by Just Being Dumped By
Two friends talking to each other.

Boy: how would you feel if you see the one you love happy but you're not the reason?

Girl: I would be happy for him , why? Do you love someone? You didn't tell me anything.

Boy: It's been awhile , yes I love someone but she wouldn't love me the way I love her cuz she loves someone else.

Girl: She's so dumb not noticing your feelings for her.

Boy: *whisper* yeah you're so dumb.

Girl: did you say anything?

Boy: Nothing.

Girl: Uhm , why do we talking bout things like this?

Boy: Nothing , forget about it. *sigh* what if I'm dying right now? What would you feel?

Girl: don't tell jokes like that, it's not funny!

Boy: But what you would feel? Would you love me if I die? Would you cry?

Girl: You're making me angry!

Boy: seriously.

Girl: Gosh! Ofcourse I would cry , I love you because you're like a big brother to me.

Boy: I regret asking.

Girl: why?

Boy: You won't be seeing me for awhile. I'll be leaving.

Girl: would you come back for me?

Boy: ofcourse ! If possible I really wanted to stay with you forever cuz I really do love you not just a friend but in much more.

Girl: you're kidding right?

Boy: *hurt within* ofcourse.

Girl: ok , I'll be going. Be sure to contact me when you leave and promise to come back. I really have to go bye *run*

Boy: *whisper* I wish I could
The next day.

"The girl went to his friend's house to tell what she really felt bout last night and want to surprise him and tell that she love him.

Girl: *Knocks at the door*

" She continue to knock but no one cames out until the mother of the boy appears"

Girl: Uhm , Is he here? I want to tell him something before he leaves.

Mother: didn't he told you?

Girl: he told me that he will leave so I rush here to see him before he leaves.

Mother: *a teardrop falls from her eyes" I thought he told you already last night?

Girl: told me what? And why are you crying? Did he left already? Can I have his phone number to contact him? I really need to tell him something important.

Mother: *Crying* You can't contact him nor see him anymore cuz he's gone already.

Girl: I see , so he left already. Don't cry , I think He would come back soon.

Mother: He wont be coming back anymore. Do you really hear him out last night? He already passed away! You can't see nor contact him alive anymore! You can't!

Girl: Is this a frank? Hey come out already! I know you're playing a frank on me. I got it. Sorry for not hearing you out last night!

Mother: *Slaps the girl* don't be dumb! He's gone! He's dead already!

Girl: but why!? Why would he suddenly leave me!? How can he be dead when he- *remember what the boys says* god! No! It can't be true!

Mother: he's gone now, he's in peace after suffering so much pain.

Girl: He left me when I already figured out that I love him! Why!?

"The mother of the boy gave a jacket to the girl and leave. The girl notice something at the pocket. A letter that the boy wrote before dying"

Dear Best,

I think when the time comes and you saw this letter for you , I'm pretty sure I'm dead now.
Remember when we first met when we're just new in high school? We always Rival each other. We're totally different back in or days. No hard feelings but you're actually pretty mean to us. But one time I saw you being bullied by others. That's the time I fell inlove with you. At that moment we became friends and promised you to always be at your side , hear you out whenever you need me. We became closer and closer till we became good friends and now? Best friends. One time , I'm preparing to tell you that I feel more that just friends between us. That's the time my heart broke when I suddenly saw you with this guy. I couldn't blame you cuz I didn't told you sooner what I feel for you. Days passed , always regreting till now. Even if he always cheat on you , you always told me that you really love him. You can't live without him. Remember that day when you told me those words? I ran fast outside and you haven't seen me for a couple of days. I'm sorry for not telling you sooner what I feel inside and what really happened to me.
That day, I'm crying while I'm rushing to get home. But suddenly. There's a fast car struck me. At first , we thougth It's just nothing to worry about till days pass , we went to the doctor if I am really fine but my mother cried when she knew that I wouldn't live any longer. There's a major damage to my head causing to bleed inside. That's why I'm always having a headache more often. The doctor gave me just a year but I last atleast 2. Maybe It's a miracle , maybe it's not. But I'm fighting because of you. I really love you so I don't want you to see me dying. I want to keep your smile forever but I can't. I'm sorry for not telling and just leaving you behind. If only I can turn back those times , I would. But it's already too late.
Just take care always. I hope you find sooner who was to be with you. Just remember , I will always love you. This is goodbye my bestfriend!

I Love you ,

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