Struggling of a strong Woman (True story)

by karadios
Kind-hearted. Generous. Religious. God-fearing. Faithful. Helpful. Loving daughter, mother, and friend. Hard-working. Smart. Beautiful. That is how people describe her. Her name is Elica.

Since she was young, her attitude seems to be just constant. She never fails to make someone smile. But although how perfect people see her, there will always be imperfections inside her. She is sick since she was one year old. Epilepsy. Parkinson's. Asthma. Heart failure. Acute Anemia. There was never a month that a common illness won't attack her. She always fight. She knows how to fight because she wants to live.

She is such a talented woman when she has grown. But illness kept pulling her down. But because she is strong, she kept on standing up. She never gives up.

Now, she already has a son. A handsome son that seems to be her replica. She was left by the father of him. But she keeps moving on because she know God is with him since the beginning. She knows it because she always survived.

But then one day, God put him to a very hard challenge in life. They became so poor. And at the same time, she has no work and can't work because she didn't finish college. Problems came to their lives all together. The doctor diagnosed her with worst Astigmatism and has to have a Lasik operation as soon as possible. And she has to undergo a medication to her epilepsy and it is becoming worst. The problem is, they have no money.

She wants to survive. She wants to live. She can't afford seeing her son and her father alone. She still wants to see her son grow and reach his dreams. She wants to help her father as what she had promised. But now she is not able because she is not capable yet.

Yes, YET. Help us. Help her to survive. Please visit . Let us help. Let us share. Let us make someone live because she wants to.

Is it life so amazing as well as God? Even though how much you love life, life will give you so much to hate. But if you believe and be faithful, you will survive. And Elica, believes and has a big faith that help is coming her way. So she puts a big smile on her face even though she feels so sick.
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