Few Among The Million Reasons why I must thank Him

by Sivaranjini Senthilvel
God Oh God!!!
Befuddled whether to thank you
For the dawn brimmed with brilliance
And the dusk suffused by tranquility
Or for dazzling golden sunshines
And silver-white winters...

Bewildered whether to praise you
For parents so unimaginably loving
Who dealt with tender care,
My obnoxious childhood
And with so much forbearance
My ire provoking teenage
Or for relatives so solicitous about my success
And friends who personify altruism and affection...

Perplexed if I should be obliged to you
For books wise and witty
With words,like diamonds studded on silk
Which inject sweet nectar into the veins when read,
Astounding with their grandiloquence and mellifluousness...
Or for lips that elucidate exultation
And those that can caress wounded hearts with words soothing
Or for eyes that shine bright expressing bliss
For being able to cherish the wide world's magnanimity...

Should I be thankful
For the grace in accepting criticism
And for the glory in receiving rewarding compliments...
Or for being able to admire music, honey-sweet
And bird chirps and squirrel chatters and all?

Is this thanksgiving not very laconic
In expressing how indebted To You I am
For days brimming with so much satisfaction
That made me blissfully say, "Everything is just peachy"?

Will this dinky token of gratitude ever sufficedly express
How grateful feels my heart,to You
For blessing it with an invaluable experience
Of having felt uncountable beautiful emotions and pink vibes?

Thanks a million for all the rejoiceful victories
Thanks a billion for all those painful failures...
Thanks a trillion for lessons learnt in the hard way...
Thanks a gazillion for this wonderful day.....

Having penned a few
Among the million things
I must thank you for,
I stay indebted to you forever
God Oh God!!!
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Sivaranjini Senthilvel

Sivaranjini Senthilvel

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