The Guardian Angel

by Lea Ebio
Jenny stopped walking abruptly. She almost collided with her friend.
"What's wrong Jenny?" her friend asked, noticing her anxious face.
They were on their way to the coffee shop and the street are filled with busy passers-by and people hurrying to catch their usual bus, others doing their morning rituals like strolling and jogging...surely, one of them is stalking her?
"Uh, nothing Jam. It's just I have this strange feeling..." she stops in her mid-sentence. Unsure to continue what she was about to say.
"What?' her friend turned an inquiring look at her.
"Uh--it's nothing Jam! I'm just imagining things, I suppose," she said, dismissing the topic.
Jam look at her doubtfully and shrug, "Must be the coffee."
"I've been drinking of it too much lately."
She give one last sweeping gaze at the place before tugging her friend to their destination.


Mathew watch the women from where he was standing. His light blue eyes danced with silent amusement as he noticed the other woman looking around anxiously. She could feel his presence, he was certain of it. Judging from her reaction when he tried to glide near her.

He had been assigned to guard in the fast few weeks, he done a splendid job of following her around.
Though he was confused at first why he was chosen to guard the "adult persona", he obeyed. A guardian angel is never allowed to complain about his duty..
So, he always followed her around - unseen, but felt. It's not because he willed himself to be noticed, but rather because - his concern for his "ward" had gone beyond the natural bound of being her guardian angel.
Everyday he had been watching her move, speak, cry, and even sleep, his feelings become more personal, deeper - stronger. Before he knew it, he was falling for her!
And everyday as his feelings for her become stronger, his immortality becomes weaker...

"One daring move to show yourself to her, will break the last bind that makes you immortal...remember that son," was his masters grave warning.

Yet love proves to be unyielding and his heart is stubborn...refusing to let go of his feelings. He was closed to revealing himself to her that moment when he glides besides her. He almost inhaled deep breath as her gaze traveled his way..fortunately, he remained invisible from her eyes. That was a close call.


Quickly, she stands up, grabbing her bag - she headed for the entrance.She hurried outside the coffee shop still preoccupied with the thoughts inside her head. She didn't hear the angry complaints of the man whom she accidentally bumps outside, nor did she hear her friends voice calling her. She was totally unaware of it all.
She had reached the middle of the street when her friend's panicked scream finally pricks into her senses. But too late...a car is speeding towards her lane!
Shock and panicked paralyzed her whole being, her feet wouldn't move despite her strong urge to run. When suddenly....

A man with light blue eyes and golden hair suddenly appeared out of nowhere and pulled her to the side. His handsome face is the last image she saw before drifting into unconsciousness.

When she opens her eyes, she is sitting in an unfamiliar bed and the room is mostly in white.
"Am I in heaven?" she managed to asked to herself thru foggy consciousness.
"No, you're not."
Surprised, she turned to where the voice is coming from..and saw a handsome man sitting beside her bed. He was the man whom had thankfully saved her life just a few hours ago.
"At least - not yet," he added after a brief moment, smiling.
"Who are you?" she asked while looking shyly at him.
"I'm Mathew."'
"Just Mathew."
He had a deep, quiet voice, almost refined. He was her savior, a handsome savior who appeared out of nowhere just to save her!
Thank god for his swiftness, she was saved.
And he had the slightly amused glitter in his eyes which made him look younger and care-free.
Her heart did a sudden leap inside her chest just looking at him.
And as if her over-joyed reaction or the sudden strong emotions she feels, causes her chest to harden..and there it was again, the sudden pain in her chest. She clutches at her chest and inhaled three deep breaths.
He seems to noticed it, for he looked at her with genuine concern and a slight frown.
"Are you alright?" he asked worriedly as he looks at her face.
"I'm fine." She smiled at him. Then quickly change the subject.
"By the way, Mathew whatever-your-last-name-is, I sincerely want to thank you for saving my life," she said with deep gratitude.
He smiled again, but a fleeting worry passes his eyes. It was gone before she could catch it. "It was always my pleasure Jenny."
Her brows arched. Jenny? "How did you know my name?"
"I heard your friend called you a few hours ago, back in that street." There was a slight hesitancy in his face before he spoke. But it was gone too quickly..

Her friend appears on the hospital's doorway, looking more worried than ever, followed by her distraught mother and a calm yet worried father.
"Jenny! Oh my God. What the hell happened? You have us all worried..."
And so starts the dramatic dialogue of her mother. She keep on fussing about the incident she had almost forgotten about Mathew. When she search for him, all she saw was the empty chair where he had been sitting just a few minutes ago.

Mathew is standing by the bridge looking at his two hands as if he saw it puzzling. Puzzling indeed. Two human hands...He had already crossed the boundary of being immortal. He was now a human! and he couldn't place his feelings correctly.
Was he supposed to feel elated? - now that he could be with the woman he loves? Talk with her, smile with her, touch those beautiful eyes? But there was also the fact that he had lost the chance to always watch over her wherever she go.
That moment, when he saw her about to be run down by the approaching bus, he was suddenly driven with the strong urge to physically remove her from that place. He totally lost his logic - grabbed her and puff! He felt her warm human body in his arms. There was no time to collect his thoughts..saving them both comes first...

Jenny spotted him sitting in their favorite shop looking blankly at his steaming cup of coffee. He seemed lost in thought.
"Can I share your thought? I mean -- your table?
Mathew looked up and his face brightened upon seeing her.
She could easily make his mood lighter, she thought, and she thought it sweet of him. He always make it a point to smile whenever she's around. And he look so dashing and handsome! Her heart did a sudden leap again. 'Jenny! you are falling for him, stupid! He's still a total stranger!' Her mind scolds her.
"My pleasure," he said. His eyes are dancing like blue gems again. And he push one of the chair so she could sit beside him.

Jenny sat down slowly - consciously. His beautiful eyes following her every move. Did she just feel her face face - blushed!?

Mathew couldn't resist staring at her. Her jet silky black hair hang loosely behind her as her soft brown eyes are peering shyly at him. He could really feel his heart thumping strongly against his chest! He wonder if it is natural for a human - to have a strong thumping beat, like his?
And she look so vulnerable in front of him, that he thought provokes his being her guardian angel again. He wanted to protect her from all worries in this world. And from that moment, he promised himself not to make those soft brown eyes cry again.
When suddenly....

Jenny clutched at her chest as if some invisible hammer had smashed her there. She paled and squeeze her eyes shut while clutching at the table with her other hand. Pain contorted her once smiling face.
Mathew was suddenly beside her, holding her "Jenny, what's wrong?" Worry etched on his handsome face. He is'nt smiling anymore.

"It's nothing..." she said through gritted teeth, trying to hide the pain.
"Do not lie to me Jenny .I know you are suffering!" he said vehemently.
"Just..chest..p-pain.." she stammered.
"It's serious Jenny. I'll take you to the hospital now!" He said firmly...determined.

She was about to ask him how he knew; but before she could even utter a single word, the pain errupted within her and she screams. And fainted - right in his arms.

When she opened her eyes, she was in a white room - again. And she was in dejavu. Same handsome face bent over her...but the smile she had come to love was gone, replaced with serious, sad and contemplating eyes...

"Mathew?" she called to him.
He looked so down and sad as he looks at her. She wonder why.

"How are you feeling?" he asked gently, his voice almost hoarsed...from what? --
"Are you crying?" she asked him, unable to stifle a smile.
He smile. But it was a weak smile. She don't know why it gives her an uncomfortable feeling. Something was not right; and she prepares herself for the worse...
"What's wrong?" she asked innocently, though part of her feel an uncertain dread.
A doctor suddenly walks in, looking deadly serious, followed by her mother. She breaks into a uncontrollable sobs upon seeing her..and her heart begins to throb.
She waited for heart-stopping moment before the doctor finally breaks it to her.
"Jenny" there was a brief pause and clearing of the throat, "how long have you been feeling these chest pains?"
I blink - and tried to remember. "Almost a month now," I said. And held my breath for a second.
"Based on my findings and your laboratory test, you had a weak heart and its what causes you chest pains." The rest is a series of medical explanations she did'nt bother knowing. What she knew is...she's dying...and had only little tine left to live.
I stared - unbelieving. This is far greater than worse. Yet somehow she knew deep inside of her that she was ill. She's having trouble breathing normally within these last few weeks.
Her mother bursts out crying again and when she looks at Mathew, he looks so grave and sullen. And he's looking at her like he had just received a bad news himself.

So, she's dying....and everyday she tries to make the most of it by being with the people she loves. And being with Mathew. He was also always there for her.

To Jenny, everyday is a constant fight to remain positive. She's trying so hard to accept the harsh fact.
For Mathew, everyday is a struggle. To finally being with the woman he loves...physically...only to be slapped by the fact that those happy moments would someday end. Fate must be laughing at him now. Is this the punishment heaven has set on him? It was so unfair!
Though his heart and soul are crumbling to pieces, he tried his best not to show it. He wanted her to be happy during the last days of her life.
So, thus, he always made extra efforts to put a smile on her eyes. Taking her to places she wanted to go and trying to make her laugh. And in that short period of time, she fall inlove with him. They became lovers. Jenny was always smiling. And he was happy to see her happy.
One day, they were strolling along the park. Jenny was delighted upon seeing lots of balloons flying high up in the sky.
"Someday...I would be like that balloon Mathew," she sighed and rested her head on his strong solid chest.
Mathew could'nt answer her. He knew what she was saying..and it pricks at his heart so bad, he could almost feel the physical pain.
Jenny having heard no reply from him, look up at him, and was surprised - he was crying!
She wanted to ask why but she's afraid to know the answer. Then he laugh suddenly, trying to shake his low mood.
Surprised, she asked..
"Why Mathew?"
He smiles at though he had not cried - and winks.
"Do you want to free some balloons up in the sky?"
She frowned, unable to connect his words with his mood.
"Children's tale. .when you release a balloon up in heaven and wish, chances are the angels might know your wish and make them come true."
"Oh! I did'nt know that."
"Well, there's no harm in trying
Before she could protest, Mathew was already walking up to the man selling a knots of balloons.
She watch him with amusement ...and dread.
She knew her time is up. She had felt it during the last few nights when she was alone in her room. But she let them think she's fine...their worries will just weaken her and will shatter her courage. If she will going to die, she don't want to see the people around her crying.

Her chest heaves..the pain is stronger and clawing at her very heart. When she look at Mathew's direction, he was smiling at her. How could she - hurt the one she love? She don't have the courage to witness his tears. So she smiles back at him and waves her hand - despite the strong pain she's feeling within her chest.
It's time...
And she look up at the sky..before finally - closing her eyes.

Mathew is toying with the balloon while waiting for his change. He thought of the wish he will ask in heaven upon releasing their balloons...
A lifetime chance to be with her! can that be possible? He shakes his head.
As he collected his change, his mind still praying for his impossible wish, he look in Jenny's direction.
"Jenny?" he frowned when he did'nt saw her.
Then he noticed a figure lying on the ground -
. "Jenny!" He ran towards her and let go of the
balloon he's holding. It float towards the blue sky.
"God! Jenny wake up!" he tried to shake her wishing that she was just tricking him. But she did'nt even budge. Tears flowing down in his pale cheeks as he try to gather her lifeless body in his arms, as he feel a gnawing dread inside of him. He try to feel her was not beating and her not pulsating...
"No,!" he said through his tear-streaked face while cradling her.

"I still don't understand why I was chosen to guard him," an angel said to one her companion after they watched the scene from the mass of clousd before them.
"We have to do our duty no matter how strange it is."
Replied one of the angel.
She looks at their master and was confused. He was smiling...though there was nothing amusing in her situation.
"Master, do I really need to guard him?I mean...are'nt we suppose to guard children not adult people?" she asked him.
She was a newly-appointed angel and she had no memories of her past. She was told however, that she had a past...but that was long ago - when she was still alive. When she died, all her memories vanished...such was the rules of heaven so that it could not hinder them from doing their duty.
"Angel Joan, I know someone from the past that had asked me thesame question. And he ended falling inlove with the mortal he was assigned to guard. Fate had indeed played its tricks on him," was the meaningful reply of thier master.

It was almost 2 years now since that tragic day.
Mathew could'nt still get over Jenny's death. He could still remember that cruel day when he found her...lying dead in the grass.
"So mock me Fate!" he shouted in the air, and brush his hands harshly up in his hair.
Beard had now started growing around his chin, his dark brown hair grows longer...and his eyes of bluish hue remained sullen.

Inside the coffee shop...
He stared sadly and longingly at the picture which he always brought with him wherever he go. "Jenny," he uttered softly.
Suddenly, he feel someone staring at him from the table opposite him. He looked around and froze---

Angel Joan sat glued to her post. It seems as if the man had saw could that possibly happen?
She was an angel, and no mortal could ever caught glimpse of them...except in their dreams! But she did'nt enter his dreams! This is his reality, so how could he possibly saw her? His reaction when he look her direction seemed obvious that he saw her...his eyes widened and there was a look of recognition on his handsome face.
She doesn't know it, but Mathew had been an angel once...the one whom their master had told her, but she does'nt know that it was thesame man whom she will be guarding.
Mathew on the other hand may have lost his immortality and angel powers..but his vision remained its ability to see beyond the natural. So he could'nt get over the surprised of seeing her. Not that he was seeing an angel in that place..but because the angel he was looking at looked so familiar! It nearly blasted his senses...

"Fate did ended played a strange game on you Mathew...but Cupid had seemed to intervened for you."
Their master smiled as he looks at the scene playing before him.

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Sharmishtha Shenoy

Sharmishtha Shenoy

November 23, 2015 - 10:36 Nice story of eternal love
Lea Ebio

Lea Ebio

November 23, 2015 - 12:25 thanks sharm! and thankz for the upvote!
Sharmishtha Shenoy

Sharmishtha Shenoy

November 23, 2015 - 12:40 Do let me know your thoughts on my latest post - religion
Lea Ebio

Lea Ebio

November 23, 2015 - 13:32 ok..I will


November 24, 2015 - 00:23 Ejay, I like the suspense you parked into this piece. One question though, where will it leads to?
Lea Ebio

Lea Ebio

November 24, 2015 - 01:52 thankz David. Honestly, I still haven't thought about it...maybe history will repeat itself?one-sided love or letting go...hmmm..i still don't know..and thanks for the upvote David!


November 25, 2015 - 21:29 It is a great story, with nice flow and easy reading. makes me think of the saying: be careful what you wish for...
Lea Ebio

Lea Ebio

November 26, 2015 - 02:14 yeah...everything got its price..thanks Velantra for appreciating


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