The Nun 2

by Rov Alba
“Came with me again Mary, I promise you I will make you happy, not the kind of happiness that your God is giving you.”

Mary was in the place full of flowers, and trues. She is in her nun’s habit. The one she is talking too is Luke, who is Lucifer in disguise. Luke is pleasant looking. He is blonde, blue eyes, a kind of face that should be an actor in the movies. Mary is mesmerized with Luke; she can’t stop falling in love in him

“Mary, stop this nonsense of yours, you know you will be miserable all your life for being a nun. Join with me. I will make you a queen and an empress. Your God cannot give that to you. Please Mary. Come with me” Luke holding her hands and staring in Mary’s brown eyes.

“I am already God’s faithful servant, I am sorry; God knows how much I love you. But we are not meant for each other since from the beginning.” Mary’s responds to him.

Then suddenly, the white clouds envelop the place. From inside the white clouds, someone come forward. It has wings, wearing in a white armor, and holding a sword in his right hands. It came towards Mary and Luke. It is St. Michael, an archangel

“You heard the woman, Luke, it is time for you to leave her alone” Michael shouts to Luke.

Luke’s face became full of anger. He stands up and faces Michael.

“You son of damn God, you know you can’t beat, I am powerful than you. I hate you.”

“It is you who go away from us Luke; you know the penalty for your deeds. You can’t accept that there is more powerful than you, and it is God” Michael said to Luke while he points to him.

“Heaven belongs to me, Michael. You and your God will damn throw you” Luke’s face change from pleasant looking to a horrible face. He now looks like a monster and horns in his forehead.

“I have no time for your follies, Luke, now go away and live Mary alone” Michael said to him again

Mary only stares to these 2 supernatural being‘s exchanging words. She comes towards them and tries to stop them. She comes to Michael and holds him in his arms.

“Michael, please, you know I am already belonging to God. But please give us some space.” Mary begs Michael.

“Don’t listen to him Mary, he is only deceiving you. That folly knows nothing about love. He is a king of sins and you know it ever since from the beginning.” Michael said to Mary.

“I know Michael, but I believe he can still be a good angel. I know deep inside of him there are some traits of goodness in him. Let’s help him Michael. Let’s help him to be forgiven by God before it is too late.”

Mary said again to Michael

“You really love him aren’t you, aren’t you Mary?” Michael asks her.

Mary is hesitating if he answers Michael, because inside of her, it is true that he loves Luke.

“You truly love this guy. What’s the use of wearing that habit, aren’t you ashamed. Tomorrow you will never be a nun any longer. Go with him, and live with him.” Michael said angrily to Mary.

Mary only do is crying at the moment. She came to Luke, and Luke hugs him tightly.

“She is now yours Luke, you win. I can’t do anything to her, any longer. I hope God saves him from you” Michael departs at their presence and he disappears with the huge white clouds.

Mary wakes up in her cell when she heard someone knocking at the door and calling her name. It is Joanna, a fellow nun.

“It is time for our 5 o’clock rising prayer Sister Mary, wake up” Joanna said to her

“Ok Sister Joanna, you go ahead, I will be right over” Mary responds to Joanna.

With still a weak knees and weak body, she gets up from her bed, and changes her clothes to Carmelite habit. She still never forgets what she has dreamed last night about Luke and St Michael. She feels again her affection to Luke after several years that she didn’t see her. In her mind, she has made a decision.

After their prayers, she decided to talk to their Mother Superior.

“Is that really your final decision Sister Mary” Mother Superior asks Mary

Mary and the Mother Superior are in hallway of monastery, talking and walking slowly. The Mother Superior seems somehow surprise at Sister Mary.

“I realize mother that I am not really in this place. Before I used to think, I entered her because I thought I will become holy and virtues like everyone else here.”

She didn’t tell their Mother Superior the whole truth because she believe she will never believe her

“Sister Mary my child, there is no such thing as holy in this place. You are only a flesh and blood. The true holy is in above. He is in heaven. “

“I know that Mother.”

“We are here because God has a special purpose on us. Being a spouse to Divine One Sister Mary is a great privilege for us. Discernment is a blessing that you should take for consideration. Don’t think because you cannot obtain holiness in this place makes you unworthy to be a religious.”

Mary is thinking over about what the mother superior said to her.

“Is there something else that bothers you Sister Mary” Mother Superior asks her.

“Yes mother, it sounds crazy but the truth is, I am in love” Mary’s response to the Mother Superior in a soft voice.

“And please don’t get me wrong mother, I am in love not with a mortal. I am in love with……”

Will she tell the truth?

“Go on Sister Mary, tell me everything. Who is this immortal fellow you are in love in?”

Mother Superior asked Sister Mary. Her voice seems have eagerness. Mary knows that the Mother Superior wants some truthful answers.

“If I tell you Mother, I am sure you will never believe me, I know you will call me insane or crazy”

Mary somehow feels guilty and at the same time ashamed. Will she tell the truth with these entire strange happenings she experiences?

“In the history of our Holy Church, many of our saints and martyrs have exposed to all this kind what they call phenomenon that even the church cannot comprehend or explained, even if the evidences are right under their nose. St Theresa of Avila, St Bernadette of Lourdes, St Martin de Porres, and St Gemma Galgani are example of these saints. The ordinary people who are skeptic enough sometimes trying to believe all this are possible and can happened. I can be a practical human being Sister Mary. I can understand the natural science in which we are witnesses in our everyday lives. Why the sun comes out in the morning, why the moon comes up at night. Why there are many stars in the sky, etc. But I can be a naïve person whose wanting also is to be subject with in they call phenomenon. I imagine sometimes what if I tell you right now in your presence, I can have conversation with our Lord Jesus Christ. You can say I am only hallucinating or imagining things.”

They stop walking. Mother Superior at this time looks into Mary’s eyes. She holds her hands.

“Sister Mary, if you have confessions to me that you want to reveal. My ears are big enough to listen to you”

Mother Superior’s voice has some assurance that she will listen to Mary.

“I am sorry mother, but you are right. I have experience in which sometimes it can drive me crazy. Don’t you remember Luke, Mother, our former housekeeper and gardener? He is not a mortal person Mother. He is Satan. He told me that he loves me, and I feel the same thing. But I also know my soul longing to be with Jesus Christ. I want to be holy Mother, like the saints in heaven. But my soul is weak with Satan’s charms. I am helpless mother; I am crazy and so numb enough to fall under his spell.”

Mary starts to cry in front of Mother Superior.

“I want to go away from him, but I am already under his huge spell. Help me Mother, I am weak. Weak enough to follow him”

Mary sobs while saying this to the Mother Superior.

“I don’t deserve to be in this place because I am a big sinner enough to be succumbing to God’s mortal enemy.”

“Calm down, Sister Mary.”

“Mother Superior, if you let me, please. I want to get out from this place. I am not longer worthy to be in this habit. I love him enough.”

Mary sobs continuously.

“I can only give you enough time to have a vacation for a while; you will live outside of this monastery, but only temporarily. Is

that makes you feel better Sister Mary”

Mary somehow feels relief to what the Mother Superior said to her.

“I have known you ever since you enter in this monastery. I believe your spirit is weak as of the moment Sister Mary. I know you also for being devoted to God, and to our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us wait and see if your feeling with this devil is strong enough. But you have to remember Sister Mary; God’s adversary is a great deceiver. I hope your soul is powerful enough to fight him. I respect your decision to go away for a while.”

Mary hugs Mother Superior. She can’t believe the Mother Superior has a wide understanding in her case. The Mother

Superior also responds by hug her.

“Pray to Jesus Christ Mary that he will save you from him. Keep your faith Sister Mary”

They still both hug to one another, like they are the only two persons on the hallway at that time.

Mary again was in the place filled with flowers and trees. She is praying when some entity appeared to her in front of him. It is Luke or Lucifer in disguise. He smiles into Mary.

“I am happy that you have decided to go with me, Mary” Luke said to her in a calm voice

“No Luke, I am doing this because I am in love with you. But you know that I will always be God’s faithful servant, in my mind and in my heart. I am a nun Luke, and it will never change. Even if it means I join you in hell.”

This time Mary has enough courage to face Luke with a voice full of sarcasm.

“I will go with you with a crucifix, to prove to you I am a Christian.” She gets her crucifix in her pocket and shows it to Luke.

Luke became weak at the sight of crucifix.

“Put it away, put it away.” Luke shouts to Mary

“No Luke, if you really love me, show it to me with the cross on my hand”


Luke shouts with the voice of an animal from the grave.

“You are a great cheater Luke, you cannot love me”

“Mary, don’t do this to me, I really love you, believe me please, put away that cross, you are killing me, Mary” Luke pleads to Mary.

“If you love her, then let him go”

Mary was surprise at the voice from her back. She turn her head who owns the voice, to her surprise, it is a man whose clothes are dazzling white, she is familiar with the figure. It is Jesus Christ. But he is not alone. With him are the multitude of angels and the saints. The saints wear dazzling white clothes.

Jesus Christ pointing to Luke.

“You love Mary so much Luke, but you don’t deserve her, now go far away from her”

Luke believes he is outnumbered. He decided to go away from Mary, and from that place.

“I will comeback once again Jesus Christ, we are not yet through. Once I see you again, you will be sorry, for I will defeat you, all your angels and saints, you will be thrown away from heaven and Heaven is my place once again” Luke shouts to Jesus and laughs loudly. Then the fire consumes him and disappears.

It was all silence to Mary, but she hears voices of angels and saints, singing melodiously that is pleasing to her ears. Mary goes towards Jesus. She kneels before him; take his hand and put her face is his palm. She is crying.

“Forgive me Lord Jesus, I didn’t mean to fall on him. I am sorry”.

She can’t stop crying while Jesus Christ touches her head.

“I am sorry, I am sorry” Mary said to Jesus Christ repeatedly.

“It is alright my child. No need to ask forgiveness, I already forgive you. Now get up and starting from now on to walk towards my path. I love you Mary”

Mary understood what Jesus Christ means.

“I love you Mary, have enough faith to fall not into temptation again” After Jesus Christ said this, he disappears along with the angels and the saints.

Mary now feels joy in her heart. She feels so honored enough to witness the Lamb of God, his angels and the saints. Being a fond of the saints, she is familiar with each saint and knew them. She stands up and makes herself wake up, because she knows this is only a dream.

Mary and the Mother Superior talk again. But this time, she decided that she will never leave monastery. Mother Superior is happy that she changes her mind. The Mother Superior asks Mary what makes her change her plans.

“Because Mother, last night in my dreams, Luke invites me again to joined him. But our Lord Jesus Christ saves me, along with his angels and saints.”

Mother Superior smiled to Mary.

“Mother, I know I love Luke, but I also love Jesus Christ. I now realize Jesus Christ has more room in my heart than Luke” Mary proudly said to the Mother Superior.

“That is wonderful Sister Mary” Mother Superior touch Mary’s back, then they heard the sounds of the bell. They know it is time for their Vespers, an evening prayer. The two of them walk towards the chapel, joining along some Carmelite nuns.
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