Shadows From Behind - Episode 1

by Dahmie
The maid briskly walked into the large living room where Bola was elegantly seated watching a television.

"Madame, e get one man for outside, he say him wan see you" She announced

"And what did he say his name is?" Bola asked
"Chai, madame, I no remember to ask o"
"How many times have I told you to ask for people's names before coming to tell me" Bola Barked
"Madame no vex" the maid quickly got on her kneels and pleaded for forgiveness from her arrogant boss.

"Mtcheeew, just go and allow whoever it is in" Bola commanded

The maid quickly walked away to allow the unknown visitor in.

"Good afternoon Bola" Lekan greeted Bola who was shocked and frightened to see him.
"" she called with her voice shaking like a leaf in the winter winds.
"Shocked? Oh don't be, I come in peace" Lekan assured her
"In peace?"
"Yes! In peace, can I seat?"
"Seat? Uh mm Lekan please, you know my husband mustn't see you here,
please don't let's talk here" Bola quickly pleaded.
"So where do we meet? because I came to discuss a very important topic with you" Lekan said

"Let's meet tomorrow at Banky's hotel, do you still know there?"

"Why not, so what time do we meet?"

"4pm, I meet you there at 4pm"

"Alright then but don't keep me waiting for too long" Lekan said and laughed sarcastically which frightened Bola the more.
"No, I won't, just book a room and wait for me there tomorrow"
"Alright, then"

They exchanged numbers and Lekan left like a champion. He could feel and see the fear and shock Bola felt the moment she saw him.

"Joy, Joy," Bola called out at the top of her voice
"Ma" Joy responded as she ran to meet her madame
"Where were you?"
"Ma, I go lock the door"
"And that's what took you ages?"
"Madame, no vex"
"You too no vex, mtcheeeeeeew....., see, you must not tell chief that that man came here o" Bola quickly explained to the maid
"Yes ma, but madame..."
"But what? Bola quickly cut in
"But the man say make I greet chief if chief don come back" Joy explained
"Are you mad? I said don't tell chief that he came here and you want to tell chief he came here? You try it and see what will happen to you...mtcheeeeew, stupid girl" Bola commanded, hissed and left for her room

"What could he want to discuss?" Bola began to ponder within herself in her room. She could not figure out why Lekan suddenly wanted to talk to her.

After thinking without reaching a definite decision, she decided to call Lola, her closest friend with who. She shared all her thoughts with.

"Hello" Lola's voice came from the other end
"Hello Lola"
"What's up paddy mi?"
"Not fine o, not fine at all"
"Enh? What happened?"
"You know Lekan?"
"The one your husband jailed or which one?"
"Yes, yes"
"So, what about him?"
"He came to my house today"
"What! When? How come? To do what?" Lola asked simultaneously in shock over the phone
"What does he want from you?"
"I don't know yet but I told him to meet me at an hotel tomorrow, chief mustn't meet him in his house, you know"
"So, what do you think he wants?"
"I don't know" Bola cried
"Well I would say you should go see him first, and please don't panic" Lola tried to encourage her before hanging up the phone.

"Oh God, what does this man want?" She continued to think all through the day.
"Darling, what's wrong with you? You have been moody all evening, why?" Chief asked as he could clearly notice her moodiness.

"Nothing" she would sharply reply to cover up but it didn't convince chief enough, he kept on pressurizing her that she got angered by his question. Chief had to keep to himself because he didn't want any quarrel with his darling wife.

(To be continued)
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