the devils walk : chapter 3

by crystal123
As soon as the teacher asked him to take a seat, his eyes started to roam around looking for an empty seat,even though, he was continuously starring at me as if I am some kind of thief . As ,he saw an empty seat beside me ,he stared to come towards me and I started to get even more nervous.
He asked in his melodic voice " Can I sit here???" pointing towards the chair .I nodded 'yes'.
He sat beside me and said "Thanks".
As the class started, I got busy in listening to the teachers lecture, but he kept starring at me . It made me even more uncomfortable and made more nervous.
Then I turned my head towards him and said
" Excuse me !! But may I known the reason for you to continuously stare at me."
He ignored my question and asked
"What is your name?"
"My name".
"Yes ,your name".
"Its Emma"
"My name Satoru Satoshi, but you can call me, 'Satoshi'
"Ok! thanks"
" So, from when are you studying in this university ?"
" Me , from the start of the term , why ?"
'Well ! As you know ,I have joined the university late so, I might be needing some notes regarding the topics ."
"Ok ! will give you "
Then he stopped talking . I was shocked by the situation 'he was talking to me as if thing had happened.'but this was making me more suspicious, because he wasn't even trying to start the chat of that topic . I was in a dilemma of whether, he hadn't recognized me or he is just ignoring it. so, i though why not I start talking it would be the easy way around .So, I asked him
" Hey ! Do you remember me from this morning ."
He replied " Yes I do , I had an accident with you and I am really sorry about it .

"No ! its ok so where does your dad work ".
"My dad owns the satoru groups and industries. Its a multinational company."

After hearing that I was Awe -struck. I was just sitting beside the millionaire '

So, I asked him " You are the son of satoru as in the millionaire "

"Yup! that's me"

In my mind, I loudly shouted "OH MY GOD, I am sitting right beside a millionaire". At that time I was out of my mind . I couldn't think about anything else other, than that, I am sitting right beside a millionaire . So, as the period ended , I left my class room without even talking to any one and straight went to my friend Mayo-chan , who was sitting under the cherry blossom tree with her boyfriend .As I reached there I made a rough sound from my throat disturbing their lovey-dovey moment . Then they both looked at me with an embarrassing face 'red as tomato'.


As, I was about to tell her about the millionaire boy some one called me from behind by the voice I knew , that it wasn't a teacher nor even mikaela.


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