Shadows From Behind - Episode 2

by Dahmie
At about 3:49pm, Bola majestically walked into Banky’s hotel.
“Good afternoon ma” the receptionist greeted.
“Yes, Good afternoon” Bola replied
“How may we help you ma?”
“Am here to see Mr. Lekan Thompson”
“OK, you must be Chief Mrs. Bola Olapoju” the receptionist said to the surprise of Bola.
“Yes, I am”
“Please wait, while I call Mr. Lekan”
“OK ma, he is in room 406″ the receptionist said after dropping the receiver.

“Thank you” said Bola and she walked to the elevator.
In a minute, she was directly in front of room 406.
“Who is it?” Came the response from the room
“It’s me, Bola”
“Just a minute please” “please come in”
Bola gently walked into the neatly furnished hotel room.
“Good evening Lekan Thompson” Bola greeted boldly
“Good evening Chief Mrs. Bola Olapoju” Lekan returned the greeting with greater boldness.
“So, what do you want to see me for?” Bola asked hastily
“Ah ah, Madame don’t rush, come in and have a sit” Lekan calmly said pointing to the bed. Bola just stared at him, sighed and walked towards the bed quietly.
“So what would you like me to offer you?” Lekan asked
“Come on, won’t you have a drink or a bite”
“Wait, did you bring me all the way down here to eat junks?” Bola said slightly raising her voice.
“Hey, hey, please don’t raise your voice”
“Then answer me”
“OK, OK, if you say so” Lekan said and sat beside her.
“Have missed you, you know” Lekan said placing his hands on Bola’s shoulder then started moving towards her face. Bola’s blood ran cold as she knew the return of Lekan would not be for a positive purpose on her.
“You see have forgiven you and chief of everything you did to me in the past” Lekan stated
“Thank you”
“Oh, you don’t need to thank me”
“I don’t?” Bola asked being confused by his statement, “Oh no, you don’t have to” he reassured her
“Well since you said you won’t have any drink, let me just go straight to my reason. Of not wanting to see you”
“Oh, please do”
“My mother use to say, you can’t win all of life’s challenges, I believe her and there is another one she says, don’t let anyone cheat you of your right, not even your family” Lekan’s face now lit with a wicked smile. Bola sat at a spot staring at him all through.
“So, what are you talking about now?”
Bola asked trying to pull out of the suspense Lekan has pushed her into.
“Wait, why you in a hurry?” Lekan said and threw a little laugh.
“Alright but please hurry up, I wouldn’t want chief not meeting me at home” Bola begged
“Hmmmm, Chief, he has something that belongs to me which I want back” Lekan said
“Yes something! Something you and I know the truth about” He furthered said.
Bola’s heart exploded as he continued to confessed all her secrets right in her presence. She was confused about what to do, she didn’t know if she should cry and plead to him to forgive her or she should turn the tables rough along with him.
“Lekan, tell me what you want, now” She said finally still trying to look bold but her fears was clearly shown to Lekan, He knew his plans are working perfectly well.
“I want my son!”
“Whaaaat? Are you ok?”
“Whaaaat? Are you asking me if I’m o…..”
“What do you mean your son? You must be joking, right?” Bola quickly cut in
“Yes my son, the one you are using to deceive chief in order to continue living like a queen in his house” Lekan asked and threw a sarcastic laugh after silencing her.
“Lekan, please” Bola gently got on her kneels and started pleading. She knew there would be fruitless arguing with what is coming to reality, her hidden past has come to hunt her in her present and it’s a real treat to her planned future.
“No! Please don’t beg me, all you just need to do is very simple and easy and it needs to be done quickly.”
“Ah” Bola exclaimed
“Yes! When you get home, tell Chief Olapoju that Korede that he knows as his son is not truly his son and the rightful father has come for his son, as simple as that! But don’t forget to tell him softly because if such news is not well reported, it may give rise to high blood pressure or heart attack and am sure you don’t want that to happen to him.” Lekan explained and busted out loud with a sarcastic laughter.
“Lekan, Please don’t do this to me, please, I beg you” Bola continued to plead, nearly in tears. “I will give you anything you want, please I beg of you” she added
“Really? You mean anything I request?”
“Yes, anything, just name it”
“OK then, let me consider you.” Lekan said and paused. “Alright, I give you up to a month to hand over my son.” Lekan said
“Ha! Lekan please now, let me give you money, house, lands, anything just name it”
“Sorry, am not as rich as you are, but on this matter all I want is my son and not your money”
“OK, I will give you a phone call in order to give you feedback” Bola finally said accepting Lekan’s verdict
“Good! I will be expecting a positive reply from you in the shortest possible time.”
Bola got up, readjusted her dressing and exited the room, she could not concentrate anymore. She nearly killed a lot of people at various intervals while driving out of lack of concentration.

To be continued
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