by Rov Alba
This is the story of two persons. They don’t know each other, and they are not even related, because they are from the different places, but they are in the same music field. Our first character was named Maureen Cooper. She is a pop singer. Her songs are always chart buster in America. Her albums and concerts are popular to the public. She is well-known. Her voice is like a voice of an angel. When you hear her singing, surely you will mesmerize. At once, she is dubbed “The Singing Angel”. But her popularity came to an unexpected end when she develops throat infections. This is the time she cannot sing better. She cannot carry even a simple tone. Her life will never be the same again. This is the beginning of the end of her career as a successful pop singer. No more concerts, no more albums, and suddenly she faded from the limelight. At that, she lived a normal life. No more glamour and luxury lifestyle

Our other character was named Elton Douglas from Australia. He is a recording producer. His talents are some well-known and famous singers. Elton Douglas was successful; his recording company is always on the top. He is also a voice coach to some of his singers. But his successes jump into his head. He became arrogant, stubborn, and develops vices like alcohol. Worse, he is more addicted to gambling. One day, he decided to put up a concert, an extravagant concert that will be top billed by his successful talents, he poured half of his money in this said concert. Unfortunately, it was mismanaged and lack in coordination and preparation, it was a flopped, despite the big named singers appeared it in. Elton was crushed. After this experience, his vices, especially his gambling, make all his money gone to him. He even sold his recording company to maintain his luxurious lifestyle. But he spends his remaining money to the casinos and drinking. Because of these unfortunate events happen to Elton, he decided to migrate in US, expecting his luck will change. But he hasn’t change. His gambling and added for measure, his alcoholism, making him more miserable. One day, Elton realizes he is already bankrupt and penniless. He is now living in sidewalks as a street singer and a beggar, the Elton Douglas who was once a rich person.

Let’s go back to our other character, Maureen. She is right now working as a secretary to a producer of some recording company. One afternoon, she is walking in the street carrying along her grocery items. As she passed by, it happens that Elton was also there, singing in acapella. Maureen suddenly stops by to hear Elton’s singing. She is mesmerized with the song and also to Elton. Elton is also happy when someone like Maureen happens to stop just to hear him singing. Because most of the time, nobody paid attention to him. After his singing, Maureen gives him a round of applause.

“Thank you young lady” Elton said to Maureen.

Maureen offered some wine from her groceries as a sign of appraisal, but he refuse.

“Common, it’s alright I have plenty of this at home” Maureen insisted.

“Appreciation is enough for me young lady, for me, it is already a big thing.” Elton said to Maureen.

“Anyway, it seems your holding too many grocery bags with you, what if I just help you bring it” Elton offers.

Maureen seems thinking.

“Don’t worry young lady, you see, I am only a beggar, I won’t do anything to you. If you want, I will sing many songs in your house, by the way I am Elton” Elton’s assurance and introduction of himself.

“I’m Maureen” they both shake hands.

The man somehow looks nice and harmless, Maureen said to herself. So she invites him in at her small apartment along by carrying her grocery items. She also let Elton eat some food in her dining table. By noticing Maureen’s awards, albums, and portrait pictures displaying in her living room, Elton realized that she was a popular pop singer once.

“That was 4 years ago” Maureen answered Elton.

“What happened” Elton was curious.

Maureen explains to him anything what happened. Elton feels sorry for Maureen. Elton also shared to Maureen his life, his fortunes and misfortunes, from riches to rags.

“We can become close friends one of these days; we are both in the same boat” Maureen comments.

“That’s fine with me, it’s that ok with you, friends with a beggar like me?” Elton asked.

“Who cares, for me, you are always a big producer and a great singer too. And besides, Jesus Christ has many beggar friends”. Maureen said to Elton

“Hey wait a minute, you promised me you will sing me many songs” Maureen reminds Elton.

“Ooops, I forgot, sorry about that Maureen.” But before Elton opens his mouth to sing, he remembers that Maureen was once a singer. So he requests Maureen to sing. But Maureen is afraid she might not sing better, the reason her singing career ended in the first place.

“I’m sorry; I am not a singer anymore.” Maureen said

“Common, are you refusing your new friend’s request. Please…” Elton insists.
Maureen is still hesitating.

“You told me I will always be a big producer. But now I say to you, once a singer is always a singer.” Elton said to Maureen again.

Maureen nervously responds to Elton’s request. She sings her signature song that made her famous once. At first stanza of her song, she was reluctant. She wasn’t singing well. But Elton gives her assurance to continue her singing. At the refrain of her song, she is carrying her tones perfectly, to the amusement of both of them. Maureen feels this is a miracle. She can sing once again after 4 years ago. After her singing, Elton claps loudly.

“Bravo that was wonderful Miss Maureen Cooper.” Elton is happy with Maureen.

“Elton, I can’t believe I can sing again, I thought I have no more voice.” Maureen said to Elton still in wonder.
This has happens mostly to some of Elton’s former singers, and some other singers. Their voice, because of stress and over sing, sometimes lost and disappears. In Elton’s thoughts, maybe Maureen didn’t handle properly her voice, or she was mismanaged by her agent. That whole night, both Elton and Maureen sing many songs and they carry the tone well with their singing. Both are delighted and happy, especially Maureen.

“I have an idea Maureen, what if you go back for being a singer, and I will handle you and coach you at the same time.” Elton said to Maureen enthusiastically.

Maureen thinks about it for a few minutes. She admits that singing was her passion. She is only disappointed of what happened to her in the past.

“Give it a try Maureen, there is nothing you can lose.” Elton assured to her again.

“Ok Elton, I agree, but what if I can’t make it again”

“Let’s just help each other. I am always right behind you. Like what you said I am once a big producer. And a big producer knows the bright future of a great singer like you.” Elton said to Maureen.

Elton somehow gives Maureen enough confidence.

This is the beginning of Maureen and Elton’s collaboration. Maureen starts her singing at small clubs. But few years pass, Maureen succeed and made it big once again, with the help of Elton as her manager and voice coach. Maureen brings back her former glory days as a pop singer. In her concerts, her introductions always states “The Singing Angel was back again”. And Elton also achieves enough fortune to be a big producer once again. Despite their new find success, Elton and Maureen always help and cling to one another. They are working as a team.

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