When you said forever

by Eienni
Everything started with a Text...when my life was so miserable and I'm not really fully recovered at that time...
At the time, that I eagerly learn of moving on,. From my past one..
And because of that day. My life had started to turn again....when there is someone to hold on..
To live in this earth with "YOU".

Yeah...I could still remember the first time. That we've been talking and knowing each other..
Until the day,, you courted me and vow the promises you've made that makes me felt to fall deeper on you..
Yeah,,I could still remember those days...we've been through every day. With all those memories that shed upon to our life,
And I wont really forget the special day. That .we has celebrated every 29th of the month...
How happy we are before. Are life was full of adventure every minute of our Breath...
Your sweet thoughts of "I LOVE YOU”. That would make me giggled and blush for a while.
Your tender hug and warmth open arms that always protect me from the dangers. And,,.
Your everlasting kiss that was so sweet as a chocolate. That would makes me miss you every single day. When you’re not by my side..

But time goes by..and everything changes a bit...But I think that a little bit changes turns to a big problem in our relationship..
You would always say, that you're so very busy..to have time for me..
And I don't know what makes you busy at those time when I'm not with you..
Yeah,,it's really hard to accept the fact that someday all those things we've been through..will turn into nothing..

But fate,,,was so bitter..I don't know how it happens..or when it happens..All I can still remember is that you said that when you said your love for me is Forever...
But how it comes it became never...It's really hard to believe of what happen now to us..
I thought everything will going to last...
Until now I'm still trying those memories we have in the past,,
As I tried to keep moving on..and start a new life without you..
Though it's really hard to think how possible it was..
But I still stand on my own...As what I've been through when the time you've came into my life..

As of now..I could still hear a news about you..
through the new post in your Facebook account..I know she is better than me..
And you love her the most rather than I..
I won't be jealous of what life you have now...
Because..I'm just nothing in your life from the beginning of our story..
and I'm happy for myself now from the day you left my heart broken..
And from now on...I hate getting flashbacks from things I don't want to remember...
But I won't forget the 3 words when we are still together...
The 3 words that I learned to move on someway and somehow...

I know how hard this thing for me..since I've already gave my heart to you..But I know this would end something like what we have now..
Although, I'm happy to be a part of your life...I cherished everything you shared to me before..Those sweetest memories that was so memorable.


I hope you will remember those days we've been through even for a short period of time..
But I know 2 years of past we have ......2 years since everything seems to forget..
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