School Requirement

by Aswel Vidhen Buccat
Raven is a student of Information Technology in the University of the Philippines in Baguio. He is now on his third year. He has average level of IQ, not much smart or impaired, but just mediocre. He is not as studious as everyone is. He always spends his time playing computer games online.

His instructors have no comment on his studies, because he still performs well in class, except for one instructor. She is Eve, a System Analysis and Design instructor, 34 years old. Although Raven performs fair in her class, she still encourages him to improve his class standing. Raven tries his best to do better things but he can’t get under control, because of his hobbies. Everyday Eve mentions a lot of things about Raven, and so the class can’t resist talking about him.

For his friends, Raven is a nice guy. But he is naughty when it comes to showing talents to class. To think that he has talent to dance, he still shows them his moves, although in reality, he doesn’t know how to. His classmates make fun of him. He believes he is giving them happiness, even though what he is doing actually is humiliating himself to everyone. It becomes a passion to him, that is to entertain them. However, he has a real talent of designing computer graphics. If his classmates would like some quality designs, he will provide them for it. Although he does have that skill, he doesn’t go into different contests on graphic design. Raven is not interested to any of those. All he wants is to be a simple student that makes all of his classmates happy.

One time, Eve required her students to participate in their Educational Field Trip in Manila. The Field Trip has one week duration and it costs around PH₱ 10,000. Some of her students can’t afford to attend, but Raven can. However, Raven doesn’t want to go, but given the consequence that anyone who doesn’t attend to the field trip, they will be marked incomplete in their subject. So, everyone was forced to attend the said trip.

The trip was settled, and then they went ahead to Manila Hotel to settle all of their needs in the trip. They first visited to CHED (Commission on Higher Education), where they have fun seeing all of the things that makes the commission run, like administering several queries in several networks of different universities and colleges nationwide. Several places they went to in a week, like in ABS-CBN (Alto Broadcasting System Chronicle Broadcasting Network), where they spent most of their time on some of the company’s media productions and some animation studios. Other place they visit is the Asimo Company, where Raven enjoyed of some of the robots the company had invented.

During the sixth day of their trip, the students want to throw a party at the bus, now that Raven’s birthday is coming up. As the party started, the students urge Raven to dance, but Eve tried to stop him. However, Raven continued dancing around, which made Eve stood up. She tried to silence Raven, but she goes off balanced because the bus is running and fell as she was standing. But good thing Raven immediately caught Eve. While Raven is holding Eve, he and Eve stared each other. Raven had a sudden feeling he never felt before, which made his heartbeat accelerate into a high velocity. The students were pretty much entertained of their close up, making them think of the same impressions that something just got hit them attracted. But Eve split up, sat down and said Raven to stop dancing.
The night of the sixth day, Raven looks for other instructors who also joined the Field Trip to ask if they have some gadgets for him to borrow. He went to the room of the instructors he is looking for. The door was open and there was nobody there, except for the one who was taking a shower. The TV was running and so to keep him waiting, he watched TV for a while. After a while, someone accidentally slammed the door, and Raven gasped. Then, the one who is taking a shower rushed up opening the door of the bathroom wearing towels to see who slammed the door. Raven was stunned that he saw his instructor Eve in a towel. Eve screams loud in shock and kicked Raven outside the room.

Raven felt very sorry about what he had done, and worries that Eve might give him a failing grade. Consequences may follow are more punishments will be imposed to him.

The last day of their trip was a very wonderful one. They watched different movies in Mall of Asia. Raven tries to apologize to Eve what he had done, but Eve refused to talk with him. Later on the same day, the students went back in their bus to prepare for their next trip. Everyone was boarded. But then a man interrupted by, pointing a gun at Eve and takes her as hostage. Everyone was shocked and very afraid. Suddenly, Raven stood up, and confronted the bandit. Then, the bandit shot Raven. Everyone was stunned. Although fatally injured, Raven still rammed the bandit to disarm him. Then, the bandit pulled a knife and wanted to stab Raven. Raven, with his remaining strength, grabbed the bandit’s gun and eventually shots down the bandit, saving the day.

Everyone was shocked of what happened. Eve approached Raven as he relayed his final words to her. Ironically, Raven apologized to Eve and told her that he loves her very much. Eve forgave him, and Raven was glad that she forgave him. After a few seconds, he died on Eve’s arms. Eve cried very hard on Raven’s death, and so to Raven’s classmates and friends.

In memory of Raven, Eve honors the one thing that Raven edited before the incident, an edited picture of the two of them, where Raven gave a bouquet of flowers to her. She shows her deepest condolences on Raven’s family. At Raven’s funeral, she spoke of the memories she had with Raven, his friends, classmates, and schoolmates. She showed to everyone Raven’s artworks during those days when he is still designing graphics on his laptop. Although she so many doubts for him, she realized that Raven was a good person. She wanted to give him a sound gratitude, but it’s too late for her. Since then, she learned to be nice on her students. One thing she wished for is to meet someone else like Raven. But in reality, there are many more she would like to meet, like those “misfits” that she called. Somehow, they are not really as misfits they seem, if she tries to get to know them better.
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