The Unforgiven

by Lea Ebio
As I sit here alone in the dark
Not even a slight light of hope would spark
everything here is painted black
I'm almost certain mercy will never come back...
I have disobey my master so here I am
left alone to lick my scarred soul
And all I can remember are the hateful glare
as the guide lead me down the stairs
to lock me in this forsaken chamber
till outside the time passes by
day and night night and day
and here I am forever in the timeless quarter ...
My master won't hear my plea
And evil danced away with glee!
Laughter echoes mirtlessly
and voices filled with wrath fills my mind
and faces masked with dread crowded me
in my heart there is no hope anymore
no more light no more joy
as I drift away to unconsciousnesss
I could feel a gentle caress
Warm hands reassuring me..
Do not lose hope my dear child
a gentle voice whispers
Forgiveness may be far away
as far as the night from day
but patience is a great company
and prayers are a greater aid
Fear not of the shadows lurking from the depths of your soul
for as you fear they grew strong...
So be brave despite your sins
and repent thru deep and honest prayers
and soon you'll forget your misery
and rise from being unforgiven
for if you have cleanse your soul
you'll cleanse your virtue...
so rise niw because God is with you...
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