Moon Child: Chapter One

by natsume1988
Chapter One

Its a full moon that night. The air is a bit chilly, that fog formed, creating a wall of illusion everywhere.. But a sudden gust of wind cleared the whole scenery.

Fallen leaves rustle as those heavy wind passes by.. Flock of birds anxiously flew away from the branches they're resting. Not far behind, group of wild animals starts running, searching for a safer place. Seems afraid to get involve. As if they can feel the ominous aura, thick in the air which is coming their way...

Then the forest grew silent....

A serene, but eerie silence that one can feel before an inevitable catastrophe will going to strike..
And it really happened. The ground shook with ferocity. Suddenly multiple heavy steps can be heard, bouncing all over the place. A second after, loud snarls, angry growls, and eerie howls, came after. Creating an echo to the very center of the forest.

Then noises carried on, spreading throughout the whole forest, until it arrive at a clearing at the top of a small hill.

Wolves. Vicious group of wolves, with crazy red eyes, emerge from the shadows. They're snarling at another group of wolves who're hiding behind the thick trees, that suddenly emerge, one by one and formed a circle around them.

These newcomers, looked more different. They have this dignified, and powerful aura around them. Creating an intimidating air that makes them more dangerous.

There's hidden intellect hidden through their eyes, as they study the vicious group of wolves...

No one will be able to understand what is truly happening but everyone who can witness them, will be amazed on what will going to happen next..

Time seems to stop, as no one make a move. But from how their muscles flinch on every noise that they hear, everyone can only think the same thing. That every one of them are only waiting for the right chance, to attacked. And then a minute passed by. Then another. And another again, but still nothing.

Among them, one wolf is on the verge of losing his patience, but still waited. But when half an hour pass by, and still no one moves, he decided that enough is enough.

He trot away from his pack, and padded near the vicious wolves not even paying them any mind as they growled at him. Then there is a loud snap, followed by another, and then another again. A moment passed by, a young man, suddenly appear on where the wolf from before had been. He has messy midnight black hair, cold green eyes. He's tall too, around 6'6, ripped with hard muscles, and completely intimidating.. And even though he's standing there butt naked, it doesn't lessen the dangerous aura that he has, it actually makes him more ferocious. Wild, untamed and extremely powerful.

So its a wonder, when he stood straightly. Tuck his arms behind him and start speaking. "We are going to kill all of you, if you don't go now. Our Alpha is a compassionate man. We do not kill for no reason at all. But if you don't get out of from our territory then we don't have a choice but to do wh—”

His words were cutoff when one of the vicious wolves, suddenly jump at him. His reflexes took hold. With a swift motion, he twist his body and expertly dodge the sharp fangs of the wolf that will definitely turn him into mince meat if it takes a hold of his flesh.

"Woah, tsk.. that was so close!" He hollered, then glared at the black crazy wolf who is from the look of it, is grinning at him, maliciously.

His nostrils flare, while a growl rumble in his chest. He return the look, with more intensity. Letting his eyes change its color as his wolf become angry with him, "You just sign your death wish, rogue!"

Its his turn to jump into action. But he is far more superior than the wolf. And even though he is, in his human form, the wolf is no match for him. He expertly move around the black wolf. Dodging every swipe of its pointed claws, and the sudden kicks from its legs.

Not hurrying, just moving from side to side. Weaving away from its attack, as he studies the wolf's every move. And then to his luck, an opportunity strikes. He didn't even hesitate, and just moved with precision. He ball his left hand into a fist, bend his knees and swung his arms. Hitting the wolf squarely on the side of its body.

He heard a cracked. As the wolf flew a meter away from him. Its body hit an old oak tree, then it bounced from impact. The wolf do not even make a noise, it just fall on the soft grassy ground, unconscious.

"I think you just killed him." He heard someone . And then he felt an arm in his shoulder. Judging by the scent, he knows that its Jeanne, his best friend... "But I thought you just said that you're compassionate, alpha."

He sharply push the arm in his shoulder, and snap his head at the side. "I'm not the alpha, Jeanne. Its my father!" He growled. His voice is thick with sarcam, added with a ferocious glare directed at Jeanne.

The playfulness of Jeanne's eyes go dull as he back away from him with raised hand, hoping to calm him down. "Dude, I'm just joking okay.. its just a joke... Don't be mad, man..."

"I already told you that I don't like you joking with me. I do not appreciate it. You might be my friend Jeanne, but there's a limit to everything. Don't test my patience, because next time that you open your mouth to take me as a fool I'm going to close it, that you can't open it again."

Jeanne gulp, scared, before he nod his head, agreeing with him.

The young man, take away his eye at him and look at everyone. They're still in their wolf form but he knows that their attention is on him. "We, the Raven Rivermoon Pack is known for our strong force and of course the large territory that we accumulated for the past 200 years. My Father, the alpha gave me the honor to govern the western border, and as my subordinates I want all of your cooperation. And if you have a problem with me, then talk freely. No jokes aside. Be serious guys. Thousand lives from our pack are on our hands, so we don't have the luxury to have fun.."


"Son, I heard that you fought a group of rogue last night." Alpha Destiel, said to the young man who just came in to the kitchen. Destiel watched him curiously as he open a drawer above the sink, took a glass, pour an orange from the pitcher and take a sip, before he face him, and answered.

"Yeah. And I already take the right action, so you don't have to worry father. I have it under control."
The older man sigh heavily. He drop the mug of coffee on the table. Bending his elbow, he clasped his hands together, and place his two arms on the table. And after that, he turn his full attention to him, and give him a serious look.

"Stop it Damien. I can understand how you're struggling to become perfect. But you don't have to do this. Don't be hard on yourself..." Destiel said, with soft and understanding voice. "Your mother's death is not your fault. For christsake son, you're only 18. Act as one and live a little."

Destiel seen the effect of his words at once. His son's body starts trembling. Tremor of anger pour out of him, like a tidal wave, almot knocking him out of his chair, if not for the tight hold that he has on the dining table. And it didn't surprised him when the glass of juice on his hands shatter in small pieces, as he tightened his grip into it.

"You don't know anything father!" He growled. Destiel hearts ache when he see how broken Damien is. "I'm there when mom died! I saw everything! So stop saying that you understand, because no matter what you say, you will never know how miserable I really am." He croaked, with shaking voice. Angry tears pooling in his eyes but Damien didn't let it fall. Holding his emotion as tightly as he can be.

The pain that his wife death left a big hole in Damien's heart. And he's afraid on what it might bring to the boy. And although Destiel can understand, how his son's wishes to be strong, to grow up faster, and be a responsible mature adult. Forcing himself to be one, will just hurt him, afterwards. And he's so scared that those emotions which Damien has been hiding deep within his chest, will break him in the long run.

So he has to do something before that happen. He already lost his wife. He's not going to let his son die too. He loves his son too much, and he's willing to do anything to save him. Whatever the price, he needs to pay..


"Stop sulking, buddy. I know that your dad, is being irrational but he has a point, dude."

Damien cocked his brow at Jeanne, before he defiantly crossed his arms, in his chest. "Yeah, yeah. I'm the wrong one. I did nothing but become a burden, to him, and to everyone..Blah. Blah. Blah!"

Jeanne let out an exasperated sigh before he shake his head. Clasping the steering wheel in his hand, he take a left turn. "You know that its not what I meant, Damien."

A heavy silence envelope them, and Jeanne is afraid to say anything. He knows Damien well enough. And if he's this quiet then maybe he's actually reflecting on his actions. Jeanne understand Alpha Destiel. And he can even guess what he really wanted to do, by taking this drastic measure. But still, even for him, its too much.

"I guess, you're right Jeanne. I mean dad can do worse. He can even demote me. Or even take away my leadership at the western border, but he still he didn't so I guess, its not that bad."

Jeanne cocked his brows at his friend, who to his amusement starts to rambling. "Yeah right.." He said, hiding the fact that he wanted to laugh. So damn hard.

Damien is known to their pack as the leader. With his height, intimidating body, and likeable personality he is respected by everyone. He is strong but kind; ruthless but with a strong sense of justice; fearless but with a golden heart.

But now he's anything but. And for the very first time, Jeanne is so lucky that he pour his ice cream to the guy, and later on they became friends. Its a great joy for him to see the fearless guy squirm in his seat, babbling like a total idiot, and a complete nervous wreak.

And the reason is. Damn, Jeanne almost swerve in the side when his laugh almost burst out from his mouth. He first calm himself. Tightened his hold on the wheel. Before he let out a mouthful of air. Still, he can't stop but feel how ridiculous everything is. Which is, ladies and gentlemen, the simple fact that they're going to start attending school.

That's right, a school. Or preferably a highschool. Which will sound so crazy, if not for the fact that its a school for normal humans.

Although, for Jeanne he thinks that its completely useless, after all, there are only two weeks remaining before the term ends. Still, the Alpha insisted that they have to study the human school because a lot of the teens from their pack will probably going to attend too, next school year.

"I guess, dad just wanted to make sure you know..everything is okay... And me as his heir to the title, is responsible for the others safety.. So that's why... Um.."

"I get it dude.." Jeanne murmur. He don't know why but hearing Damien talk nonstop make him so damn tired. It seems that he preferred if his friend is like his normal self. More quiet. Antisocial. And as some says, mysteriously sexy.

Their car swerve into the school's parking lot. Jeanne makes sure to park it correctly before he switch off the engine. Then he turn to his friend, ready to talk to him, to make sure that he's calm. But when he saw that Damien's face is back to normal, he just cocked his head at the side. Nudging him to go first, "Let's to this, man."

They both hopped out of the car. And instantly, the gathering crowd grew silent. Curious and questioning eyes suddenly thrown at their way. Girls with hopeful, and lustful looks zeroed to his friend.

Jeanne upper lip twitch, as he roll his eyes at the others.

Girls...human or not are really stupid creatures....

As he look at the girls starting to flocked around his friend, he suddenly wished how it great it would be if Damien turn into a babbling idiot, once again.....

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