Bittersweet friendship!!!

by Sivaranjini Senthilvel
You were lilac!
I was Dahlia!

You spurted
And expanded your bloomage,
So that it may echo mine..

I shrivelled and lost my million petals To sync my figure with yours!

We both became TWIN ROSES,
Colored with shades of love and affection!

We both were twin flowers
That bloomed together
Only inhaling each other's fragrance!

We both were twin boats..
Your path was mine..
Mine was yours..
Our oars went always,hand in hand!

You were my shadow!
That embraced my shoulder
With ever-loving,comforting hands!

But now, life's pitch dark
And I've lost the shadow that followed
And here is my leg,
Waiting for some sunshine,
To sync its steps with yours!

The thread connecting our souls
Seemed to elongate day by day
And played tug of war with our hearts!

And finally, time won the game,
Unsyncing our harmonic beats,
And broke into pieces
Our hearts that were loath to leave!

Don't know how we,the twin flowers, fell withering,on opposite sides..

Don't know how our oars rowed us to opposite directions!

I'm here,wiping our photograph Framed with the bond of immortal love,
As tears flood and pour
Into my curvy smiling eyes in the photograph,
Which was indeed the last smile I smiled so!

Never did I imagine such a pitiful prophecy
Where we both will remain strangers
As if we met not even aeons before,
Carrying zillion immortal memories
That speak volumes about our friendship
Etched deep in our heavy hearts...

I wanted our friendship to be a paper rose, that'll never wither!

But it was even more!
Our bond was a moonbeam,that bloomed eternally
And, even when we parted,
The petals of memories,
Remained alive,
But alas!
Lost its colours
And is tinged black and white...

I've been looking for your letters beginning with "Beloved.."
Which were never written!

This ignorant heart refuses to stop waiting,
For friendship day cards,
That were sent never!

Tears bleed incessantly
Crushing and shrinking my frail,betrayed heart!

Hands that you clasped,
Now keep penning sad odes...

Won't I get back anything again?
Not even my smile?

I've had a zillion bittersweet memories,
But, yours is my favourite...

Thanks for showing mercy
By etching some sweet memories of yours
On the gravestone of my happiness,
Without deserting me completely!

-Forever yours

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August 8, 2016 - 15:04 MADE ME TEARY-EYED
Sivaranjini Senthilvel

Sivaranjini Senthilvel

August 8, 2016 - 16:57 It would, indeed. Thanks for reading


August 8, 2016 - 16:55 So heart touching, loaded with emotions. i am getting speechless.... would just say, its amazing.
Sivaranjini Senthilvel

Sivaranjini Senthilvel

August 8, 2016 - 16:56 Thank you Million more times!!!☺
Susan Jacob

Susan Jacob

August 12, 2016 - 08:43 Sad and Melancholic ☺ But i liked the way you penned it. Indeed very heart touching. Fells like a true one from within the heart.
Sivaranjini Senthilvel

Sivaranjini Senthilvel

August 12, 2016 - 13:14 Yeah! Felt And written! Thanks for your comment

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