Fanny Or Not

by wasak897
One fine day in the house of Jack and with his 4 other friends.Ted was shouting with red eyes and big nose in his face.

TED:who eat my banana?..............i was saving it for Sunday and some one eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ban did u eat it?
BAN:hahaha.......i dont know..and i dont eat food that its not mine(my father teach me that)
TED:then who eat it? its was yellow and big about 5 inches long and its sweet too.

Red and Jack came back after their school
TED:Red!!!!!!!!!!!.. did you eat my banana?..its yellow and big about 5 inches long and sweet too.
RED:I dont eat banana that is 5 inches and well destroy my good look and diet you FAT SO BAMBO!..
TED:whose a FAT SO BAMBO want to fight you good looking gay!...
JACK:he now now dont fight because of 1 banana that is yellow about 5 inches long and the sweet one too,and also did u ask Greg?
TED:no i cant find him...
JACK:Ok ok ..where did u last saw it?
TED: well its was 2 banana i eat the other 1 before i sleep then leave the other 1 in my room just beside where i sleep and eat the other banana.
The 4 friends went in Teds room to check...they cant find anything in the room so they all went to the outside.
While walking outside they saw Greg.
TED:hey Greg did u saw my banana it was yellow about 5 inches long and it was sweet too.
After 10 minutes Greg answer.
JACK:well no one eat your banana that is yellow about 5 inches long and also sweet................................also it was yummy.. then who eat the banana?
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