Bedtime Orison

by Shweta Shenoy

In the dark cold lonely night
When our hearts sought to speak to self
Trying to make sense of the innumerable events
That goes unexplained, misunderstood,
Leaving us Hurt, Upset & Sabotaged
With unsettling feeling they bring 
Sleep is distant & unwilling to come 
and we toss and turn.

And then we get a call from the universe to pray,
To help us unravel the mystery of peace
To help us manoeuvre the ship we sail
Untethering the anchor of the soul 

And we never learnt to pray 
Unprepared how to seek the fortune 
What might lie ahead of us in time
We pray to the Almighty, to help us rest 
Help us fall asleep, a divine meditation 
To quieten our noisy minds and swirling thoughts 
And then we quietly say it to ourselves
Over and over again, we can get through this 
and sleep slowly grips us tight
The onset of my bedtime orison that puts me right!  

©Shweta, 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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