The Nun

by Rov Alba
“I love you Luke, please take me with you, I don’t care where we are going, but please take me with you”
It is the voice of Mary, one of the novice nuns in Carmelite Monastery. She is in the garden, watering the plants. The one she is talking to is Luke, the housekeeper and gardener in that said monastery. Luke at that time is helping her, cutting some unnecessary grasses in the garden.
“Tonight, at 9 o’clock pm, we will meet, outside the monastery” replied Luke.
That night, after the sisters had gone into their bed, one creature is still awake. Mary is fixing her things. She is ready to leave that convent and go with Luke. After all her things have finish, she is about to go, when suddenly, another creature knock on her door. It is Joanna, her fellow novice. Her room is just near the room of Sister Mary, and she heard noises the reason she go to Mary. Joanna also knew the plans of Mary.
“It is a big mistake you are going to do Sister Mary, don’t do it” pleads Joanna
“I have already decided Sister Joanna, if you please, allow me to go”
“And where are go going, to that gardener? do you think you can live with him?”
“God knows Sister Ellen that I am not in this community, I tried, but I am not, and realized I am only flesh and bone, I love Luke”
“You are a selfish person, Sister Mary; I pray to God that she will forgive you”
There is nothing Joanna can do to stop her. Before Mary exits the door, she pauses when Joanna said something to her.
“I hope you will never regret someday in your actions Sister Mary”
Just like what they have planned, Mary and Luke meet in their meeting place. They both go far away in that place. Sister Mary changes her habit to wear civilian clothes. To the astonishment of Sister Mary, Luke has a large mansion. They go inside. There are several persons in the living area who are dancing and partying. When they see Luke and Mary arrive, they greeted them. Mary is only shock what she sees in his mansion. She didn’t expect Luke the housekeeper and the gardener has a large mansion and friends like these who are trendy and in a party mood. They silence when Luke signals them to stop.
“Ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce to you our new member, former Sister Mary. She is now one of the family. Please let’s give her a big applause and welcome her” Luke said to her friends. Mary only replies them with a shy smile when they clap their hands, a sign for her welcome. And the party continue. One by one they introduce themselves to Mary.
“I am Liza, I hate working, I hate daily schedules, I love sleeping and nothing to do all day, and I’m lazy.”
“I am Greg, I want to have everything, I am not contented in what I have, and I want more, I’m greedy”
“I am Warren, I am not forgiving, I hate many people, I hate everyone, my heart is full of wrath, and I love fighting.”
“I am Prex, I am vain, I am selfish, I don’t care about anyone, anything, I am full of pride”
“I am Eve, I am full of jealousy, I envy other people who have things that I have not”
“I am Lester; I want to have sex, sex, and sex. My mind is full of lust”
“I am Glen, I love eating, I enjoyed eating and I won’t stop eating, can’t you see, I’m fat”
Mary’s ears cannot stand these people. She also doesn’t like their crowd. While they are still creating noises, Mary wants to distance herself from them. Luke notices this. Then suddenly, in an instant, they are now in the bedroom. There is silence, but Mary is still in wonder. Mary is sitting in the large bed, while Luke is standing near the window, looking elsewhere.
“Luke, what happen, a while ago, we are in the party house with those people, but right now, we are here?” asked Mary curiously.
“Those people are the personification of seven deadly sins” Luke answered her, and he goes near Mary. He now sits on the bed with Mary
While Mary is still shock on what is going on, and the mysteries that is happening between her and Luke. Mary's heart starts beating faster. She is frightened. She has a feeling that he is not ordinary.
“I thought before that you are just a gardener and the housekeeper, Luke, please tell me the truth, who are you, and what kind of a person are you”. Mary asks Luke nervously.
“Please Luke, explain this to me everything, who really are you”
“Before you enter monastery, haven’t you remember, once, you tried to jump in that bridge, I am waiting for you then, but you didn’t proceed, why?”
Mary distance herself from Luke, she is now really scared.
“You are once a prostitute Mary, you did it to support your family, for your siblings to finish their studies because your family was poor then. But what did your sisters and brothers paid you after they graduate, they abandon you, they treat you like trash, even your parents, who are ignorant, disown you because you are a whore for them”.
“Stop it Luke, please” Mary starts to cry. Why this person knows her ugly past?
Luke then comes towards Mary. He put his hands on her shoulders. He holds them while looking at Mary face to face. Mary notices Luke’s eyes. They are now flashing red. She now realized that Luke is not human, but…….
“Oh my God, I can’t believe this, you are” Mary said while she avoids eye contact with Luke.
“Don’t “oh my God to me”, Mary, this is me, the one in front of you is not your God, I am he, the one whom they considered the opposite” Luke shouted to Mary
Luke releases Mary by taking off his hands from her shoulders. He turns his back, away from Mary.
“That’s right Mary, you now get the picture. I am the devil. I am Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, prince of darkness, the demon etc. whatever they call me”.
To prove what Luke is saying, he now has a trident in his left right hand.
Mary trembles on the one she is with. Her she is, in front of his eyes is the arch enemy of God.
“I believe I am better than God, I am better than his other angels. I am his favorite, but that was before your God throw me away from heaven” Luke’s voice now seems sympathetic.
“I know someday, I can prove it, I will defeat his damned archangels. I will be happy again, and the mortals know that I am the true god; I will bring many miseries and troubles to all mortals. I will scatter fire and there will be no goodness and piousness, but war, ugliness, and suffering.”
Luke pauses for a moment, taking a deep breath.
“When that time comes, I will fight those living in heaven. And heaven again will be mine”
Mary comes closer to Luke.
“Luke, you can still go back to Heaven, but fighting with God and his angels is not an option. War and fighting is not an answer to your own happiness. I know and I believe deep in your heart, you have already gone through. Look, you are not in the state of happiness and at peace, and you know it. Goodness, forgiveness, obedience, love are some of the things that can make someone truly be happy Luke. Please, stop doing this to yourself.” Mary said to Luke.
“It is not yet late Luke. I know God can let you enter again his paradise. Just accept him once again, and he will also accept you” Mary pleads again.
“You know that’s impossible Mary, and I will never beg God, never. I am God”
“Luke, do you love me”
Luke turns in front of Mary, and look at her straight in her eyes.
“I love you Mary”
“Then you still have goodness in you Luke, because you know how to love, to a mortal like me. A servant of God”
“I still don’t understand why you entered in that place anyway. Look at you; they treat you like a slave”
“Being obedient and serving to God is where I found peace and true happiness, it is not slavery. Luke, you are right when you said a while ago, my life is full of suffering. And I don’t want any more suffering. I can’t stand it. Yes, I want to end my life when I decided to jump at that bridge. I can’t take it anymore. Then I heard the sound of the bell. I heard the bells of the church. That’s when I realized God loves me, God wants me for something. God wants me to be his.” Mary’s tears won’t stop falling from her eyes.
“Joanna was right; I regretted that I leave the monastery. But I want to help you Luke. If you want, I will pray to God to forgive you and enter again his heaven. I will do everything to help you, I love you Luke”
Luke knows Mary means what she said. Luke picks something inside his pocket. It is a knife and gives it to Mary.
“Continue what you did before at the bridge. If you really love me and help me, this is now the only thing you can do Mary. Join me, let’s kill ourselves.”
“Luke I can’t do that” Mary pleads. She shook her head.
“I love you Mary, I don’t want you to go again. Just do what I say”
Mary with her shaking hands starts to put the edge of the knife near her stomach. But Luke stops her.
“I change my mind Mary”
Mary suddenly remembered she has a rosary in her pocket. She picks it and gave it to Luke.
“Here Luke, start asking God’s mercy, pray this”. She handed it to Luke.
But Luke weakens while the rosary is in his hands. Luke acts like he has epilepsy. Mary is frantic; she doesn’t know what to do to Luke, who now starting to melt. And right before in her very eyes, Luke disappears, vanish into thin ear. Mary search for Luke. She calls louder his name. But it’s too late. Mary will never see Luke again.
Mary goes back to monastery, but as a maid, not a nun. She is doing this, as a penance to help Luke/or Lucifer for salvation and mercy from God. Day by day, she becomes sickly and bedridden. She no longer goes outside of her room. She’s weak. One night, while the sisters, praying at her doorstep, a priest paying a visit to Mary. He goes inside Mary’s bedroom. Joanna also is inside the room, taking care of Mary.
“How is she sister” ask the priest.
“I don’t know father, she acts strange since she went back her. She is stubborn and always, she even scolds us if we interfere with her doings. It is her decision to be a maid, even if she can still be a nun.” Joanna said to the priest.
“Please leave us, I talk to her”
Joanna responds by going out at that room. The priest comes near to Mary at her bedside. He is staring Mary. Mary opens her eyes. Right in front of Mary’s eyes, the priest changes his appearance to Luke. It is Luke in disguise. Mary is surprise, but feels joy in her heart when he sees Luke again.
“Luke” Mary called Luke in a weak voice.
“Look what you’ve done to me”. Luke shows his one hand. It has a mark of the cross.
“Luke, what I have said, I will help you to enter the kingdom once again. That’s how I love you Luke. Every day, I ask God to show you his mercy”. Mary said to Luke.
“Mary, I have told you also before, that’s impossible. God is my eternal enemy. It will never change Mary”
“Luke, please, for my sake, cooperate with me. If you love me” Mary begs to Luke
“I am Satan Mary, and Satan knows no love, no mercy, no compassion, and no forgiveness. I am hate, wrath, suffering, misery, sorrow, worse, and Pride. I am the king of sins”
Luke decide to leave Mary, but he turn again to Mary.
“You choose God, and to God you will stay” he said to Mary.
Luke changes his appearance to respectable priest once again for the sake of the sisters outside her bedroom. She said farewell to them, including to Joanna and leave, with a sad face and slow steps. He loves Mary, but he can’t have Mary.
While inside the monastery, Joanna enters Mary’s bedroom and check Mary. Mary now is not in her bed. She is on the floor, lying in a prone position. With her arms stretching sideward, forming like a cross.
“Mary, what are you doing” Joanna is shock to Mary
“I am doing this Joanna, for God. Luke said it is impossible to conquer who he is. But nothing is impossible with God. I know someday or sooner, he will lighten up all what is evil. I beg, in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, and I also ask of his angels and saints, open the gates of heaven, welcome your fallen angel. Welcome Luke, in God’s name, let be heaven your home again. Amen”
Joanna just leaves Mary and she exits the room.
Days have passed, Mary is now a nun. She never saw Luke again. But she always keeps praying to God that Luke will someday repent and be one of the angels again in paradise.
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