High Romance in College goes Wrong! (Part-1)

by SecretPleasure
St.Paul's College is one of the most reputed as well as insane colleges in India. But to get an admission to this college, all sorts of bad things has to be done. Certainly a high score in high school won't be enough- no matter how good it is. The only thing that is needful is a lot of cash in your wallet and good English speaking skills.

Jatin has secured 93% in his senior high school and wants to get an admission to this college. "Oh, don't you ever think about it... "..says his mother when her son said it is his wish to pursue a Physics for a graduate degree from this college, "There is not even the slightest of chance for poor people like us . Better go and get a job .. Yes, that's what you need. Or I'll get you admitted to any other college, but certainly not St.Paul's", thus spoke his mother angrily and left Jatin alone in his studyroom.

Heartbroken ,Jatin spends a lot of his time thinking about how to gather money which is needful and especially since the admissions are open. He really wants to study there but what can he do? He can't think of a life without the college. Yes, he's been fantasizing about St.Paul's for years now for years. That has been his one dream. He thinks about his possible options and can't find any solution and in despair goes to sleep.

The day for admission to St.Paul's College has arrived and thousands of candidates from wealthy families have come to the college for trying their luck. Jatin has also come , but without informing his parents. He has all the certificates with him but not enough money.

There are 60 seats for candidates in Physics and nearly 50 of them have already been booked. It's time for Jatin to appear at the interview and try his luck(if any luck at all because he can't bribe the officials without money)

Jatin walks up to the interview board and sees five people gathered there smoking and drinking beer waiting for him . In his heart, Jatin knew that they would ask about his family income and kick him out after finding that he had no money.

Jatin takes his seat infront of the professors and interviewers. Inside the heated and sultry room there are two accounts and there teachers who are now ready to ask Jatin all the tough questions.

Miss Renuka- Hello, so who are you?

Jatin- I'm Jatin madam and I got 93% in my senior high sch........

Miss Fatima- Shut the cr*p up! Did we ask about your marks or percentage?

(Jatin is silent and trembling)

Miss Renuka- Why don't you answer? Are you at all interested in this interview?

Jatin- Of course, madam .. I'm really sorry.

Sir John- Tell us about your family, what do they do?

Jatin- (Lying) My father is a doctor sir, and...

Miss Fatima is in her early 30s and constantly casting an eye at Jatin's physique which appears somewhat handsome to her at this point of time. Jatin can easily see her restlessness though he keeps quiet.

Miss Renuka- Okay so you want admission and you I expect know what you need to get one. I expect....

Jatin- Yes madam i know very well what it takes.. to get an.... admission( looking both at Sir John and Miss Fatima)

Miss Fatima at this point of time becomes more desperate and starts eying Jatin in an evil way. Jatin's heart leaps and suddenly Jatin has an idea about how to make his dream a reality .

Sir John- Have you brought $50000 with you, huh? Look, there are other candidates waiting . Pay the admission fees and rest assured.

(But Jatin has only $20000 and its time for him to put his idea into effect)

(To be continued)...
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