The adventures of Quenna Raemonie

by Sivaranjini Senthilvel

The facts about planet Jupiter's moons, possibility of life on Jupiter's moons, about climatic conditions prevailing in the moons of Jupiter, etcetra are those confirmed by the astronauts and the same was read by me from and other sites about planet Jupiter. The facts were only used in this book by me. None of the concepts were confirmed by the author.



This is a fiction written revolving a 10 year old girl who lives in Europa, which is a moon belonging to planet Jupiter where land is covered with thick ice and there is water underneath, and surprisingly, human inhabitation is actually possible, according to astro-scientists. They say, Europa has multiple times the amount of oceans that we have on earth and that oxygen availability is multifold. The only problem is that humans must know to live underwater, must be able to survive under nearly zero gravity, and must be able to tolerate the harmful radiations which can kill a human being within a day, if continuously exposed.In this novel, my characters are supposed to be amphibians and can live unaffected by radiations. They have their homes underwater because of the extremely low temperature above water. But, living above water is also not impossible. And, about Ganymede, it is another moon of Jupiter which is the biggest of all the 67 moons, the planet is being encompassed by.


Europa takes 3.5 earth days to complete a rotation and thus the Europans have 84 hours a day.
The sky has the Sun at times, and the Io moon (which also revolves around Jupiter) twice everyday which is as bright as the Moon of our earth.Ganymede appears once every two days. Jupiter is also visible in the sky, but it gives no brightness.


This novel is written with a desire to make at least one revolutionary idea. I've wondered why the women have to change their surnames when married. They lead the house which I think is much more difficult than earning, and today's women also contribute to the family financially. Thus, I thought, at least in this novel of mine, I should fulfill my wish to empower the women characters. Therefore, all the women characters in my novel have their names unchanged even after marriage. All male characters include their wives' names as their surnames. All the children will have their mothers' names as surnames. For example, if the man's name is Ethan Bella before marriage, it indicates that his mother's name is Bella. After marrying a girl named Mary, he becomes Ethan Mary. Also, in almost all the English novels, we call the married women as Mrs.(Husband's name). For example, if a girl Bella married a boy Harry, she would be called Mrs.Harry, which will not happen in my novel. Instead, the man will be called Mr.Bella. I know that the men here at typotic had always appreciated women empowerment, and will welcome the change very willingly. Thank you.


The crowns of the five oaks clasped branches forming a dense icy canopy, bordering the star shaped breach they left, for the Sun to dye Quenna's book with sepia shade. She lay in the snowy ground, with her head resting on one of the oak trees, some strands of her frizzy hair that stuck frozen with the tree's bark, un-freezing under the mild warmth of the Sun. The glaze from the oak leaves thawed and fell on her face, which she noticed not, still reading her favourite book, "Time travel paradoxes", with her lips smiling, and head nodding, in acceptance of the lines she read.

Suddenly, her body shook when a peremptory voice rang loud in her ears, "Quenn!", which then sounded threateningly soft,"Shall I send a palanquin dear?"

Quenna picked all her books at once, realising that her mother had been calling her since the last three hours. She dived into the ocean in a hurry and while she swam wading through the long stems of giant lilies, an oafish voice came, "Good morning, Quenn!".

Quenna tried hard not to ignore Madam Molly's wish today, though it was half past fifty already.
She yelled impatiently, "I really had a good morning Madam! Good afternoon by the way!"

Quenna hated all her neighbours and especially Madam Molly. She had always been a flibbertigibbet who did or even talked something of use.And Quenn who hated people who talked intentionally, without a purpose, found it very difficult to tolerate Madam Molly.

"Sister dear, next time you take my stationery kit, you won't be allowed inside the house! Understood?", an infuriated Leroy cried.

"Uhmm. The punishment seems so pleasant dear! You must try devising something brutal, my little brother." grinned Quenn who loved being alone.She hated doing mundane things, talking with people etcetra which all she regarded futile.

Books alone she considered sane; nothing else. However she luckily had the tolerance to put up with her family members whose wit matched quarter of hers.

She reached home to know that her schoolmate Regina has called her to ask a doubt in the homework.

"Why do you make your friends wait so long? I pity them" cried Madam Raemonie.

"No no Mom... I'm helping them use their brains. Regin would've completed the work by now, without any assistance.I'm curing her 'Phone-a-friend' sickness Mom!" mocked Quenna.

Her mother sighed and left.She suddenly yelled with glee "Quenn! Look at this!"

Quenna saw a letter in her mother's hand and displayed not a single expression, as always.

Raemonie screamed showing almost all her teeth,"Oh my God! The Hi..." until she was interrupted by Quenn.

"The Highbrow Grove has sent an acceptance letter. Ain't I right?" smirked Quenn.

"Oh yes! And oh my god! Aren't you happy?" asked her mother who was all smiles.

Quickly replied Quenn, "Satisfied!" and shut the door behind her, and walked to her reading spot.

Her mother came running and asked with surprise,"The top school in the whole of Europa has accepted you and you're so laconic? What's wrong?"

Quenn turned back and retorted, "Mom! Reacting is a waste of time. Don't you think? And moreover, why won't they accept my application Mom? My correction to Professor Mr.Minerva's misconception about the ecliptic's obliquity is more than enough.Won't that suffice? There's no reason to over react. I believe in doing things only that are useful or at least productive."

She saw her Mom's bright face lose its flare and said, "Uhmm..May be this smile would brighten you" as she gave a wide grin to replace the frown that stole the gleam, her Mom's face always shone with.

Quenna seemed a misanthrope to everyone, though she had a place for each and every person she met, in her heart. She always seemed to criticize people for their mistakes, but her striking ability to identify that spot in each person's heart which withheld his/her good nature, though he/she is predominantly wicked and immoral, was the essence of Quenna's ineffably nonpareil character. Her parents and her family seemed to have understood her quite well, though not completely. But the neighbours and other acquaintances never had her in their good books. One among the most honest facts in the world is that, very few restrain themselves from getting flattered by sweet words, and the Europans were no exception. They loved genteel girls as always. But Quenn believed in action and detested exaggeration. She had always been ready to sacrifice her own life, when her people got into deep waters. She hated wasting time in mourning, and instead believed in finding a solution. Unfortunately, there was none born yet, to interpret the affection her heart withheld and marvel at her. Instead, everyone loathed her for her wise reticence and punctilious nature. Or to put it well, no one was blessed enough to devour the spectacle she arrayed.

And,Madam Raemonie took her mirthful form back, as she fled to share the jubilance with Mr.Raemonie.

"Ethan!!!Dear..." yelled she, with her feet clearly not in ground.

"Hush Madame!" came a whisper from a milky white, furry creature with two long incisors that were predominant than any other feature in its 15 inch, fluffy body.

"Mister is repairing my fruit-skin peeler!" it murmured.

"You are very poor at prioritizing, Ethan!" yelled Raemonie looking away from the woodchuck and turning at Ethan.

"Okay both of you now, listen to this!" she said, regaining the glee.

She read the letter, "Miss.Quenna Raemonie has been accepted to pursue class 5 in The Highbrow Grove school..." and instantly the woodchuck intruded her, "The eyebrow??" with a puzzled face.

"Mr.Chub! It is HI-gh-brow,not eyebrow!", frowned Raemonie.

"Ahm... I understand that Madame! It's my teeth that misspells!" bluffed Chub, the woodchuck.

"Oh! That's great news indeed, if she doesn't find mistakes with the professors' teaching, here at least." came a sigh putting off the excitement of the inventor,Quenna's father.

He was a stout man with a rotund figure, where hardly had any neck was visible, rather being sandwiched between his plump face and his pot-bellied, flabby foundation. However, Madam Raemonie was just the obverse, being a long-legged woman with a slender, snake-hipped figure.

There lay Mr.Chub who was an entirely anomalous creature, but an indispensable member of the family, nibbling his peeled cantaloupe, or better, being keen-eyed as always with his ever-awake, observant mind.


It's been a quinquennium since the death of Raemonie's uncle,Mr. Charlie. He was the only wizard in the whole of Europa, fortunate of experiencing magic. But serendipity isn't a very benevolent giver. Charlie was the most ill-starred person you'll have ever had the chance to meet on Europa. He was born a uniped which was the first tide representing the stormy life, Charlie was about to face. He however was a strong man who made war with bad luck. He tried hard and finally realised his dream of becoming a soldier, though the gift of prothesis granted by his unipedalism did no good. Charlie faced so many hurdles before he could reach the position of a Lieutenant colonel. No longer than a couple of months since Charlie was promoted as the Colonel, destiny was able to hide its jealousy on his determination. Charlie met with a very cruel accident that paralysed him partially which further posed a bitter vicissitude to his life.What else could be more brutal than making a soldier's legs numb?

But, Charlie gave a very stiff fight to fate. He tried to move his legs, push his wheelchair, but his nerves wouldn't help. His muscles lay dead, no matter how many times he tried to move them. Finally, cold hearted destiny decided to show mercy. His effort was rewarded and miraculously, one night, his wheelchair moved, or to put it better, raced with the force he had been applying all these days. His vehicle lost control, sprinted for a very long distance and pushed him into a hollow, which no Europan has ever seen, or to be accurate, which never has been . The next moment, he was no more, which got Raemonie and her mother terrified. Meanwhile, Raemonie's father, Raymond, who led the Lionels' side as a General, died a brave death fighting the Gabriels, who wanted to stop educating their children and rather use them as labourers for their sake. Madam Gloria died of sudden depression after losing her husband, leaving her daughter Raemonie aloof. Raemonie but was rather tough to let her life be doomed. She learnt natural medicine autodidactically which offered her daily bread.

One fine morning, Raemonie was astonished to see from her window, a figure sprouting from underground, using a Gigantic olm as his vehicle. He had a quintessential wizard-like look, wearing a weird cloak, a conical hat and found it hard to believe that it was her Uncle! Charlie returned as a wizard, surprising Raemonie, but himself being very much saddened hearing the death of Gloria and his brother Raymond. He decided to stay with and take care of Raemonie.The Europans were surprised to see Wizardry and magical stuff, but it was not appealing to them whatsoever. They were naive people who had some principles to lead life and never wanted to deviate from the limits they set. The people didn't even bother to know about how he learnt magic. However, Raemonie was an inquisitive girl who enquired her uncle about this many times. But as a girl who respected her uncle, the one who accepted her and kept her happy even after her parents' death, she didn't want to know anything, once she understood that Charlie didn't feel comfortable confessing the secret. When Raemonie grew up to the age which demanded giving her away in marriage, Charlie searched for the best groom who would match her wit and made the match between Ethan and Raemonie, a match he was proud of. Raemonie was very dear to him and thus Charlie couldn't restrain from giving something to her which would remind him. He wanted to give a gift which would be beneficial to her and her family till the end of her life, even after his death, and thus he sent her a toy that he created. Hitherto, Raemonie was unable to understand in what way it was useful.

Leroy was born 3 years after Quenn and he seemed to inherit his Grandfather Raymond's bravery. He dreamed of becoming a war hero. His craze for fighting and the indispensable want for thrill made him want to become a Maripoach at times! Maripoachs were dangerous people who survived on gigantic wild animals in the ocean by poisoning them with needles. One such time, when Leroy went bonkers, he had himself about to be swallowed by a Haught Lord. Haught Lords are the most menacing Europan animals which had the greatest cognitive abilities. They always went mad if someone seemed to look superior to them. If someone didn't seem frightened at the face of the Haught Lord, it was certain that the person would be swallowed by it, the 50 meter long giant that weighed more than 300 tonnes. That's when the toy came alive, as wise Mr.Chub and saved Leroy which no one knew how, hitherto. Thus Mr.Chub became the first friend of Leroy and, to him Chub seemed very brave and wise. What else could unite them better?

There have been many times when Chub has delighted Leroy by wearing Maripoach costumes and imitating them. But the loss was, all the deflatables in the house. Leroy and Chub pricked with needles, the inflated sofas, footballs etcetra which infuriated Madam Raemonie who returned home from work.

"You should be proud Madam, of me! I'm your benediction!" said Mr.Chub.

"Oh! Who wondered my wedding gift would be such a catastrophe!!!?" yelled Raemonie sighting the mess.

But, not a day would pass for Raemonie without Mr.Chub. Her day was incomplete without his humour and devilry.

Mr.Chub served the daily Merrymaker for the family, which cooled down the temperature of the house being boiled by sharp conversations, brilliance and science.

Sarcasm takes wit and wit takes wisdom. Thus, he became the only person Quenna considered worth talking to. Mr.Chub had that uncanny ability to know what clearly was going on in Quenn's mind, every minute, which no one else could.

"So, what's the matter with the dead bodies??", Quenn heard a familiar, waggish voice.

She closed the book "The black hole paradox" which she had been reading since the morning and turned to see Mr.Chub.

"Good morning Mr.Chub! Besides, they aren't dead bodies you know!They are called Blackk-Holes!" she fired up.

"Well, they are dead stars!" smirked the woodchuck.

"They shined once and thus deserve respect!" frowned Quenn.

"Of course! Of course! The value of the deceased is always greater than that of the alive!" smiled Chub and left the place.

Mr.Chub knew Quenna perfectly well. She seemed to hate talking about friendship. None of Quenna's friends were able to meet her expectations. Not that she expected much, but she was also a human and liked her loyalty and affection to be returned as well. She met not a single person who could match her loyalty, her care and indubitably, her wit.

"Don't you think you need a best friend Quenna?" questioned Chub.

"I hate friendship at all Mr.Chub! Now why are you trying to pull my legs?" scowled an uncomfortable Quenn.

"I ain't.I am just sensitizing your dead friendship nerves. May be it'll come in handy during your schooling in Highbrow Grove" replied Chub.

"As if I'm going to find miraculous friends there!!" Quenna gave a groan.

"You don't understand yourself enough.May be you should improve your interpretation skills. You don't hate friendship; you hate those who dirty it!" twinkled Chub.

Ethan was a science aficionado and detested the belief of supernatural powers and magic, by the way. At the arrival of Chub, he was the only man reluctant to welcome, since its creation by a wizard coaxed his mind to develop a feeble nerve that started believing in magic and superstitions. However, Chub's intelligence gradually won Ethan's heart. He helped Ethan when he was stuck with glitches during inventing. Thus, Mr.Chub became the apple or perhaps the woodchuck of Mr.Raemonie's eyes too.


    "Be as polite and genteel as possible Quenn. Only then, you can expect to look at least tolerable!" advised Raemonie.

   "Mom! I have never been disobedient. I only tried to spot the misleading, wrong things that our teachers told us, were facts!"

      "Yeah! Whatever thing it is, that you do ! DON'T - DO - THATT for this old, pitiful man's sake!!! He's tired of finding new schools to put you in." cried Ethan.

     "People have started asking if your father is plotting plans to build a science related magnet school, since he does a lot of school-survey rather than inventing!" whined Raemonie.

     "Okay! Okay now! I will try to look as dumb as a blobfish!" interrupted Quenn and got into the Highbrow train.

       All the eyeballs inside the train rolled and paused seeing the newcomer. A short-for-her-age type,yet with an erect, stanchion like figure, peachy skinned girl, possessing excessively dense and long, wooly curls almost sufficient to robe her whole self, strutted into the vehicle with her head held up, fittingly attired tip-top, according to the school's rules.

      She sat on the first vacant seat she noticed, simultaneously trying to observe all the students in the train which was too much work for her eyes. Her pupil glanced rapidly through some 25 heads at the same time. She could only capture a few faces, a girl with two pigtails, a tall boy with a long,sharp nose and another plump boy with spiny hair.. Suddenly she felt like someone from the back was trying to speak to her.

        "Hello! I'm Tommy! Uhmm...Why have you come here?" reluctantly asked, a short boy with curly hair.

      "To clean the classrooms" replied  Quenn sharply.

       "Oh! Will you be cleaning the 5th grade science group classroom too?" the boy asked though she was dressed in the most disciplined, tidy manner.

      "Oh yes! Tommy's class is always priority for me" grinned Quenn, with her brain bursting inside, unable to tolerate the boy's stupidity.

        "Yay! You see, I get bored a lot. Thus I thought I can pass some time" smiled Tommy.

      Quenn turned front, closing her fist so tightly that it would burst in a few more seconds spent with Tommy.

      The train stopped near a building which predominantly shone than any other building in the area, with a motto  "Time favours the observant! The oblivious pitifully lose!" painted in golden color on a navy blue gate.

        The students walked into their respective classes. Quenn sat in the first bench of a classroom which obviously attracted Quenn with quarter of the room being laboratory like, having many practical equipments like telescopes, microscopes, rocket models, sonometers, seismometers etcetra.

       Tommy entered into the same class and was surprised to see the girl he saw in the train, seated to his left, where Frode Adelaide has been sitting.

      "You?!! What are you doing here?" yelled Tommy seeing Quenn.

     "Accompanying Tommy" smiled she, "You said you got bored".

   "How nice" Tommy's tone reduced to a whisper "of you!" as the teacher got in.

      "Good morning Madam Brianna Brice!" the class greeted.

      "Good Morning highbrows! Stop being overambitious now! How hard you pray, Madam will not forgot about the test scheduled today" Madam Brianna smiled malignantly.

     "If you are smart enough, while I'm going to take two minutes to introduce someone to the class, flick the pages and know something!" she said smiling, that looked like a generous economic assistance from one nation to another, after waging war with it and demolishing it completely, draining all of its economy.

     Quenna got up from her seat and was introduced by Madam Brianna which confused Tommy totally.

      "You said you came to clean the clas...?" he whispered puzzled, while Quenn stopped him, "Shut up Mr.Tommyrot" and grinned hiding her lack of tolerance to this abhorrence.

     "Tommyrot???" whispered Tommy angrily and suddenly sealed his mouth, seeing Quenn showing a "Shut up or you'll be killed!" devilish expression.

      Another boy who sat to the left of Quenn said, "Hello! Nice to have you in the middle" smilingly "I am Frode Adelaide, by the way".

     Quenn replied "I'll rescue you!" giggling and shook hands with Frode.

    "Let the test begin! Close your books all of you" said Madam Brianna loudly.

       "You want me to send you along with your books, outside the class dear John?" shouted the Cosmology professor.

     All the students closed their books and sat shivering thinking of the out-of-the-world questions Madam Brianna was wont to pose.

     "Durkin! What do you think about time travelling? Is it possible?" questioned Madam Brianna.

     A stout boy got up arduously from his seat and stood stumbled.

      "Mam....err.. Actually, we travel through time everyday and thus I think time travelling is obviously possible." the boy spoke with fake confidence, masking his fear.

      "Durkin! At least, try to alleviate my anger by stopping making that 'certain-of-my-answer' face! Look at you! Standing stiff still! Take your books, get out! Enter when you think you're eligible to attend my class!" shouted the angry tutor.

        "Charteris! Shall I hold some hope on you?" asked the professor

      "It actually is out of the book Madam.Sorry!" replied a bespectacled boy who almost lacked a nose.

     "So the whole of your life is to be tied to some book forever? Shame!" she yelled irritatedly.

       "Anyone else who knows the answer?" frowned Madam Brianna.

    She saw not a single hand raised and as she began, "Get out all of..." a girl has already started, "Time travelling means travelling at a speed greater than that of light which is recorded as 3.8 cross 10 raised to 8, which is practically impossible except for the possibility with the technique of wormholes. No time machines have been built yet. The common mistake is that no one understands how time has to be considered as a fourth dimension. Actually, Mr.Br..." A loud applause  interrupted the super fast delivery of heavy concepts which are unfathomable for 10 year olds.

     Madam Brianna extolled Quenn and said, "Brilliant! That really was elixir to my flaccid, thirsty science nerves."

       Quenna sat down receiving loud thunderous claps from most of her classmates and the remaining seated fixed, agape and awestruck.

       It was interval time and Quenn enquired Frode about what was being taught in the previous Genetics classes as she hated obliviousness.

        "Come on boys! Let's welcome Miss.Blowhard" they both heard.

        A ginger haired, tall boy with an arrogant consistency came front being followed by a gang of boys.

    "We welcome you, Miss.Blowhard, to the esteemed Science group of the Highbrow Grove! So, you got plans to replace my first position?" asked he.

     "Problem?" asked Quenn casually, pitying the boy's self doubt.

     "You should know that this Crudelis Alexandria is a heartless person" said the boy, rudely.

     "I've got better business to do than bothering about your void thoracic cavity. Sorry" said Quenna casually, and turned back ignoring him.

    Crudelis got annoyed, for this is the first time someone isn't getting afraid of him, or even bothering to notice him.

    "Hi! I thinkk I need tto sayy.. you arr so clevver... umm... you  already knew what Madam Brrianna was abbout tto askk?" stuttered the fattest boy that Quenn has never even imagined, existed in Europa.

     "It would've been easy if I did. But, as I said, time traveling hasn't yet been experimented.. not even by me!" grinned she.

     "Uhmm.. I'm Gregorryy Florrence by the wayy. And I come fourth in the class alwayss! You know, I haven't missed it once!" he said proudly.

      "Impressive consistency, my friend!" she smiled, "Try to keep it upper!" sarcastically.

       Entered into the class, a short boy...No, wait! He is wearing a shirt with a tie, suspenders holding his pot belly tight, and a pant, instead of the school uniform. It was Quenna's Genetics professor who was shorter beyond the limit that almost everyone can think of him as a student.

      "Good morning professor Langus  Maximilian!" the class resonated.

     "Good Mor....Half of the class is seated before I order to do so!! Therefore all of you will now enjoy being in the most unfavorable position! Stand up all of you! At once!" yelled the man, enraged.

     The whole class stood desperately yet angry with the arrogant professor.

     Langus was a man of pitifully low self esteem and always seemed to interpret every action of others' as an insult.

     Quenna who found it hard to keep standing idle, took out her Genetics book and started reading it in her mind, which put a 'happy' expression on her face and the professor wasn't seeing any discomfort affecting her.

       "You restless, jittery bookworm! Close that book and stand still I say!" roared the professor.

     "No Sir! I - was -.."

       "Don't prattle fearlessly! How disrespectful! Get out! Now!" yelled he.

      Quenna saw not a single valid reason for him asking her to get out of the class. She refused to move and thought she could make a fake apology to calm the wild man down.

      "Crudelis! Take this new nuisance out of my class!! She won't move!" he yelled, with that arrogant devil being his favorite student in the class.

    Crudelis happily accepted the offer giving a venomous smile particularly to mortify her.

    Quenna's situation couldn't get worse.

    "I ain't paralysed!" she unexpectedly shouted and left the class astonishing everyone and indubitably infuriating the professor.

        There stood Frode feeling so discontent about his inability to do anything in the situation, simultaneously tensed thinking about the upcoming days of Quenna at Highbrow Grove, as Mr.Langus was a man who was wont to holding life long grudges.

To be continued...
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M.D Khamil

M.D Khamil

January 19, 2017 - 14:19 Interesting. Is this somewhat a retelling of fairy tale with a little bit touch of scifi? This is for younger readers which falls into middle grade category. Keep it up.
Sivaranjini Senthilvel

Sivaranjini Senthilvel

January 19, 2017 - 14:52 Thanks khamil. I don't think Harry Potter was favorite only for children... Likewise , treat this book also as an art which teaches woman power, intellect and brilliance. Thanks for reading friend.
Sharmishtha Shenoy

Sharmishtha Shenoy

February 4, 2017 - 05:11 Something different. Liking it
Sivaranjini Senthilvel

Sivaranjini Senthilvel

February 4, 2017 - 05:14 Thanks dear sharmistha


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