Till the Firsts

by abbywookie
A clever pick up line

A whisper only for her ear

Nose in her scented hair

Few more persuading

That’s all it takes

Scoff inside

At how girls are

Easier than kindergarten maths


Not the first in my duvet

Lines were dismissed

And are waiting


Something different about tonight’s prey



Eyes on me

But distant


And seemingly, heartless.


Not the first prey

But the first

To refuse my sweater

There’s this tugging feeling

Behind her beautiful eyes

That got to me






She wears her lofty smirk

Heads for my bedroom door

And says

Lines have been dismissed

And are waiting

I’m a busy girl


Not a good actress

Doesn’t even know

Her words don’t match

The twinkle in her eyes

At all.


Throw myself out of the duvet

Punch the lock button on the knob



My voice is low

That isn’t me speaking



Not my first late night popcorn

But the first to earn my cuddle

They say firsts are dangerous

Too bad I’m the kind

Who’d walk through the fire

Just to know how bad fires burn


Her sobs are soft

In the middle of the night

So, so soft

But not enough

To hide among the midnight silence


Bothers me that

She isn’t in my sweater

Is her soul so screwed up

She can’t feel the cold?


Got myself out

Of the one duvet we share

Throw her my sweater

Make my order clear


Or I’m wrapping you up in blankets.”


Lay back down beside her

And watch her wipe away her secret tears

As she pulls my sweater

Over her bare shoulders and neck

She still isn’t wearing it

That Haughty Girl


Her arms snake around my waist

Her head on my chest

Pull her in tighter

Breathe in her hair

Smells of lavender

I like lavender


I know

A lot more firsts

Are on the way

Dangerous firsts

For both of us.

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Liked it alot?


May 23, 2015 - 02:14 Awwww....they had sex.... How sweet.... Ok I honestly did not expect that and usually I'm really uncomfortable with reading these types of stories but the way you wrote it as a poem made it seem a LOT more romantic and it just made me smile how sweet it is and I just wanna say you are soo good at this!!! That is all ;)


May 23, 2015 - 03:50 ummmm..........HAHAHAHAHA :D god dravench you're blunt. Don't know why but I'm laughing at your comment lol


May 23, 2015 - 03:53 but that aside, thank you so so much, dravench =) you just made my day thank youuuu :D
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