Lakeman Chapter-2

by Dhruv Behl
After watching the football match, that man went to his house and I went to sleep. Next day, I woke up. The time was 9 am. I went outside. The drawing room was messed up. I thought I should clean it later. Then I could remember that Marco told me to come at 11 am. I got ready at around 9:45 and then went to the restaurant. I drank coffee and eat sandwich. I sat there for some time. I saw time. The time was 10:40.
Then I thought I should go there. I took taxi. I reached there and went on the 3rd floor. I rang the door bell. No one opened the door. I tried again. Marco opened the gate. He told me to sit.
I sit there. Then Marco went inside the room. After sometime, Graeme came outside talking with someone on the phone. He talked for some time and went back to the room. I didn’t understand what was happening. Then Marco came out. I asked him
'What is happening, you told me to come at 11 am sharp and you said that we will go there at 11 am but it is already 11:20 and you are not telling me anything, what is happening?'
'Nothing, just cool down.'
'Are we going to go there and do according to our plan or not?'
'There is a change in plan.'
'What change in plan?'
'We will go there in the afternoon.'
'But why?'
'Because those people will also come at that time.'
'Ok but why didn't you tell me about the change in plan?'
'I thought about calling you but I forgot.'
'Ok. But what should I do now?'
'Are you hungry?'
'No, I just eat half an hour ago.'
'Ok, then you can watch TV.'
Then I watched TV. After sometime door bell rang. I opened the gate. He was john. He said
'Hey, it's only eleven. Did Graeme didn't tell you that we have changed the plan?'
'No, he told me when I came here.'
'Ok. What are you watching on TV?'
'That is a magic show.'
'Do you believe in magic?'
‘Yes, and you?'
'No, I don’t think that there's any magic.'
I talked to him for like 15 minutes. Then I noticed a photo on the wall. There was someone in the photo with John. I asked him
'Who is he?'
'His name is Mark. He was my best friend. He is no more. He was really amazing. I really had a lot of fun with him.'
Then Graeme came from the room and said
Gary, you have to go down and please sit in the car. I am also coming there and John will go with Marco to that place.'
'Ok.' I said and went down to the basement. Then Graeme also came down. He gave me the key of a car. I sat in the car. Graeme started driving and went out of the basement. I followed him. He was driving slowly. Later he stopped. He came out of the car and went inside the market. I stayed in car as planned.
Then I saw that man which I saw in the photo. Then Graeme went to him. Graeme was saying something to him. They were talking and then suddenly that man kept his gun on Graeme. I became scared. I didn’t understand what to do. Then more people came with guns. Graeme saw me. He said to me to drive away.
Then I drove very fast. I saw that one car was following me. They were shooting on my car. I was very scared. I was driving as fast as I could. I realized that they shot on the tyre. Suddenly my car started losing balance. My car got crashed. They came near my car. I heard them coming out. They came to me. One man was pointing gun on me. He told me to come outside. I came out of the car. He took me to his car. I sat in there. They took me to a big bungalow. A man took me inside a room.
Then I saw Graeme. I asked him.
'How did you come here?'
'They brought me here.'
'But what happened to our plan?'
'They knew about our plan.'
'But how did they know about our plan?'
'I don’t know, but we have to get out of here.'
We were thinking how to get out of there. Then we listened John talking to that man who brought us here. I didn’t understand what is happening. I asked him
'Why did John tell them?'
'I don’t know.'
I was really shocked. Then I listened to them talking to someone. They were saying that they will take us to a different place. One man came inside and took us outside. There was a truck. They tied us with a chair by ropes. There was more stuff in back. They put tape on our mouth. They closed the door. When truck started, I saw that John is sitting with the driver.
We were sitting there and suddenly the truck stopped and then I heard a sound of bullet. I didn’t understand what is happening. John opened the back gate. He came to us and untied the rope and took off the tape. Then Graeme went outside. I went him. Then I saw that driver was dead. He was shot on head. I asked him
'What is happening?'
'Nothing this was all plan.'
'Plan, what plan.'
'John went to them and told our plan to them in the morning. They were already prepared. They knew you will be there so they caught you. And now you will go there and stay with them.'
'But why me?'
'Because If I will stay there they can kill me, so you will go there.'
‘Why do you feel that they will not kill me?'
'No, they will never kill you.'
'But why?'
'Because you will do the work they will tell you to do. Alright?'
'Hey what do you think who am I, first you said that I will work for you then you're sending me to another people and you are saying to do their work.'
'Hey cool down. You have no other option. If you don’t want to go there, don’t go but you have to know that they will find you soon and take you with them.'
'But what will happen if I will go there?'
'They will take your help and you will have to help them. John will be there with you. You will tell John everything they are asking you and John will tell me. Ok?'
'And then what will happen.'
'Why are you asking so many questions, you will know everything eventually, ok?'
'Now I am going back, Marco and I will be waiting for your call. Bye.'
Graeme left and I see John coming to me. I asked him
'Where were you?'
'I was hiding the dead body.'
'Oh. Now what will you say to them about him and Graeme?'
'I will say that driver went out of the truck and opened the gate. He was giving you water. But you tried to run. I will say that Graeme took his gun and shot him.'
'And then.' I asked him. He punched me right on the face. I ask him.
'What happened?'
He again hit me. Then I also hit him. We started fighting. Then he stopped and said.
'Then this happens.'
'I will tell them that I tried to stop you both. Graeme ran from there but I caught you.'
'What, are you mad?'
'I just want everything to look real.'
'Ok, I think now we leave.'
'Ok.' I said and sat in the truck and waited for the place to come.

I was waiting for the place to come then someone shot on our truck. The truck lost balance and stopped, when they shot the tyre. I couldn’t understand what was happening. I heard some people talking. I heard John’s voice also.
He was talking to them. They were speaking in some other language. I didn’t know that John knew that language. Then someone opened the gate. Two men came inside. They showed me gun and took me out of the truck. There are two cars and around 8 people. He took me to a car. I sat inside.
I was very scared. John was in another car. They were taking us somewhere. After sometime I saw three cars coming. The driver stopped the car.
It was an industrial area. Then two men from our car went outside. I saw that there were 3 cars in front of us. Some people from those cars also come out. They were talking in some other language. They talked for some time. And then a man from those cars gave a bag to the people in our side. That man opened the bag. There was money; the bag was full of money. They talked for a minute and then that man threw the bag. That man showed gun to the man which was in my car. I didn’t understand what all was happening. Then a man went out of my car and shot him. That man was shot on right the hand. People came out of the car and started shooting.
I went out of the car and hid behind it. I saw a man lying in front of me. He was shot on his leg and forehead. I was very scared. Then suddenly I heard police siren. The police car was coming.
The person sitting at our side sat in a car and went another side. I saw John. He was also hiding behind the car. Then those people came to us. They were those people who sent us here. We sat in the car.
I was scared. They took us back to that place. They took me to that room in which they kept me earlier. I was locked again in that place. I was sitting in there, thinking of what happened. After sometime John came to me. I asked him
‘What is happening?’
‘The people that caught us were the member of another gang. When they shot on our truck I called them and they tracked my phone. Those people took my phone but they didn’t throw it. They kept it with them. So these people tracked them. When they started shooting, someone from industry called the police and then this happened.
That gang has rivalry with this gang. Now this gang wants to finish them as they are causing a lot of problem and these people wants your help for killing them.’
‘Yes, they need you.’
‘But why, why do they need me.’
‘Because you can only help them.’
‘I can’t understand what is happening.’
‘You will meet them in the morning.’
I was really irritated. I didn’t understand what was happening with me. I just wanted answers to my questions.
‘Can you help me with my identity?’
‘Can you tell me who am I and what I have done?’
‘You will know it.’
‘What were they talking about when we were in car?’
‘This gang gave money to that gang for taking you back.’
‘Taking me back, really? They gave a big bag full of money to them for taking me back? Wow. Can you please tell me who am I, please?
‘You will know it at the right time, ok.’
‘What will happen if you will tell me now? Huh’
‘I told you that I will tell you later so I will tell you later. Now see you in the morning.’
‘Hey what did you tell him about Marco?’
‘I told them the same story which I told you earlier.’
‘And they believed it?’
‘Yes. Okay now I am going.’ He was leaving, I asked him
‘Hey I am a human being.’
‘So what, I know that.’
‘Can you just give me some food? I am really hungry. I have not eaten anything since morning.’
‘Okay. I will send some food.’
‘See you.’
Then he went out of the room. After sometime a man came and gave me a plate of noodles. I eat them.
I just could not understand what I have done that I am so important. A man can give a bag full of money and can fight for me.

After eating noodles I slept there. Next day I woke up. I had water. Then I started thinking about the last day. I was still scared. I sat there for some time. Later John came to me. He gave me food. I asked him
‘What is happening?’
‘Can I go there and talk to them?’
‘Yes but later.’
‘What is Marco doing? Did you have a contact with him?’
‘No, they took my phone. But in a few hours I will try to call him again.’
‘What happened to our plan?’
‘Nothing, we planned that we will go there and know more about them and we are doing that.’
‘And after that?’
‘Later we will attack them, we just want to know the timing of their work and how they work. I am staying with them, so in some time I will know everything.’
‘But what I am doing here.’
‘You, you are the most important part of the plan. If you will not come there they will not kidnap you.’
‘What, I didn’t understand what you just said?’
‘When I will go there, I told them that you will be there. So they can take you with them. If you will not be there they never care. They want you not us.’
‘Ok but why do they need me?’
‘You know that I can’t tell you about that, so please don’t ask again and again. You just have to stay with them and work with them.’
‘How much time will I have to work with them?’
‘Not much, not more than two week.’
Then he went back. I eat food. I waited for hours but no one came. In the afternoon, a man came to me. He asked me to go with him.I followed him. He took me to a hall. There was a man sitting there. I went inside. The man, who brought me here, went out of the hall. No one was in the room except me and that man. I went close to him. We were seeing each other’s faces. Then he said
I didn’t say anything.
‘You look little different.
Ok, I think we should forget everything what happened and now we should work together.’
I didn’t understand what he was saying. Then he said
‘Tonight we will give you a car and a mobile phone. You will follow a place on GPS. When you will reach that place there will be a big bungalow. In that bungalow those people live.’
‘Which people?’
‘Those who did this.’
He showed me his right hand. There was a bandage. His hand was injured. I remembered, that man who caught me, got shot on his right hand.
‘Ok.’ I said.
‘So you will go there and tell them that we are making plans of killing them so you will tell them to move from that place and go somewhere else as soon as they can. You will say that you will tell our plans to them later.’
‘Then you will come back to our place.’
‘After that?’
‘You will know it later. First you do this. Ok?’
‘If you want to ask anything, ask John. Now go back and take rest and at around 9 you should get ready to go there.’
Then a man came and took me to my room. I sat there. I thought of the plan.
After some time John came to my room. He asked me
‘So you know the plan now.’
‘Do you want to ask anything?’
‘For whom am I working for?’
‘I am confused. First you sent me to this gang to know about their plans. Now this gang wants me to go to another gang to tell them about wrong plans and knowing their real plans. I don’t understand what I am doing.' He saw me and smiled. Then he went back.
Later, a man came and gave me some food. I eat it. I sit there. I was getting bored. I was waiting for someone to come. Then a man came. He took me outside. There was a place behind the bungalow. There were many cars and trucks. He took me to a car. He gave me the keys of that car. He gave me a mobile phone. He told me about the place I had to go. He showed me the place on map. He also gave me a gun for safety. I sat inside the car. That man said good luck.
Then I started driving. I was following the map. It was almost an hour. Then I received a call. I picked up.
‘Where are you?’ That was John’s voice.
‘I am going to reach there. I will be there in around 15 minutes.’
‘Ok, don’t be nervous. Just go there, say what you have to say and then come back. Ok. Good luck. And remember one thing.’ He said and phone was cut. Then I saw that there was no network.
In around 20 minutes I saw in the map that I was almost there. Then I reached there. There was a bungalow. Then I saw 2 trucks coming out of the bungalow. Then three cars also came out. I didn’t understand what was happening there.
There were many people putting guns in trucks. Then a man saw my car. He came towards me. I came out of the car and hid behind a tree. There was dark so he was not able to see me. He went to my car and checked it. He found nothing so he went back. I saw one truck going ahead. There were many people in the truck and also two cars following that truck. And then another car follows them.
I didn’t understand what was happening. I saw two men filling guns in the last truck. One man went back to their house. Another man talked to the driver for some time. Then the last truck moved ahead. The man going back to the house, I went to that man. I pointed gun at him and asked him.
‘Where are they going?’
‘Who are you?’
‘Just answer me, where are they going. Answer me or I will kill you?’
He showed me his phone. He unlocked it. He opened map and showed me that place. I was shocked to see that the place was that gang’s house that sent me here. I asked him.
‘What are they going to do there?’
‘They will kill that gang.’ I was shocked. I didn’t understand what to do. I left him.
Then I saw that the last truck which was going there stopped. They saw me. Then that man shouted and ran inside. Two men in truck were coming towards me and that man was calling more people. I was very scared. I didn’t understand what to do at that time.
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Dhruv Behl

Dhruv Behl

September 1, 2015 - 13:21 Hope you enjoyed the second chapter of lakeman. Third chapter will publish on 7th of september.
Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar

September 1, 2015 - 13:56 Nice story. It is getting more interesting. Especially the ending twist was great. I am waiting for the next chapter.


September 1, 2015 - 14:07 Very good ending. The twist at end was really good. I want to read the third chapter. Publish it soon.
Sourabh Singh

Sourabh Singh

September 1, 2015 - 14:20 Better chapter. I liked it more than the first one. Because of some great scenes and the ending. You kept thinking what will happen next. Waiting for your next chapter. Very good work.


September 1, 2015 - 14:25 Amazing ending twist. I am waiting for the chapter 3.
Dhruv Behl

Dhruv Behl

September 23, 2015 - 09:40 You can buy the full story at

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