Those Rotten Savages

by Richard J. Harris
Today there were others with my parents. You know? Since yesterday their faces looked weird. Their sights were very empty. Their skin were covered with wounds on the hands, face and feet. Terrible! They looked like the living dead! Their hands outstretched to the front. Limping their way. Their mouths were not incessantly roaring like a wild animal. This morning they were as if to attack me. I am shocked. I think they want to wake me for breakfast. But, I guess not. How could Mom and Dad woke me up that way? Without thinking, I ran outside to find help. But in fact, the situation outside was so deserted. Totally deserted. Where did everyone go?

I rotate my view in all directions. Wish there was someone willing and able to help me. But apparently, it was futile. I saw from last no single person passing around me. Gosh! The place is just like a ghost town! But suddenly there was a little girl with long reddish hair come up to me and cry. Her hair was a complete messed. Almost all over his face filled with dust and dirt. The clothes also looks shabby and cluttered. What happened to this child?

"Sob ... sob, everyone looked strange. Their faces were horrible. I'm scared! " She sobbed.
I approached the boy. Then I gently into her eyes as he reassured her.
"What is your name, brother? Why are you here? "I asked.
The girl reached out to me. "My name is Lisa. I want to find a cure for my mother and brother," she replied.
I countered his office, frowning. Drug? What for?
"I'm Rosiana Gilbert. You can call me Rose. "I replied with a smile.
The little girl named Lisa nodded. Before long, her sobs stopped. Thank God! Then I continue what I said. "What do you mean by drugs? For what it is? "
"To destroy Zombitinus Virus infection in this area!" She said again.
Increasingly furrowed brow. Zombitinus Virus? What is that? I've never heard it before. Is it possible that the virus makes strange attitude of my parents?
Now Lisa fidgeted. No more tears flowing down her cheeks. But her eyes kept the view in all directions. "Come on, Rose! We had to get the medicine quickly! Before it is too late!" She urged in a panic.
I'm really confused. I do not know what to do. Maybe I should follow him and find the cure. Who knows with that cure, I could heal my parents.
"But Lisa, where could we get the cure?" I asked again.
But Lisa was silent. His eyes kept looking ahead. I saw her eyebrows interlocked. Looks like he was thinking about something.
"We need to get to Denver Hospital now! I hope they're still there. Because that place is our only hope we have now!" She muttered as he turned around and headed left still silent on the spot.
Denver Hospital? It's a special hospital Necrosis patients! Do not tell me the cure was there!
"Come on, Rose! Quick! What are you waiting for!? There's not much time!" Cried Lisa again in panic. Then she pulled my left hand firmly.
God, I hope the situation does not get any worse than this. Yes hopefully!

And finally here we were, in a small room in the hospital. I think this was the operating room, because earlier I saw a lot of the equipment at the operating table. Circumstances here were also the same as before. Absolutely deserted. We did not see anyone. I was so surprised. Where the heck did these people go? It was impossible right, they all disappear without caused and traced. What if this hospital was haunted? Yikes... thinking about it, already send shivers down to my spine. Lisa was now in the corner of the room, still occupied to tackle anything that she encountered there. Her eyes blinked nervously.

"Impossible! Why there is no cure? Where's the actual drug at!? " She hissed again frantic. All the tools fell to the floor. Looks like Lisa didn't find the drug there.
I went to her. Then I tapped her shoulder gently while she moved out from there.
"Maybe not here. Let's find somewhere else!" I smiled as she stepped out before me.
Lisa nodded. She followed me from behind. Then she grabbed my left hand, trying to overtake me. I realize now her hands were so cold. So cold like ice. Her face was pale. Sweat pouring from her forehead. I was so worried.
"You okay, Lisa?" I asked.
Lisa just shook her head. Then continued the journey.
Bad thoughts began to permeate my mind today. I noticed there was a small scar on her right arm. The cut looked like a bite.

"What happened to your arms, Lisa?" I asked her.
But I discovered Lisa was silent and didn't respond at all. Lisa suddenly stopped. Humbled face down. Her long hair covered most of her face. Then, I heard a roar from her mouth.
"Arrgghh ..."
Ohh, no!
I backed slow steps away from Lisa. Gosh! My heart drumming loudly now. Both my knees shook violently.
Lisa was behind the body. Now her face changed. Her face was exactly like the dead. Her eyes stared at me blankly. Color in her eyes turned red. Really red like blood. Her hands stretched out before. Her mouth was wide open now. As if to catch and bite me. She walked up to me with a limp. Oh God! I just realized, now Lisa turned into zombies. There must be a bit earlier before she found me.
Soon the roar of the mouth of Lisa becomes increasingly tight.
"Heghh ... arrggghh ..."

Oh God! I have to escape now! I didn't want to become a zombie!!
I looked around the hallway of the hospital in a panic. I have to get out of here! But where was the way out?
Lisa slowly moved closer to me. I kept my pace and rewind as much as possible to avoid it. While looking for a good chance to escape.
But ... ah, shit! I'm trapped! I can not turn back now. Behind me stood a large wall. Oh God! This stalemate!
I get panic. My breath caught. Sweat streaming down my face and neck.
Now Lisa is right in front of me. His hands kept trying to reach me. But before that, I managed to push him to fall.
Yes! I did it! Now is the time for escape! Thank God !!!

I left Lisa who was currently trying to get up after me. I took this opportunity quickly and not any seconds will be wasted. I immediately raced forward while looking for a way out.
The atmosphere at the hospital was really cold and damp. Make all the hairs back of my neck stand on end. But, this was not the time for fear. What was important, I need to get out of here!
But suddenly when I have reached the front hall, ohh ... oh my! Not! This is not possible! A lot of human zombies here. They all came together to stand in a line outside. Limping their way. Their mouths continue to roar like a beast. They all waddled over to me. Oh God! What is this?

I backed my way back. Trying to get away from the zombies. But ... now I'm really stuck. When I kept extending my ways, Lisa was standing behind me who kept trying to bite me.
"Hegh ... Arrgghh ... Arrr ..."
Oh no! I was surrounded by the zombies !! Anyone help me !!!


* Necrosis is a condition with many different possible causes. Such as cancer, poisoning, injury, or infection that causes premature cell death. This disease makes sufferers become like the living dead, because technically part of his body was dead. Unless the brain, heart, and all vital organs.
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