The Outcasts (Chapter 3)

by Sad Machine
I saw mountains in the distance, but no sign of a city. "I hope you know where we're going Kyros." I said. "Yeah, yeah, I got it." he replied, a bit annoyed, "So Aden, tell us about yourself."
"Well, I ran away from home about a year ago, I ended up staying with a family, but they were murdered by the rangers." Aden explained. "And you never thought of going back home?”
"No, I was afraid if I ever went back my parents would shun me."
"That's horrible, I'm sorry to hear about that." I said. Aden looked up from his shoes, and stared at me. I felt pity for him as he stared into my eyes then finally answered, "It's alright". There was something with that Aden, he had a great deal of sadness in his eyes.


I planned on taking them somewhere else, I never promised them safety. The city was no place for these people besides, the city is probably swarming with rangers from bases all over. I kept noticing that Amaya was gawking at me, what the hell could she want? I am older than her by a few years... though she did seem nice and not very bad looking I must say. But I just kept walking and leading the group, I hoped they wouldn't figure out where I was truly taking them.


Ashia's pale golden hair gracefully flew in the wind, I could hardly take my eyes off of her. I hope she didn't mind I was looking at her now and then. She knows that I have always liked her, I just haven't had the time to tell her. My hand held onto hers, her skin was soft but my hands were rough from a the time I burnt my hands trying to pick up that baby dragon. Ashia had a faint smile on her face that never seems to fade away, I loved that about her. We went back many years, many hard and painful years. For as long as I could recall. Hell, I would die for this girl, and I hoped she felt the same. I feared that she thought of us like a brother-sister relationship, but I thought of us being much more than that. I just had to somehow cough out how I felt.

~Main POV~

The road we were walking with stopped. "Kyros? You said we are going to the city, why is the road gone?" I asked.
He quickly turned around, "Well you see, we are taking a shortcut."
“Are you sure?" She asked, but was cut off by Nerezza, "You better not be taking us where I think you are!"
"Calm the hell down Nerezza, I am not." Kyros sneered.
I knew what Nerezza was talking about, Kyros was taking us to the Outcast base. The Outcast base were selfish and only concerned about themselves. they left people like us to rot in those bases and do missions for no pay. Not to mention They practically rebel against everything. "It wouldn't be the worst thing if we went there, right?" Amaya said. I looked at her and shook my head. "We can either go to the base or y'all can go back to the hell hole you came from."
Nerezza crossed his arms, "We'll go with you." I said.
"Wise choice." Kyros said as he began to walk again. We followed, Aden was silent this whole time he seemed to be watching us and listening, his amber eyes were focused on me while we were talking. For some odd reason Nerezza walked ahead of me, occasionally looking back. Amaya seized this chance and walked side by side with Nerezza, I could feel my face turn red with jealousy. I tried to keep my attention on the road ahead of me, which got harder and harder when Amaya was moving closer to Nerezza. Aden saw that my face was red and I was staring at Amaya and Nerezza. He raised his eyebrow, I shook my head, dismissing him.

Hours later of scaling up the mountain, we reached the base. Light snow covered the ground and the roof of the clan's base. The grey stone building looked empty. Kyros walked up to the huge steel door. The door swung open. We walked up behind Kyros, "So do we just walk in?" Amaya asked. Kyros nodded and walked in, we walked down a long dark hallway that was lit by one ceiling lamp that flickered. Thoughts ran through my head, like, "What if this is a trap?" Or "What if the people here are hostile?"
There was a single door at the end of the hallway. Kyros knocked and a voice from the other side, "Who's there?" The voice asked. "It's me Kyros, and I brought company."
The door opened and a man motioned for us to come in. Kids our age were sitting around a single TV, they had black and blue vests on that had the writing, "Freedom is Peace" written in blue on the back. The door behind us slammed shut, causing Aden to jump. "Welcome to the Outcast base, make yourselves at home." the man said. Nerezza's frowned upon the words. He was not fond of these people and neither was I. Kyros looked back at us and gave a thumbs up. Amaya was looking around at the great hall in amazement. Light fixtures made of crystal hung from the ceiling. We walked over a dark red carpet until the man stopped at two black doors. "Kyros, you and your friends need to have a talk with the boss." The man explained. Kyros replied with an "Aye," and walked through the two black doors. Sitting at a desk reading a book was a woman with long brown hair that was the same color as Nerezza's. The woman looked up from her book, her attention was turned to Nerezza. He turned his head away from her. "Boss, these are my friends I mentioned a few days ago, in a letter, I brought them here for safety."
She stood up, "Fair enough, show them to their rooms and let them wash up, dinner is in the dining hall."
Kyros nodded and walked off. We followed him, "So Ashia and Nerezza share a room, Aden and Amaya share a room as well."
Amaya's face turned devoid of color, "I have to sleep in the same room with him!?"
He nodded and pointed to our rooms. I walked into the room and flopped on the bed. It felt good to lay on a bed for once in my life. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Nerezza was sitting on the bed messing with his hair, he looked at me, "What's wrong?"
"Oh, nothing, just thinking about what's next."
He patted my head "It'll be alright, I'm here for you." he brought my face up to his, "I promise Ashia."
I lightly smiled. Although thoughts were buzzing through my head I somehow felt at peace.
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