The sound of music...

by Sivaranjini Senthilvel
The feeble tune,
Peeps a second,
Through the right ear piece,
Then chirps and chimes gently,
On my left ear drum...

With a consonant resonance,
The harmonic melody suffuses,
Mildly into my mind...
Like rain drops,
That create ripples,
In a blue sea of tranquility

The sound of music,
Seems to leap,
Along with my heart beats
That spring up too,with it
Making my heart wobbly,
And my frail self

The puissant passel of beats,
Compel my brain,
To shrug off the duty it's nailed on to,
Making it vibrate incessantly..
Generating rhythmic throbs,
which slay me mellifluously...

The reverberating echoes
Make my heart pause a minute,
So that I could listen,
To the spiffy, frabjous tune,
Once again,
Uninterrupted by heart beats...

The magical voice
Makes honey tipple down
Into my ears,
And the quavers and crotchets
Slosh into my blood,
Soaking my soul with melody..
As duckweeds paint pond water,
Tinting it malachite and moss green...

The violin's bow,
Along with the strings,
Drag my soul,
Into an unknown mystery...
Pulling my inner soul out,
Making it dance in the air
Shaking hands with the jingle...

The high pitched sounds
That give goosebumps,
Tickle my emotions,
Prick my nerves,
And little by little,
Nibble my palpitating heart,
Tearing it,
Into fragments wetted by melody,
Slowly shrinking it to null...

Best among the most beautiful things,
Is this sound of music,
That nourishes my soul,
As a slight drizzle would,
The false roses of Jericho,
By uprooting its shrivels,
And fostering burgeoning blossoms,
Helping it spring back to life,afresh!
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June 16, 2016 - 21:08 That's a brilliant writing indeed.... Extremely... I loved every line... Every word... It is just just perfect.... True for any music lover...
Sivaranjini Senthilvel

Sivaranjini Senthilvel

June 17, 2016 - 04:25 I'm overwhelmed.Thanks for taking time to comment on the dinky pieces of literature written by this tenderfooted 18 year old writer

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