Hidden love

by crystal123
"Hey , grand pa! please, come here". I Miyuki Hayato daughter of a simple businessmen, who works over seas most of the time. I lives with my grand father in a shrine. My mother died when I was three . I am normal high school girl, who like have a boyfriend, who loves to go on dates and hold hands with him , talking with him on cell phone and doing some crazy stuff with him and my friends.

I pray everyday , before leaving for school in the shire that 'kami-sama, please ! give me a good looking guy, who would love me .'

One day while , I was returning from my school I heard loud' BANG!!!! BANG!!!! 'sound coming from the well. At first, I got afraid but then I thought why not I go and check first so after gathering my strength , I went to the well and checked it from inside but couldn't find any thing. So, I just went inside the house .

As, I entered the house, I saw my grand pa standing in front of the door. I said,' Hi 'to him and straight went to my room .After changing clothes and studying I came down stairs and had my meal with him around evening . He asked me " Miyuki ! how was your school today".
I replied " It was good "
Then I suddenly remember something and told him "grand pa! my exams are coming up, so I have go and study."
He said " ok ,go and study , good night Miyuki".

At midnight, while I was about to go to bed, I heard a loud 'BANG' noise again , I jumped in fear and set at the corner of my room between the wall and my study table . Then suddenly the window opened....

' SMASH SMASH !!!!!!! ' with the strong gush of wind.

After that something or someone was standing near it . I couldn't even move, because of the fear. After few minutes that thing or someone called out
" Is someone there "

I was too afraid to answer that call so stayed hidden . I could only see his ears like a fox but couldn't figure out whether it is a human or an animal
It called again " I know, someone is here! I can smell you, so there is no way you can hide from me . "
As that thing said that I called out "Who are you and why are you here " .He replied" I will not harm you, I only came here due to the disruption in the portal."
I replied "OK , so you will not harm me ".
He replied "Yes ,I will not harm you, so please come out."
" Fine! then I am coming out ."
As I was coming out from my hiding place, I saw his handsome face . By that face structure, I could only tell that he was a boy who was wearing a kimono, which was old fashioned and had ear like fox.I was amazed , just by looking at him.Then I asked with a little fear in my voice,
"So ! what are you "
He replied "I am a fox demon "
"A Fox DEMON, really!!!".
I was so stunned when he said that he is a demon fox .I have never seen a demon fox in my life. While I was drowned in my thoughts I heard someone made a sound of throat clearing to distract me. So I looked at him in a inquiring way.
He asked "What happened"
I replied "Nothing important, I was just thinking that I always thought that demon ,fox demons are mythical characters but now you are standing in front of me"
As I was curiously looking at his ears and all over the body for surety that he existed and started jumping up and down and touching the ears and checking whether they are reals or not.
Then I asked
"By the way whats your name"
"My name is Tomoe"
Then he asked my name and I told him its Miyuki
After that ,I looked at his ears with curiosity, they looked very fluffy so I said
"Your ears are so cute and fluffy ".
After hearing my comment, he stared blushing like a red tomato and tried to hide his faced but couldn't do it well.
Then I asked "Can I touch your ears."
When I said that he look at me like I have just committed a crime . So I also looked at him with the curious look 'why is he looking at me like that'.
So, I asked him "why are you looking at me like that "

He replied "Well no body has asked such a thing before"
I asked"So, can I touch them "
He asked "Why, do you want to touch them "
"Well they are too cute"
"Oh ! Ok ,but only once"

After I was finishing touching his cute and fluffy ears, my eyes suddenly shifted towards the clock , it was around 2 in morning then I remembered that I have to go to school so I said
"Well ! Its time for me too sleep, I have to go to school in morning"
Then as I was about to sleep I asked 'where are you going to sleep? '

He told me"If you are thinking where I will sleep ,so let me tell you, I will sleep here "
(SHOCKED) "what!!!! no way "
Even before I said any thing to him , he went to the bed and laid on it .
and said
"Then, we can share it "
I was furious but couldn't do anything, so I slept beside him and said
"Good night"
And was partially hugging me .It made me furious but I thought
'Sun will shine soon a new day will begin with new things and happenings.'

Hi ! guys I wrote a new story please read it and tell me how much you liked it.
see you next time.!!!!!!!! :)

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Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

September 24, 2015 - 13:03 a nice attempt.. haha and it surely has a nice animeish feel! you should concentrate on you grammar a little.. a few minor faults.. besides, adding a little spice and details will help good luck :)


September 25, 2015 - 10:06 thanks :)
Sharmishtha Shenoy

Sharmishtha Shenoy

October 23, 2015 - 13:19 Nice first attempt


October 23, 2015 - 18:10 Thanks

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