Perpetual Love

by Eienni
One day:
There are two people who are waiting outside the elevator, suddenly the sounds (ting..) followed. The two figures vanished outside the elevator.
Inside the elevator, silence fills the space while waiting to their destination floor. And then:
Selwyn: Hi! Good evening, Dr. Cristy we’ve meet again.
Cristy: Yeah, what a small world, isn’t it funny?
Selwyn: Funny as always, so how are you now?
Cristy: Fine as like as a pine tree and having a busy life.
Selwyn: (Chuckled) that sounds awful, being a doctor was not an easy thing.
Cristy: Yes, you’re right. So you’ve already seen your mom today?
Selwyn: Yes, and she’s a little bit ok as of now.
Cristy: I hope that the medication for her diabetes will be effective.
Selwyn: I hope she’ll get soon. (Worried)
Suddenly silence broke for a while between them..
Cristy: So how’s the little boy?
Selwyn: (glad) Well, Mark gives me a lot of headaches
Cristy: That’s part of growing up. You will get used to it. (Smiling)
Selwyn: Your right, raising a child is a tough matter. He also loves writing some poems. I think he inherit it.
Cristy: He will grow up as one of the poet in the society.
Selwyn: Just like you
Cristy: You must be kidding. By the way Mark and I really enjoyed the duet concert of his favorite artists.
Selwyn: This weekend he easily learned a new dialect during his stay with dad.
Cristy: Amazing kid, as smart as what I expected.
Selwyn: I’m just so lucky that I’m not so sensual to look another one and also to look after Mark. The boy really misses you so much.
Cristy: I miss him too. I missed his perpetual laugh when I tickle him.
Selwyn: He always wants to be with you again. Could you give him some time?
Cristy: The idea was conceptual but I’ll try to do my best about it.
Selwyn: O.K. understands.
(The elevator finally opened at the basement and they proceed to their own cars)
Selwyn: Dad said if you can drop by in the house this coming Friday.
Cristy: Why? (Curious)
Selwyn: I think Dad wants to celebrate the annual reunion
Cristy: I’m not sure if I will make it
(Cristy opening the driver’s door)
Selwyn: I know you will come
Cristy: Why do you say so?
Selwyn: Individual instincts.
Cristy: Ok, you win. But I really need to go now. Send my regards to Mark. Bye. (Waving the hand)
(Cristy car exiting the basement)
Selwyn: Ok, I will. He’ll be happy to hear it from his Mom.
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