Learn The Wonders Of Alexandrite Jewelry

by Nick Miller

Whether you were born in June or if you have a great taste of fine gems and wish to learn more about alexandrite jewelry, there is plenty to know about. This wonderfully magically gem stands on its own with unique qualities that are rarely seen in birthstone gems. Alexandrite jewelry is some of the most outstanding and remarkable jewelry that man creates, with the help of nature, of course. For as long as people have been mining gems, alexandrite jewelry has helped jewelry crafters a remarkable gem to work with. And these precious stones will be decorated with gold jewelry. Learn of the history and features of the wonderful alexandrite stone. The beauty that is found in nature is certainly in abundance; you can find startling beauty lush green forests, mountains that seem to touch our very sky, clear and shiny lakes that shine like diamonds and one must never forget the amazing gemstones that we have been lucky enough to have since humans began crafting jewelry.

Most scientists and historians will concur that the method of assigning gems to each month of the year, thus giving each birth month its own stone began a very long time ago with the Breastplate of Aaron. this was a religious symbol that was created with twelve sparkling gemstones and each of those gems stood for a different tribe of Israel. Not only did each gem represent a tribe at that time, but it was also clear that twelve stones fit perfectly with the fact that we have twelve months of the year and twelve signs of the Zodiac for that matter. The twelve stones that were chosen were listed as official gemstones for each month; however, over time, this list has changed. Different societies used different gems; therefore it was only fairly recently in time that the world got together and decided on one clear-cut list that everyone would follow. And this is where the alexandrite jewelry comes in.

Alexandrite jewelry stands for the month of June. However, it should be very clear that by no means does one need to be born in June to wear this amazing gem! Diamonds have their own month, as well, and can you imagine if only those born in April were being proper by wearing the diamond!

Alexandrite jewelry is very unique and one of the main reasons is because the Alexandrite stone naturally and without any modifications by man, changes its color depending on what type of light it is in. This is a bit like when someone has very special eye coloring that changes; their eyes by being blue indoors and a light green in the sunshine. Alexandrite jewelry does the same thing and this is one of the qualities that make this stone so very special.


Alexandrite jewelry may have never been crafted, had it not been for miners in the Russian mountains in the Ural. People there discovered this amazing gem in the year 1830 and the rulers of Russia at the time were very impressed. The color changing gem matched perfectly with their countries colors! Later, another mine of Alexandrite was

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