Cat's Love

by RandallXD1
The sun shining brightly as the rays peek into the ground floor of Ontanashi's room. The sun's gentle rays touches his face; he twitches and groans realizing that the night has pass and day has come awaking him from his lustful slumber. "Argh why cant the night be longer"  flipping the covers to cover up his delicate pale face. Just as he thought he could continue his slumber into the on coming evening; a loud voice burst out from no where, waking him back up in an instant.
"hoi hoi what does a delicate, fragile man needs to do to get some beauty sleep around here "As Ontonashi said to himself  in annoyance 
Ontanashi got out from his covers and slip his feet into his soft bunny slippers, he slowly drag himself to the door to figure out what happened. He open the door, and to his surprise he heard Inosai's voice shouting from the other side of the house, as they all lived together.
 "I caught you peeking while I was going to shower you pervert" she shouted as she threw her shoe at Ontonashi's childhood friend; Kuzuki. 
"hehehe you are not getting me this time" Kuzuki snap back as he instantly dodge, the incoming shoe. Too Kuzuki's fortune but to Ontonashi's despair, the shoe came flying to his direction. Thanks to his sloth like reflexes, he was only able to utter the words "huh" before it hit him dead center onto his forehead. 
The bullseye's hit on Ontonashi's forehead knock him unconscious for awhile. Feeling guilty for her actions, Inosai carried Ontonashi back into his room and laid him on the floor by the Japanese style table while Kuzuki brought him an ice pack for his bruise. Soon later he regain conscious and got up.
 "hoi hoi, what are you two making a ruckus this early in the morning, don’t you know I need my beauty sleep" Ontonashi complain as he put an ice pack on the bruise on his forehead. 
"sorry about that, I caught this pervert trying to peek into my bathroom again; that is the third time this week". As Inosai apologizes 
"hahaha... Inosai, if your aim was mu......." Before Kuzuki could finish, she whack him from behind his head.  
"I'm sorry" Kuzuki quickly reacted 
"I'm sorry what...." Inosai glared 
"I'm sorry, and I wont peek at you ever again" Kuzuki answered  "well at least for now" he mumbled 
"What did you say" Inosai Glared back at him 
"Nothing, nothing" Hoping that she did not hear what he said earlier 
"Good that is what I wanted to hear" Inosai replied feeling content
"you are hopeless Kuzuki, why am I even friends with you" Ontonashi Shook his head " this is why you wont find a boyfriend, it's about time that you forget about that guy and move on, and really what is it with you and that black cat" he snap back in hopes to change to subject when he saw a black cat come into his room and sat beside Inosai
"Hey Ontonashi, cut her some slack would you . Give Inosai some time to move on. Then again I pity that unlucky guy. Who wants to date a scary tiger lik........" Before Kuzuki could finish the second time, his sentence was brought to an abrupt halt as Inosai as she whack him on the head again
"hoi hoi, for cousins you guys sure fight a lot" Ontonashi said as he sigh ." But I must say, It has already been a year now haven't it. The day since the tragic accident" Ontonashi Said as he recalls what had happened 
It has been a year now since the traumatic event that changed Inosai's life forever. Inosai, Ontonashi and Kuzuki were from the same school, as usual Ontonashi and Kuzuki would stay back for club activities, as it was Kuzuki's excuse just to see The girls swimming team in their swim suits. Thus Inosai would walk back home by herself since they all stayed at ontonashi's house, it was closer to their school. While walking back from her school, she would constantly use the bridge overlooking the railway as it is a secluded path to go back to Ontonashi's house, it is secluded from all distraction and a beautiful view of the sunset in the far distance. 
It was then when she notice something odd, to something that is not supposed to be there or at least not there when she uses the bridge. There in the distance was a boy standing on the middle of the bridge, maybe her junior; his uniform tells her that he is not from her school but some expensive private school, but what struck her was that he was there alone sobbing, all alone on the bridge facing towards the far distance towards the sunset. Inosai was a person of kind nature, she knew she would not forgive herself if she had left him there. So she went up to him to figure what was wrong or to at least comfort him to her best of her abilities. As she approach, it became clear that he was in fact crying. 
"Hey nice weather eh" that was all she could mutter out, in an instant she noticed how horrible that was of an ice breaker. To her fortune the boy did not notice her and  kept on sobbing.  Desperately trying to break the awkwardness she took out a lollipop that she had keep for her rainy days, realizing that he might need it more than her . 
"Hey kid, you want a lollipop?" She ask with a warm smile. 
To the boy's surprise he was shocked that there was someone there right beside him. He jumped and fell right on his behind.
"Oh I'm so sorry if I scared you" she held her hand out to help him get up 
"that’s okay...... I was ….... nothing I was going to leave anyway" wiping of the tears with his hands, the boy grab her hand and got up. He wanted to walk away when she stop him. " Hey don’t go, here have a lollipop I always keep one in my pocket just in case I feel sad, I apologies that it is only caramel flavor, since it's my favorite" 
"can I ?" He asked, she nodded "thank you" he took it with a great big smile wiping of most of the tears on his face, he opened it right away and pop it right in to his mouth, immediately his mood changed. 
It was then she felt that his boy was being rather childish which put her off, but as a human being, the feeling of curiosity overwhelm her, she really wanted to know what happened, why would a high school kid most likely her junior; from a private school doing here crying alone. She got up all her courage and decided asked him what had happened hoping that she would not be too presumptuous.
"You are not from around here are you, what are you doing here?" she asked with her fingers cross hoping that she wont worsen the mood. 
"Nope, I'm from Osaka Umeda international school." While childishly sucking the lollipop "to be honest I'm new here. My dad brought me here from Hamamatsu. Sorry you had to see me like that" 
"It's okay, I love how calm this place is and to be honest, yea I cried here more than a few times and ….. oh yea how rude of me, Im Inosai, nice to meet you. I'm from Shimuzudani Highschool of Osaka and you are?" She extended her hand towards him and gave him a warm smile 
"Tadashi" he shook it happily.
"why are you alone here? Don’t you have any friends?" She asked 
"nu.uh.... that's why I'm alone, I have been like that  since back home, no body likes to be friends with me. They always call me names too like bringer of bad luck, a curse and others that I tend to forget. I don’t know why they hate me nor do I hate them. " he took out he lollipop stared at it then pop it back in his mouth again, this time with a smile 
"That’s okay, in that case I'll be your friend that way you wont be lonely anymore " 
"really" Tadashi replied as his face light up like a Christmas tree
They both kept on talking as time just flew by, while they were conversing Inosai had notice that both of them had an uncanny connection, a connection like no other. As time became a luxury they both bid farewell as they walk their own separate paths back home. Inosai secretly hoped that this may not be the end as she took a liking to him. 
The next day in school, it is the same old boring routine all over again for Inosai, but to her surprise there have been rumors of a strange kid waring a private school uniform standing by the side of the school gates since lunch time. She paid no mind to it as usual but secretly she kept hoping that it could be Tadashi. It was then at the end of her last class she decided to go and have a look if the boy was still there. As she walk out towards the front gates she saw a boyish figure. She thought to herself that this must be the guy that everyone was talking about, but it seemed somewhat familiar. As she got closer, she then realizes that it was Tadashi. Feeling slightly creeped out yet relief, she went up to him to say hi. 
"Hey, Tadashi what are you doing here?" She asked out of curiosity 
He saw her and came and hug her with a big smile on his face. You could tell it was sincere as it stretched from ear to ear.
"I finished class so I came to look for you, since im not from this school so the guard wont let me in, seems like government schools end a lot later then private schools." Looking at the surroundings.
"How long have you been here?" She ask with a worried tone
"Since two o'clock, it took me an hour to get here but I enjoyed to walk"
"You waited 2 hours for me? You could have ….." Before she could finish
"Hoi, Inosai we are going out to koyoshi to have sushi. You want to join?" Ontonashi shouted as he was walking towards her together with Kuzuki
"Mmm wait for a bit I have to deal with someone" She answered back with a loud tone
Ontonashi got curious, as it was not like her to distracted when it comes to food especially  sushi. It was just the other day Ontonashi and Kuzuki got kicked out from a sushi shop due her complains on how the sushi chef should have cut the tuna. So he picked up his pace and walk towards her together with Kuzuki they will get to the bottom of this.
"Hoi hoi, what wrong? EH! Who's that your boyfriend?" Ontonashi said immedietly putting his arms around Tadashi. 
Not knowing how to react, you could feel and sense the uncomfortableness emitting Tadashi face as he tried to show off a smile.
"haha.... I never knew you like young boys. To think that you like to pray on the innoce........" Before Kuzuki could finish his sentence, Inosai whacked him clean across his forehead sending him flying towards the ground.
"haha.... you had that coming Kuzuki" while Ontonashi was laughing 
"you too..." She said with a sharp glare, they called it the glare of death; it put a direct end to His laugh.  
"scary" was all that Tadashi could utter being innocently caught in between.
"back to the point, what are you doing here Tadashi?" She ask 
"Well since I am new here I was wondering if you could show me around" suddenly his stomach rumbled in hunger " haha " with an awkward laugh
"Hey it is rude to keep your new friend here hungry, where is your sense of hospitality." Ontonashi said facing her, "Why don’t you follow us around, we are going to the best sushi shop in Osaka after that we'll show you around the shopping district" now looking towards Tadashi
"Ooooo I love fish. Can I?" Tadashi now looking at Inosai with that excitement in his eyes like a kid receiving sweets from their mothers. 
"Sure why not" as she gave in to the situation 
As Tadashi face glow with happiness and to his delight he met two more new friends, Ontonashi and Kuzuki as they introduce themselves to him. That everyday, he learn to laugh and to socialize with others. It was the best day in his life.
"Hey Ontonashi, don’t you think he seems rather childish?" Kuzuki ask as he walk with both his hands behind his head.
"I thought so too.  Wait let me ask how old is he." 
"Hoi, Tadashi how old are you anyways?, 13? 14?" Ontonashi ask from the back 
"im 16 this year" Tadashi replied turning his focus towards him 
"HUH!, he is one year younger then us. I don’t recall us being that childish at all, I mean yeah we graffitied the wall, pulled pranks on our teacher but never this childish" Kuzuki recalled "I Never knew my cousin was interested in guys younger than h...." suddenly " Shut Up Kuzuki or do you want me to tell everyone your secret about you in bed with......"  Inosai said with an Evil look to her face 
"eh eh eh sorry boss" Kuzuki apologize immediately 
"Huh what secret?" Ontonashi ask  
"shut it" Kuzuki snap back looking rather embarrassed 
"Inosai, what secret would that be?" Tadahsi ask out of curiosity 
"Well every night he would sleep with a bolster with a cut out of Emma Watson face and make out with it every single night
"EHHHHHHHHHHHH!" As Kuzuki shouted as he felt betrayed everyone laugh including Tadashi "There goes my reputation" 
It was then a strong bond of friendship had been constructed, as days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months, through rain or shine Tadashi would never fail to wait by the gate for Inosai or to hangout with Kuzuki and Ontonashi, as he became a frequent visitor, the guard would let him in as he would sit by the waiting bench under the shade of a Sakura tree. 
As rumors spread like wild fire, the whole school knew that Inosai was dating and outsider, yet alone someone who was one year younger. They often became the main talking point of the school. Ontonashi and Kuzuki would help cover up for her and telling everyone that they were just friends since everyone kept coming to them to confirm the story or to get more juicy gossip regarding Tadashi and Inosai. It seemed to annoy Ontonashi a lot but Kuzuki would enjoy the company of the mob of girls going after him asking for information. To be honest she did not care if she and Tadashi was dating or officially Boy and Girlfriends, all she cared was that she treasured the time she spend with him. Then that one day when her life changed. 
"Hey Tadashi, why don’t you and Inosai go out for the summer festival?" Kuzuki ask
"Summer festival ? What is that?" Tadashi asked as his head tilt to the right 
"Eh you know the famous Osaka festival where you can do things and eat a lot of great stuff that you'll only get once a year" Kuzuki answered with shock
"Hoi hoi, the only thing you enjoy about the summer festival are the drove of cute girls that are going." Ontonashi interrupted in 
"Hey don’t make me sound like a pervert" as he tried to defend himself 
" I'm not, you already are" Ontonashi laugh in a uncontrolled manner  
" Eh.... anyways, you should. Since we finish our exam during the first day of the festival, there will be fireworks and all that. It be romantic if just the two of you went " Kuzuki said shifting focus to Tadashi
As they left their own separate ways, Tadashi had thought that it might actually be fun to invite Inosai to Osaka's annual summer festival. It was during the last day of  Inosai's final exam he thought that it would be alright. As the days drew closer to the event, Tadashi knew he had less and less time in order to ask her out. Noticing that it was a now or never he finally drew up the courage and finally ask her out. It was during on of their walks from her school and towards the bridge when he asked 
"yes" She wondered 
"I was wondering....... you know that summer festival that is just around the corner?"
"Yea I love it, it the only time when you get to eat all sorts of food that you wont usually find in this part of Japan. Ahhhh thinking of the possibilities is making me droll" 
"Ah I see, I was wondering if......"
"But is on the last day of my exam thought and my last paper ends at six in the evening, I might miss the first day of the event" she went on not hearing what Tadashi had said 
"Inosai" Tadashi called but she continued on dreaming of food 
"INOSAI!" Tadashi shouted to get her attention which cause her to immediately snap out 
"will you go out with me?, I know it is on your last day of your exam and since you said your paper will end late but it's okay I'll wait, we can go for the fireworks during the night. It is okay I'll wait for you, so will you please go out with me?" Tadashi nervously said it as his heart beat like crazy and sweat started spilling out. 
Seeing how much it meant to him; Inosai, she deicide that ….
"Yes, I'd love too" she said it with a big smile 
Tadashi's face lit up like a Christmas tree with joy as he was indeed ecstatic. 
"hohoho, what is this my cousin has a date"  Kuzuki suddenly appeared out from nowhere "sniff sniff, I'm so proud of you" pretending to cry 
"hoi hoi, Kuzuki you drag me all the way out here everyday just for this." Ontonashi complained 
What they failed to realize was that Inosai was boiling up as her face turn red with anger. She felt that Kuzuki and Ontonashi had invaded her privacy by spying on her.
"Eh! No I'm not with him, it  was Kuzuki  who pulled me into this" he tried his best to defend himself.
"Arghhhhhhhhh........" Of she went chasing Ontonashi and Kuzuki 
As she ran off chasing those two, Tadashi just stood there watching her chasing those two towards the direction of the school, as he stood there he thought to himself "Scary"
The actual day arrived, It was finally the opening day of the Summer festival,  the day that Inosai promised Tadashi that she would go with him after her exams were done. To her misfortune, her final paper was delayed since she was the only student sitting for the paper Ancient Japanese Literature. She told Ontonashi and Kuzuki to bring Tadashi to the festival first as she would meet up after she was done .
At last she finished her final paper, it was then she notice that she was really late, it was hard to keep track of time especially in the exam hall. She quickly pack up her stuff and rushed to the festival. When she got there saw a crowd of people just outside the shrine like entrance surrounding what seems to have been an accident. As she got closer and closer the victim became clearer. 
It was Tadashi. To her shock she wanted to scream but nothing came out, she wanted to cry but no tears had flow, she just stood there in shock and in pain, emotional pain, pain that nothing on earth could ease. She just stood as the medics confirmed that he died on impact and they took Tadashi's body into the ambulance, she continue to stand there without uttering a single word then it would seem that she was paralyzed, paralyzed by pain, anger, grief. 
Ontonashi and Kuzuki saw her, they rushed to her side and immediately took her away from the crowd. Later on they had explain what happened
As the time went by as she became late by the hour, Tadashi was worried that Inosai had forgotten because she was very late ,He then wanted to go and wait for her by the gates. Both Ontonashi and Kuzuki wanted to stop him but they very much knew that when a man made up his mind, there will be no turning back on his decision. They told him to be carful and off he went; running out of the festival grounds. He ran pass the entrance and cross the road toward the pedestrian walkway, while crossing the road did not see an oncoming car. The car knocked him off his feet sending him a few feet across, it happened in a blink of an eye, the police in charge of over seeing the event immediately took action to apprehend the driver, it was then that they found out he was drunk. They tested him and he was two times past the alcohol limit and arrested him for drunk driving. While one policeman took the  driver into custody, the other spared no time to called the ambulance. 
As soon as Inosai heard what had happened, she took off running, Ontonashi wanted to go after her but Kuzuki stopped him. Inosai ran and ran, she did not know where she was going but she just ran. she kept on running until she tripped and fell to the ground. She then notice that tears had began to fall as she utter her first sound of pain; in tears. Her words blocked by her endless crying and all she could do was to cry her heart out. As her reality blurred she could not tell if this was a dream nor reality, all she knew was that it hurts. Something inside her tore apart and it hurts, all she could do about it was to cry. She thought of Tadashi is dead kept running in her mind and this was due to her fault it was all because she agreed to go to the festival, that she wanted to eat foods that only appears during the festival. It was her selfishness that got Tadashi killed.
"stupid, Stupid, STUPID!" She shouted "Tadashi you idiot, why did you have to look for me. WHY!" She continued on crying.
When she could he finally get a hold of herself, she pick herself up and swipe off all the dirt and dried grass off her hands and legs. she took a look to see where she was. She realize that she had ran all the way the bridge, the bridge overlooking the railway, the bridge with a gorges view of the sunset in the far distance, that faithful bridge where it all began.
She was denial, constantly telling herself that this is all a lie and she was in a nightmare. she kept telling herself that this is all a nightmare refusing to accept that this was real, that Tadashi would still be standing there looking towards the direction of the sunset with his sweet sincere smile, that if she went there all would be alright. As she got there, there was nothing, No smile, no sincere smile, ultimately no Tadashi. She continued on  and went to the spot where she had met Tadashi, hugging herself as she tries to hug him in her mind. Her legs suddenly felt weak, she then fell back to the ground crying in silence.
Out of the blue a black cat came out from no where and sat there by her side. It meowed constantly to get her attention. When realize that she was not alone anymore, she put her head up and look at the cat. To her surprise the cat had a lollipop in its mouth all wrapped up nicely almost like I was brand new, it then came closer and left it on the ground next to her as if it was trying to give it to her. Out of curiosity she picked it up and inspect it closely, she found it rather uncanny as it was caramel flavored, to her surprised it was the exact lollipop that she had gave to Tadashi on the first day they met. Suddenly the cat ran off in the direction towards her school. She immediately got up and chased after the cat for some odd reason she had thought that it was Tadashi or it had something to do with Tadash. She chased the cat all the way back to her school.
The cat reached the school gate and stood there waiting for Inosai to catch up. As soon as she got there, feeling out of breath she took a deep breath in and walk towards the cat. She manage to get close and pet the cat on it's head. It was then the cat went into a bush and took out something like a letter. She took it from the cat and she noticed something bizarre, the cat was sitting there smiling, something that had resembled Tadashi's smile. She thought that she had literally lost her mind
 "a cat smiling this is not the Chester cat from Alice in wonderland"  Feeling rather nonchalant she continue to open the letter, there she saw that the letter was written and  signed by Tadashi, there was no mistake to his messy handwriting. It went.....

Dear Inosai 
Thank you for being my friend when everyone had avoided me, everyone called me the bringer of bad luck. If you are reading this that means I have pass on to a new life and I apologize if this letter is ill readable due to my poor penmanship for I have yet to master the art of writing professionally yet. Since the day we met I felt a connection that I never had with anyone else may it be my dad, or mom or anyone else even with your friends Ontonashi and Kuzuki I really enjoyed my time in this life even though I knew it would be short lived. I never dared to tell you that my time in this world was coming to an end, how could I tell you that when every time we go out and to see that warm smile on your face really brighten my heart to know that you are my friend, while every time we left each other to go back home the more I wish time would just stop right there as we hugged and promise each other that there will be another tomorrow. Is this what it means to love ? If it is, then thank you for teaching me what love is within what short time we had together. Ill will treasure this memory that we shared in my heart forever from the next life and on to the next. Ill will also share this love with other as you have shared it to me, the power that breaks the chains of loneliness, rejection and suffering. Thank you and I love you. You will always be in my heart for I know I will always be in yours .                      Sincerely 

Inosai stood there as she  continued to stare at the letter. Her hands  tremble and tears began to roll down her face. She then felt this confusing warmth from within with in. "Am I sad? Why do I feel at peace?" The questions kept toiling in her mind as she hold the letter tightly to her chest.
There again was the cat again sitting there starring at her with it's uncanny smile, it had not move a single bit. She still find it odd but deep down inside she knew that Tadashi was still around, but she knew that he will always be in her heart. She decided to go home as it was getting late, as she was going to leave she felt that she could not leave the cat behind, somehow she felt a connection to it as it felt familiar. She pick up the cat cuddled it, It was that instant; she felt a familiar feeling of warm sense, security and a familiar scent as she could not pin in on what it reminded her of. She took the cat back home as it started a new life with it as a new friend. 
"I shall call you Tadashi" She said as the cat seemed to liked it and gave it that bizarre smile again that oddly reminded her of Tadashi. "you like that name don’t you, well from today on I'll never leave your side okay " as she promised it and took it back home.
Days turn to months and finally into a year since that accident and after the funeral, Inosai never left the cat behind as she would take it where ever she went, to the mall and even to classes. Inosai would even take to school and back every day, everyone in school quickly accepted the cat and even made it their mascot. Except the teachers as they ask her to leave the cat by in the teachers lounge as it was secretly pampered by other teachers as well. Till present day, Inosai and the cat Tadashi are inseparable.  
As soon as Ontonashi felt better, Inosai went back to resume her shower, this time uninterrupted by a peeping tom as Tadashi the cat sat there and in the room together with Ontonashi and Kuzuki. 
"Ononashi, is it just me or does it feel like Tadashi is still around. I know he passed away but some part of me just feel like he is still with us all the time."
"Well kuzuki you dumb ass, he is just right there next to you" he burst into chuckles
"Not this Tadashi you douche, I mean the actual Tadashi"
"Yea I know what you mean as if it is almost like he is always around us like as if he never left; ever since that day she brought back Tadashi the cat" he replied agreeing to the thought "hoi hoi, it cant be that Tadashi was reincarnated into a cat or wait was he originally a cat? Argh but that is some black magic or voodoo stuff" 
"Well I don’t believe in those stuff but still I guess life has many mysteries" Kuzuki got up and left the room. " Imma go get breakfast, and don’t worry I wont peek at her again." He winked, closed the door and walk off
Only both Ontonashi and Tadashi the cat was in his room now. This time when he look at cat; it smiled the cat actually smiled. It was rather creepy at first to think that do cats even smile, but the more he look at it the more it resembles Tadashi's smile, being rather creeped out he went and ask the cat:
"I know this maybe a stupid question but........ Is that you, Tadashi?"


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