Making Gil As a Botanist in FFXIV

by stoagemor
The gathering classes in FFXIV have their own systems, endgame progression and gearing, but they can also be a reliable source of gil. Using retainers and market board strategies is the best way to make the most of your time as a gatherer.

Diadem materials are a great place to start, as they can be sold to crafters that need them for restoration turn-ins. Hard-to-find dyes also sell well on the market board, and many of the items in optional content can be sold for a decent amount.

Disciples of the Hand

The Disciples of the Hand are the crafting classes in FFXIV that enable players to make gil by repairing, melding, and desynthesizing gear. They also produce vanity items like furniture and glamours for houses and apartments. Getting these jobs leveled up is an excellent way to quickly make a lot of gil in FFXIV, especially if you take advantage of leves and the weekly custom deliveries system.

This guide will focus primarily on maximizing the earnings of your crafters and gatherers, namely Blacksmith, Weaver, and Alchemist. These Jobs are the chief methods for generating a steady stream of Gil, as they provide highly sought-after equipment, consumables, and materials for sale to other players. As such, they deserve top billing in this guide. However, we will also touch on a few combat-oriented methods as well. For example, flipping prisms on the market board can be a quick and relatively easy way to make some Gil. However, this method is subject to the whims of supply and demand.

Disciples of the Land

The Disciples of the Land are essential to Eorzea’s vibrant economy. They harvest natural resources and sell them to crafters, bakers, weavers, and chemists for use across the realm. Their primary form of gil farming is the lucrative venture system, which rewards players with a steady flow of gil and experience.
To maximize profits, it’s important to update the price of items on the Market Board at the right time. The best times to do this are in the early morning and late at night, when your competition is unlikely to be online.

Another way to make gil is to complete Beast Tribe Quests, which reward a random combination of experience points, Tomestones, and Grand Company Seals. Some of these quests are easier to complete than others, and some will require specific jobs in order to earn the most reward. Lastly, players can also make a decent amount of gil by flipping prisms on the Market Board.


The art of gardening, as a practice and a discourse, has become a major focus in contemporary makers’ work. This is largely due to the widespread interest in the garden as an ecology, ranging from botanomania and capitalocene to guerrilla gardening and queer ecology.

The FFXIV economy is notoriously fickle, and methods for making gil change over time. But if you’re patient, you can still make a solid amount of money in Eorzea!

For example, flipping prisms on the market board is a great way to earn quick gil. You can find plenty of people willing to buy them, as they’re a necessary ingredient for crafting a variety of items. And if you’re a leveled Carpenter, you can also sell furnishing items to lucky homeowners who want to decorate their houses! Another way to earn a steady flow of gil is to do FATEs and decipher Treasure Maps. This is one of the most reliable methods for making gil, especially in the first week after a patch.


There are plenty of things you can craft in buying gil ffxiv ban, but many of them require a lot of gil. This makes it important to understand how to make gil efficiently in this game.

The best way to make gil in ff14 is through the market board. However, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, the supply and demand of items will fluctuate over time. When a new item hits the market board, it will often be in high demand and sell for a premium price. However, as demand dwindles, the price of those items will drop and it will become less profitable to make gil in this way.

Another great gil-making method is through Treasure Maps and Tradecraft Leves. These can provide a steady source of gil while cutting out the market board middle man. This method is especially effective in the first few weeks after a major patch. However, it is still not the most efficient way to make gil in FFXIV.

While buying Gil is a viable option, it's not the only way to acquire this currency. Eorzea offers numerous opportunities for in-game Gil farming. This approach allows you to earn Gil through various activities, such as crafting, gathering, and participating in market board trading.

To maximize your Gil farming efforts, explore different methods that align with your gameplay style and preferences. Whether it's mastering the art of crafting, gathering rare materials, or participating in the vibrant economy, there's a Gil farming strategy that suits you.
Managing your acquired Gil efficiently is vital to making the most of this valuable resource. To ensure that you're optimizing your spending, consider setting up a budget. Allocate your Gil to different aspects of the game, such as gear upgrades, consumables, and personalization, based on your priorities.

Being disciplined in your spending helps prevent overspending on frivolous items and ensures that you have Gil available when you need it most.

Before making a purchase, carefully read and understand the terms and conditions provided by the seller. This includes their refund policies and dispute resolution mechanisms. Knowing your rights and the procedures for addressing any issues that may arise during the transaction can be invaluable.

In cases where you encounter problems with a seller, open a line of communication promptly. Reputable sellers will have responsive customer support to address your concerns and resolve any disputes amicably.

Once you've identified a trustworthy seller, it's time to ensure your transactions are secure. Reliable sellers use secure payment methods, such as PayPal or credit cards, which offer buyer protection. These methods add an extra layer of security, safeguarding your financial information.

Additionally, it's wise to use unique passwords for your game and payment accounts. This reduces the risk of potential breaches affecting multiple aspects of your online presence.

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