#Moment of Love, #Togetherness & #Emotions

by ashish
#Moments Of Joy

Memories & Moments are two distinct words but meaning is almost same. Every human on this earth whether big or small, black or white, disabled or strong, everyone has hundreds of good and bad memories or moments, and in those millions of moments some are really special that always gives you strength, optimism & joy. I am also having a special moment that plays a very vital role in my life. The moment is about Diwali reunion of my family which acts as a turning point of my life. So here I’m sharing a happy hour of my life that actually gives a new life.
Before coming to my story let me introduce myself, hi I’m ashish a 22yr tech professional. I love traveling & to explore new places and culture. My hometown is Nagpur, India, and currently I’m working in Delhi. I’m living away from my family from last six to seven years, like after high school, I went to Kota, India and later for graduation I moved to Punjab,India. I have a big family like four uncles, grandma, five cousins, aunts & more. My parents live in Nagpur and rest of the family lives with grandma in village. I’m a kind of introvert, like I don’t have any best friends, no brother or sister although cousins are there but I don’t use to call anyone, and I use to be very shy and don’t involve with other peoples very much and ten I don’t have any close friend in my collage also. And yes I use to work as an entrepreneur in my collage, like I own a small web development firm in partnership with my friend and I use to take care of my expenses by myself.
Sep 2013, Result for previous semester is out, very disappointed with academic performance “Depressed”. Business partners separated, financial unstable no money for food & rent “moral down”. Than its 13 Oct my birthday and as usual I’m alone on my birthday, and unfortunately that birthday becomes one of the worst day of my life. It’s around 10’o clock at night, and I feeling unwell, a hour later vomiting, unconsciousness, viral and at some moment later I am almost gone like my body stops responding but somehow I have managed to text a message to my landlord asking him for emergency help (I live in PG) and I still remember that night, when my landlord walk-in with a an ambulance, and I was transferred to hospital in ambulance for the first time at around 1’o clock in night and doctor refer me to emergency ward, at that moment I actually don’t know that what’s going on and I almost leave hope of living and start remembering about my parents, family and start asking to god for mercy. And two days later when I was in the state of sentience, my landlord said that a delay of single hour in hospitalization would result something more worst, I asked my landlord to do me a favor that not to inform my parents about this incident, because if they got to know about the current situation, they will dread and rush towards here. And I was in hospital for more than two weeks, in those long weeks I’m almost alone in the hospital, no friend, no family, no one to take care of me, nobody to talk and those three weeks make me mentally unstable, after discharged from hospital, the next day in my college, my classmate told me that your detained because of short attendance and will not allow to write the final exams. And I was like blank and very depressed and straight away call my mom and tell her about the whole incident and very next hour my dad mailed me a flight ticket of next day and asked me to board the flight.

Nov 1 2013, landed in Nagpur my father & mother received me at the airport. And my mom give me a big hug and start crying and later at my home, my mom hugs me twice and know here I’m talking about that moment when she hugs me and said beta we love you a lot, don’t ever hide such things from us, you are very precious for us. And then my father said we will go to my grandma’s house in village to celebrate Diwali and this time we are having a family reunion and everybody wants to meet you. The very next day on Nov 2, as we arrived to my grandma’s house my whole family warmly welcomes me and everybody is hugging and loving me, and specially my grandma when she hugs me and said why you think that we are not your family, and she is having tears in her eyes and said that ashish whether we are not in regular touch but it doesn’t means that we don’t love you or we are not a family, she said beta family is our biggest wealth, and it’s always there for us when we need them, ok I understand that there are some bitterness in relations but that doesn’t means we are apart, she again hugs me and in a crying tone ask everyone to promise her that whether it’s a moment of joy or flatness, you will always share with family. And at that time my whole family is sitting beside me and everyone’s eyes are full of water, and joy. And that’s the moment I’m talking about it’s a moment which actually cannot be expressed in words, that moment of my life give me a new hope to live, a big moral & physical strength, that the moment which always gives me support and happiness to win any race of life. In one line I’ll say that’s the moment of joy, emotions, love and #togetherness.
This moment of #familieness, #togetherness, #happiness & #love is an unbelievable experience of my life. And this moment gives me a very important message “Family is our biggest wealth” and it’s just give a new turn to my life.

If you also had a such moment of love & joy in your life, than share it in comments.

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