I'm kinda newbie and innocent
how come he could ask me for a date?
And was stunning when i knew some kinda special place
That moment with him was full of awkward face

Sometimes I got teary eyed
When he acted like my dad
I don't know how God was amazing
Never really thought of this thing

I ask him one day why he likes me
We're on a different path of our lives
This couldn't possible to happen
Maybe he's just playing a game

Never thought he's in love
and he has never been aware of what i felt
That was a perfect time for both of us
In a quiet, we expressed our unsaid feelings

We became official in a world full of secrecy
I break the rules and love him fully
Too many learnings i got from him
He inspires me to learn new things

It is the most precious
and this would never fail
cause i never felt this way before
Yeah This! My love for him Alone.
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