Because I'm a girl

by Marissa
A 19 year old girl, living in the city, with all the branded clothes, bags, shoes, everything a girl ever dream of owning, she had it all. From her looks, her laugh, the way she walks, is just perfection to make all her friends jealous of her, all the boys to go crazy after her. She used to be an all rounder back in high school but unfortunately, she did not get straight A's for her college, her parents were mad at her, even though she meets all the requirements to enter the university that her parents choose for her. She is a dancer, a singer, a song writer, a state representative gymnast and even a qualified piano teacher. She does all perfectly, but her parents never a time showed their satisfaction towards her success.

She has a younger brother, which her parents loved most, the one that is spoiled most, and the one that never gets scold despite having horrible results in his exams, they just never had high expectations on him. He had never clean the house, not for once, nor even washing his own underwear. She was jealous of him, not because of anything, but because he was born a boy. Being born a girl in a Chinese family in modern days like this doesn't matter she will be raise like how the modern family nowadays do it. She is raise just like the old Chinese drama we all watched, where the girls have all the responsibilities on house chores and spent most of her time in the house, then when its time to marry, she will have to stay in her husband's house. However, when it comes to her life , imagine the need to fufill all of these and blend in with the modern lifestyle, that extra education, activities, social life, etc.

Lets all take a look at her life in a week. On weekdays, she would have to get up at 5 in the morning to clean up her dog's waste. Then prepare breakfast for her family. By the time everybody finishes their breakfast, she needs to drive her brother to high school. As soon as she reach home, she would have to prepare herself for college and attend her classes. Sometimes she comes home during her lunch break to fetch her brother. If not, her mom would do it for her. After her classes, she would stay back at college to attend her dance classes. She love to dance all of her stress off her mind, don't mention it, it's also her only way to socialise through her cramped daily schedule. When she reachers home in the evening, she will need to prepare dinner for her family,clean up all the mess, feed her dogs, clean her dog's cage, then there goes her day. By the time she gets into her room, she is always exhausted, but she always force herself through the night to study and do her assignments.Oh, and she usually goes to bed no earlier than midnight!

On Tuesdays and weekends, she would need to do her family laundry.....all hand washed. Yes, you read it right! Then she needs to clean the house, do some ironing, and wash all the cars in the house without the help of anybody. Her family members would spend their weekends watching movies, going to the mall, and most importantly, making a big mess in the house with all the trash.... you mention it, all kinds of rubbish thrown around the house, as if the 8 trash bins doesn't exist in the house. Nonetheless, she still gets scoldings from her parents, no matter how clean the house condition is in, they are never happy with her. She is strong, a very strong girl, she does not compare herself with her friends, and not a single time complain to anyone, no matter how upset she was, she kept it all to herself. She keeps all her allowances in her bank account and only use it when her family are on vacation. She's part of the family too, but she's a girl, so she does not have the need to go they said.

Her only freedom is when nobody's around the house, where she can spend her time shopping for new clothes, partying with her friends like all the other girls out there. That's what makes her really happy. She talks to her dogs most of her time at home. She once ask her family members.' why do I need to do everything, why am I doing all these alone, i hate washing toilets, it gets me dizzy.' What she gets back is just a five letter word, said by her mom, ' BECAUSE YOU ARE A GIRL. '
She nodded. It was a moment of silence. She changed a lot since then, she changed her behaviour, she became a transgender, she was out of the house for a few months and came back looking like a boy, with her new girlfriend. She left her family members in shocked. And when asked why, she answered out loud, "Because I'm a Girl!"
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