Settling for a Spark

by samewriter

I. Current

Tingling on the very surface of my skin

Seeping into the marrow of my bones

Just like electricity

Feelings comes in unsteady

Unguarded so heavy

Measured maybe by the intensity

By how much voltage it can provide

On thin wire it resides

Wrapped and organized

To prevent a dreadful afire.


II. Trigger

Our eyes meet

And I swear, there is a connection

There is feeling, an affection

You show me something

That turn me into believing

You are prince charming

That I have been dreaming

Yet you cause me suffering

For everything you’ve shown me

Was a false hope glee.


III. Ember

Feelings are banked and at bay

I sit still and trilled

Hundreds of hours I waited

I don’t want to delve deeper into this

Emotions, dreams, memories

All these should fade away

None is worth remembering

They’ll bring me agony

As flames seems to flicker

We drifted apart forever.


IV. Shock

One by one they accumulate

And there is nothing lovely

Or even poetic about it

A dark horizon ahead

Heavy head and empty pocket

She knows what is to come

All along this is where it is going to culminate

Nothing can be done to make her equipped

It is still as if she is stabbed in the back

Seems all she got is a sudden attack.

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