Lakeman- Chapter 1

by Dhruv Behl
I woke up. I was in bed. I stood up. I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know anything about myself.
There was an almirah in my room. I opened that almirah and found some clothes and money. I took the money and kept it in my pocket. I went outside. The house was big but was in a very bad condition. I went to the kitchen. There were a water bottle and a packed sandwich. I thought I should go outside. Then I saw another almirah near the door. I thought about checking it. I opened that almirah. There were a gun and a mobile phone.
I took the mobile phone, but I didn’t take the gun. I thought it could be risky. Then I went outside. There was a board in which my house number was written. My house no. was 24.
I walked down the street and saw that I was in the Lakeman Street. I walked in some other streets and searched for someone who could recognize me. There were many large houses on that street, all were bungalows. Then I realized that a man was following me.
He was following me continuously. I got scared. I didn’t understand what was happening with me. Then I saw a restaurant. I thought I should go inside because I would be safe there. I entered in that restaurant.
The name of that restaurant was Queen’s Head. I sat there. Then the waiter came and asked for my order. I ordered a cold drink. I drank my drink. That man didn’t come inside. Then I decided to go outside. I walked for a minute and then I saw him again. I could notice that a black car was also following me. That car was moving with that man. I was very scared. Then the phone rang. I picked up the phone. Someone said.
‘Where are you?’
‘What, who are you.’
‘Just answer me, where are you and why didn’t you take the gun?’
‘Who are you and what’s happening with me.’
‘Why didn’t you take the gun?’
‘Why do I need that gun?’
‘Didn’t you think that someone’s following you?’
‘Yes, but what is he trying to do.’
‘He’s there for killing you. Oh my god why did I leave you.’
‘What are you saying and why does he want to kill me? What I have done?’
‘Leave this. Just do as I say. Go back to that house as early as you can and take that gun for your safety.'
‘But I can’t kill someone.’
‘You will have to kill him or he will kill you.’
‘But what is happening with me and why? What have I done?’
The phone was disconnected.
I got very scared. I didn’t understand what was happening with me. I thought I should go to the police station.
Then I found a taxi, I went to him and told the driver to take me to the police station. Then I saw a man in the mirror, pointing the gun at me. I sat in the taxi and told him to drive fast. He drove very fast. Then I saw, that black car was still following us.
The driver also got scared. He drove for some time. Then they started shooting on our car. The driver took the car in some streets and drove very fast. Later no one was following us, so he slowed down. We were very scared. Then a car came from the right side and hit our car. Our car got smashed in an old house. Then I saw that the driver was hurt. He was not able to drive.
Then I heard some people were coming out of the car. They were coming slowly towards our car, pointing the gun on us. I moved the driver to back seat and sat on driver’s seat. Then I went back and hit them. After that, I started driving straight and came on to the road. Then no one was following us. So I drive to a hospital. I admitted the taxi driver there. I thought I should go to the police station first and then come back to the hospital. I took his taxi and drove to the police station. There was a city map in that taxi. I followed it. After some time when I was driving, I received a call on that phone. That was the man who called me earlier.
‘Where are you?’
‘I am going to the police station.’
‘But why?’
‘I will tell them everything.’
‘Then what will happen?’
‘They will find those people who are trying to kill me and get them arrested them. ’
‘They can find those people who were coming behind you, but they will never know who sent them. Then more people will come to kill you.’
‘But why, why they will kill me?’
‘You will know it later but now go back to your house and take that gun for your safety. Then I will tell you what to do next.’
‘Why are you helping me?
‘Because I care for you.’
‘Who are you?’

The phone got disconnected. I was very scared. Then I saw Lakeman Street on map so I went there. After sometime I reached that house. I took the city map from the taxi. I thought it will be helpful to me later. I went into that street. I remembered my house number which was 24. I entered inside. The gate was open. I went to the kitchen and had some water. Then I remembered about the gun. I went to the almirah and opened the drawer and took the gun. I hold it. The gun was quite heavy. And there were six bullets.
Then I again went to the kitchen. I was hungry. There was a sandwich box. I took the sandwich and sat on sofa and eat it. When I was eating sandwich I noticed that kitchen's window was broken. After a while, I heard something falling down from upstairs. I could sense that someone was upstairs.
After a minute I heard someone coming down. I hide behind a sofa pointing the gun towards the stairs. I was very scared. The gun was in my hands. I was ready to shoot. Then a man came. He came down slowly. He was looking very poor. He saw me and ran from there. I ran behind him. He went through the broken kitchen's window. I shouted
'Stop or I will shoot you.'
He stopped. I went near him and checked him. He was not having anything. I asked him
'Why did you come to my house?'
'Because I was hungry.'
'Yes I am very hungry. I came to your house to eat something but there was nothing.'
'Okay, you can go.'
'Hey is that your old gun.' He asked me. I didn’t understand what he was talking about.
He came near and saw that gun from close and say
'Yeah that is your gun.'
'My gun, what are you saying.'
'These initials, they were on your gun G.M.'
'How do you know me, and all these things?'
'You know, I am really hungry. Now I can only talk when I will find something to eat.'
I decided to take him to a restaurant.
We went to Queensland restaurant. He ordered a lot of things. While we were waiting for our food I asked him
'How do you know me?'
'You used to live here in Lakeman Street around 2 years ago. You and your friends used to give me a lot of things to eat. You stayed there for like 2 months and then went somewhere and came back again with a lot of money. You gave me some money and I spent all of it. I really enjoyed it when you guys were here. '
'Then what happened?'
'You and your friends went somewhere else and then comeback after 2 months. You all were having a lot of money but no one was happy. You didn't talk to me. Then after sometime you went that place again but never came back. Then after a long time I saw Graeme coming here, I also saw you, you were in a bad condition. Every two days a doctor used to come to see you. Today After a long time I decided to come to your house for eating something and then this all happened.'
'Why did you run when I saw you?'
'Because your friend told me that you have lost your memory and I thought that you will shoot me with your gun.'
'Can you tell me about my friends?
'I don’t know much. They always stayed with you.'
After finishing all of his food He said 'Thanks' stood up 'You have lost your memory but you are still as good as before, see you.'
He was going back then I asked him
'What is my name?'
'Gary Matthew.'
I liked my name.
I paid the bill. After paying the bill I was having only two dollars left.
I came out of the restaurant and decided to go to home.
The phone started ringing. I picked it up
'Where are you?' He asked me. He is the man who called me earlier.
'I am at Queensland restaurant.'
'All right, one man will come there and give you a packet.'
'What is in that packet?'
The phone was disconnected as usual. I hate it when he doesn't answer my question. I went back and sat there. I sat there for around 5 minutes and then a man came to me.
He was having a packet. He sat in front of me and ordered coffee for himself. I didn’t say anything. He drank his coffee, paid the bill and went back.
He left the packet at the side seat. I opened the packet. There was money, a key of a car and some bullets. There was also a paper in the packet. There was a number written on it. That was a car plate number. I went to the parking lot and started searching for the car.
I found it. The car was really good. I sat inside, kept the city map and drove to my home. I parked the car and went inside. Then I felt, I needed to rest. I opened my almirah. I was having a few clothes. I changed my clothes and went to bed. I tried to sleep but I could not stop thinking of my day.

Next day, I woke up. I went outside, washed my face and sat on bed thinking of the day I spent. The phone rang. I took the call.
'Where are you?'
'In my house.'
'What are you doing?'
'Nothing, I just woke up.'
'Ok, this time when you will go out, lock the house. Not like the last time.'
'Now get ready. Later I will call you.'
The phone was cut. I didn’t understand what to do.
I got ready but I didn’t know where to go. I took my gun, money and key of the car and house and went out of the house. I locked the house. I saw that my car's tyre was punctured. I decided to go to a garage. I was moving towards the road. My head started aching.
Then I got bumped into someone. He was that beggar. I said sorry to him and stood there for some time. A few minutes later I started to feel better, so I moved ahead. I went to the road and looked for a taxi. I stopped a taxi and told the driver to go to a garage. He took me to a garage. It was little far. That was Euro Garage. Then he dropped me there.
I went inside and told them about the car. I gave them my address. They told me that they will come in the afternoon. I said ok. I came outside and waited for taxi. After a long time taxi came. I stopped it. Then I receive a call.
'What are you doing?'
'I am at garage.'
'What are you doing at garage?'
'My car was punctured, so I came here.'
'Alright, now note down the address and go there.'
'Why don’t you tell the address to the driver?'
I gave my phone to the taxi driver. He talked to him for a minute and then returned the phone back to me. I sat in taxi. He took me somewhere that was near my house. That was an apartment. I went there.
He told me that the house was on the third floor. I went upstairs. I saw that there were 4 flats on that floor. I didn’t understand what to do. Then I thought about trying one by one. I chose the one which was near the stairs.
I rang the door bell. Then an old lady opened the gate. She saw me. I also saw her. She didn't say anything. Then I said
'Sorry, wrong house.'
Then the old lady closed the gate. She behaved a bit strange.
Then I tried another house. I rang the bell. No one opened. I rang again.
After sometime a man opened the gate and told me to come inside.
I went inside; there were two more men in the room. He told me to sit. He said pointing at other man.
'He is John, he is Marco and I am Graeme.'
'What's happening here?'
'You didn’t need to know anything. You just have to work with us.'
'But why, why should I work with you all?'
'Because you have to do this or you will.'
'You will die.'
'But why will you kill me?'
'We will not kill you, we want to save you.'
'From who?'
'You don’t need to know that, you will do some work with us and if we succeed that will be good for you.' Marco said. 'Now concentrate on the plan.
Tomorrow morning we will go to the market where we will see these people.'
He showed us a picture. There were two men.
'Then Graeme will go there and ask them to deal.'
'Deal what?'
'You don’t need to know that. We will tell them to come to our place. They will come here. And we will kill them.'
'Really, is that so easy? Are you sure that they will come?'
'Yes.' Marco said. 'Alright now the positions, around 11 am, Graeme and Gary will go there. Graeme will go there and Gary will follow him in different car. Gary will be like a backup.
Then Graeme will drive them to us. John and I will be there. When you will reach there, tell them to wait. You will come out of the car and then come to us. Then we will shoot them.'
'And then what will happen?'
'Anything that will happen, it will be good for you.' Graeme said. 'Now go home and come tomorrow 10am sharp.'
'Ok.' I said and went out of the house.
I really didn’t want to these things but I had no other option. I took taxi. I was thinking of the plan in the taxi. He left me out of the street. I paid him and moved towards the house. I saw my car there. Then I could remember, I called the mechanic in afternoon but I wasn't at my house. I checked the pocket. There was no key of my house. I checked again but there wasn't any.
I saw lights switched on in my house. I went there. I saw the gate was already open. I went inside. There was that beggar watching TV and eating pizza.
'Hey.' He said.
'How did you get in here?'
'In morning when you bumped into me, your key fell down on the floor. I took the key and decided to give you the keys. In afternoon I saw a man going inside your house with a box. When he came out I went inside and saw that he kept a T.V. on the table. I turned on TV. Then I started watching TV. And after ten minutes, I heard someone opening gate I hid in the kitchen. A man came inside and kept the pizza on the table and went back.'
Then I received a call
'Hey, I am Graeme. Where are you?'Graeme ask. I remembered his voice.
'At home.'
'Do you like the surprise, the TV, pizza?'
'I thought that you will get bored at home so I thought about putting that TV there.'
'Thanks. I really like it.'
'Good, see you tomorrow. Don’t be late.'
The phone gets disconnected.
I sat on sofa and took the last slice of pizza and watched football match.
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Dhruv Behl

Dhruv Behl

August 12, 2015 - 16:40 Hope you enjoyed it. Next chapter of Lakeman will publish on 21st of August.
Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar

September 1, 2015 - 13:58 Good start. It looks very interesting. Good work. Waiting for the next chapter.


September 1, 2015 - 14:05 Nice start. It looks like a good suspense story. I will surely read your 2nd chapter.
Sourabh Singh

Sourabh Singh

September 1, 2015 - 14:17 Amazing 1st chapter. It was thrilling and mysterious. I will surely read the next chapter.


September 1, 2015 - 14:27 Interesting start. I am going to read the 2nd chapter soon.

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