by Eienni
I thought that you loved me,
because that's what all I ever known.
But I was only fooling around with love,
when you broke my heart like a shattered broken glass.

I thought everything was smoothly fine,
but things got so roughly one day.
When I received a text from you that you will be gone for a week,
and you tell me not to bother you during that time.

That time is the beginning of everything,
the one week you've promised became a months.
Maybe you've your own excuses for it,
and I'm willing to lessen and understand your side.

But I waited and waited for your essence,
even for just a one message you might send.
But I'm just hoping for nothing,
even your shadow can't be seen.

It's a little bit doubtful situation,
specially when my friend told me something.
She said that she have seen you at somewhere with someone,
but at the end I didn't believe it.

I'm very faithful to you my love,
I waited for a long time for you.
And since I can't take this strange feeling of mine,
I asked someone whom you know too.

How bitter it is to know the truth?
I'm just a foolish one waiting for you.
But you're just having fun with your new one,
and I can't take it anymore this painful fact.

I drunk all the wine they have in the bar,
I've also tried to smoke everyday.
And now everything seems worthless,
since I destroyed my own life.

I've tried to drowned myself to death,
I've always bumped my head till it bleeds.
Committing a suicide for many time,
just only to forget the pain inside me.

And now I'm driving on my way home,
also with the bottle of wine on my side.
Singing the theme songs we've loved,
till I burst and let my tears shed in my eyes.

A loud screech is all you can hear,
the loud horns of the cars behind me.
But I don't know what to do next,
since I was totally under the spell of wine.

The next thing I knew was the flash of light,
and everything became a peaceful time for me.
A sweet smile painted on my face,
and I let the teardrops of the pain fall from my eyes.

I know I was already in heaven,
all I could see is all white.
But when there someone who spoke to me,
I realized that I was still alive.

I closed my eyes again,
praying that I was just dreaming.
And since that day everything has changed,'
when I woke up with an AMNESIA.
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Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

September 2, 2015 - 12:21 aww gives me the 5 sos amnesia's feel :D

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