An idiotic piece about love

by kligjo
Love is stupid backwards. For you see stupid backwards is diputs. And that doesn’t make any sense. Neither does love. I mean what is love? Let’s see! Can you describe it? No, you can’t. Most you hear from people is that you’ll just know when you’re in love. I mean you do, but that isn’t really a description. But that’s not the only way you hear love being defined. You hear that it’s the most beautiful thing, yet so painful at the same time. That it’s the feeling of your heart being stabbed, yet still feeling so warm. So if I’m somebody kicks my leg, somebody I trusted, and then tells me that my eyes are beautiful, then am I in love? Kicking is painful, and it even hurts my heart that it was somebody I knew well(just to cover both physical and metaphysical pain). And a compliment is heartwarming. To be honest that hasn’t happened to me, but I doubt love is what I’d feel. More like angry and betrayed. But if that has happened to somebody please do tell me what you felt. But alright. I hear you. It’s a certain type of pain and beautifulness at the same time, right? Then we are back to square one. You can’t describe that pain. Nor that beautifulness. And still why pain? If love is really so magical and good, then why do we fell pain? Is it only unfulfilled love?
Let’s look at it from another angle then! Let’s say that love is but a chemical reaction. Because it is. But the question still remains! Why is love indescribable? I mean every single chemical reaction I have ever seen could be described perfectly well, with a definition and all, but as I discussed that isn’t the case here. To be fair I’m not a chemist, but then why is love subjective? Any and all chemical reaction I have seen was a happening. It happened and it always happens like that. So then why don’t we all fall for the same persons? It’s the human element right? But then can we still call it a reaction? I mean what happens inside with your dopamine and stuff is the same, but it’s just not true from a human level.
So then what is it? I’ll tell you. Love is a word. A word made by humans. A word that dominates most people’s daily lives, but we don’t know what it is. Love is black and white. Love is painful and magnificent. Love is the golden middle road and both extremes. Love is a force of nature and a feeling. Depending on who you are love can be all of those and none of them. It can be more, it can be less. Love is basically fairy tale magic in the real world, without the fairy tale part. So there. I was wrong. Love is not stupid backwards, it’s just stupid. Love is truly stupid. Yet absolutely fantastic.
At the end of the day, I hate love. It’s a conundrum that is never to be figured out. I especially loathe it when it’s unfulfilled. But goddamn it if I am not thankful for every time I have ever been in love. Without it I wouldn’t be who I am.
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