Time passed and both Sara and Ahmed had gone through their after break-up period. Things were better with their new mates and both of them were happier than before.
Relationships only work when both partners work equally for it. Sara complained that Ahmed wasn’t giving her the proper time she deserved while he had time for his other friends. He had no reason for his careless attitude. While Ahmed thought that she couldn’t confide her with his secrets. Sara told him this was also because of him that she became closer to Rizwan. If Ahmed had given her proper respect, she would never be that close to him and maybe she was right. Whatever the reason might be, at the end of the day, both of them thought it was the right decision that they got separated. They feel themselves now they weren't meant to be together, if they were, they would. Life is good and they are happy, thats all what matters at the end of the day. But the damage that had been done already, could never be removed or vanished. It was there and will always remain there.
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