It's My Right To Be Live In This World

At home.. a girl was working in the kitchen.. when another girl enters.. she finds something wrong with her..
“tasha.. what happened to yo?? Why are you crying??” purvi asked her.. in caring way..
Tasha looked at her.. wiping her shades tears.. “no dear.. there is nothing like that"
Purvi: don’t lie.. I can see.. there is something going on in your mind.. come with me..
She pulled her and made her sit on sofa..
“now tell me what happened?” she asked..
Tasha spoke.. “purvi are we girls so burden to our parents that they kill us girl before we could take life in this world?? Yesterday I meet a girl and her cousin… and what I saw was so horrifying”
Tasha was coming from a restaurant.. she saw.. a girl being bitten by an old man and women.. she rushes there.. and saves her.. she looked at the girl’s condition.. then turned to the old man and women
“aren’t you people ashamed.. in crowd you are betting an innocent girl” she shouted at them..
The lady spoke.. “this is our personal matter.. who are you to stop us”
Tasha was in complete shock “I am an CID officer.. and before that I am girl, a daughter and someone’s sister”
The girl was so scared she could hardly speak.. tasha consoles her.. “don’t worry my sister.. I am here with you.. I will see now who even dares to touch you”
The man “hey listen girl !! she is our house daughter.. it’s our choice whatever we can do with her”
Tasha’s anger raised again “you are a man, that does not mean you can do whatever you want… and you are not only man but her father.. aren’t you ashamed of betting your own daughter”
Then she looked at the man standing.. “and you mister.. you are her brother.. yours duty is to protect your sister.. not to watch your sister being killed every day…”
He stands with his head down..
A girl comes.. “preeti are you alright”
Preeti nodes.. and hugs her.. “thank you so much mam!! Come Preeti... you will not live with these people from now on..”
Lady: how can you take her along with you?” she asked Shruti
Tasha: the time when you needed to stop yourself you did not stopped.. then why are you stopping her now? You all will be punished for your deeds and that’s my promise…” you too girls come with me..
She take them.. with.. her.. she brings them to her house.. and gives water to the girl..
Tasha: who are you to preeti?
The girl answered.. “I am her cousin sister.. my name is shruti”
Tasha: shruti.. what is all this?? Do u have any idea??
Shruti nodes.. with her eyes becoming moist “I will tell you mam!! She is preeti and she is today alive only because of our gandma.. she was save till our grandma was alive but after her been passed away… her life has become worst then hell!! mam
Tasha: you call me sis!
Shruti smiles.. “sis her parents not only them her grandmother also wanted a boy!! They illegally found out that her mother is giving birth to a baby girl and immediately there happiness turned into a sorrow.. all decided that they will abort the child!!
Tasha was in complete shock..
Shruti continues speaking.. “but when my gandma got to know that she stopped them from doing that and said this girl will come into this world.. they had to listen to my grandma.. but for how long my gandma could protect her.. once she left they showed their true colors.. since she was born they never accepted her, she was far away from the love that a boy gets after birth.. all the love was showered on her brother but she did not uttered a single word.. she always says to me.. “IS BEING A GIRL A SIN THAT EVERYONE WASN’T TO WASH IT AWAY” many times they tried to kill her because she was a burden to them.. I told her many times.. let’s go to my house.. but no she was a girl after all and said “only my Palanquin will go from my house..”
Tasha was in tears.. she looked at preeti.. who has lots of wounds.. she touched her.. and felt her pain.. preeti.. looked at her.. with a scare first.. but then realized she the one who saved her.. she hugs her and cries..
“am I so bad that all hates me sis.. my own mother”
Tasha: no.. my child.. you are not bad.. it’s people’s thinking that girls are burden to them Shruti take her with you”
Shruti: sis don’t worry my mom and dad will treat her the way they treat me… and they love her too.. they consider her as their own child..
Tasha smiles.. “one minute” tasha goes to her room
She hands over some money to preeti “take this.. this will hep you and whenever you need me or anything just come to me.. and don’t ever go to that house..” Preeti smiles.. and hugs her..
Shruti: come preeti let’s go to hospital first
Tasha gets up.. “Purvi IS BEING GIRL IS REALLY A SIN”
Purvi: no tasha.. this rubbish is their thinking… and moreover they want their generation to be taken ahead.. which a boy can give them..
Tasha’s phone rings.. “preeti” she picks up… “hello preeti are you fine?”
Preeti: di I am fine.. tonight there is a function at my college and I want you along with the team come and support me.. will you come please?
Tasha: yes preeti I will surely come and will also request my team
Preeti smiles.. I will be waiting sis..
And cuts the call.. she tell purvi about it..
Purvi: tasha.. we all will go.. if we can become someone’s courage this is the bravest thing to do..
Tasha hugs her… purvi goes to bureau and informs them about preeti.. all agree to go to the function…
Shruti welcomes them.. “please come.. preeti was waiting impatiently for you”
The team sits down.. the function starts..
Principal “thank you for coming.. now I would request Ms. Preeti to speak something she has won dance competition and made us proud”
Preeti scared.. and nodes no.. tasha gets up.. and goes to her..
“preeti don’t be scared they won’t say anything.. I am here with you..” preeti smiles.. and moves all clap..
“what should I say?? I am alive today only because of my grand ma.. who is not here with me… if she was not then I could not have been able to stand in front of so many audience thank you gandma. Since childhood I was not been loved. My parents, my brother all hated me all because I am girl. Is being a daughter a sin? Are we girls so bad that some kill them before they could take breath or by mistake they have taken birth they have been thrown into a dustbin like a garbage.. all pray that a boy takes birth in their house but nobody prays for a girl why?? Only because a boy can take their name ahead.. new generation can be formed… once a woman gets pregnant family celebrated but when the woman discover that she is going to give birth to a girl she aborts her or throws her into a bin.. why??? Why we always forget that “THIS WORLD IS ONLY BECAUSE OF GIRL AND IF GIRLS ARE NOT BORN THEN A MAN IS ALSO NOT BORN” without a woman a man is incomplete.. why human forgets that a mother is also a girl, why they forget a lady had given them birth.. if there is not women in this world then the world would come to an end… one day.. people are sacred to give birth to a girl because of downy they have to give whole life after her marriage.. but what’s the girl mistake in this?? This is tradition from ages… it is said that GIRLS ARE LORD LAKSHMI then why are she beaten up openly?? It is said that brother right is to protect her sister but what if the brother becomes the devil?? Who will save her from devil brother? Why girl suffers first at their own house second after marriage husband’s house?? why always a women should sacrifies?? We have right to live in this world by our own. There are many legends women who are remembered till today.. but us are always humiliated and considered a shoe of a foot.. son becomes successful.. all celebrate are encouraged.. but a girl is never praised for her success.. I would say just “Never Differentiate Between Daughter And Son.. What A Son Can Do A Daughter Can Also Do” feel tha pain of a girl, understand what a girl want and don’t ever kill a girl nor leave har to be killed day by day.. love her so much that she could proudly say yes I am daughter of my parents and that are proud of me.. I am folding my hands in front of all.. and only pleading.. “DON’T ABORT AND ABUSE ANY GIRL BECAUSE A GIRL IS THE ONLY WAY TO LEAD THE WORLD” and cries with closed eyes..
The audience was in tears.. and the nation watching in television.. all clap…
Tasha runs up and hugs her.. “I am proud of you.. today you explained the world what a girl is capable of and her importance in life”
Preeti smiles.. Few years later.. the girl had become a successful women… that she does not need anyone.. only a person to love her and respect her… and she hopes one day she will get it…
Purvi receives a gift and a card.. “THANK YOU FOR GIVING MY LIFE BACK” purvi smiles..
“be happy and I am proud of you!!” she speaks..
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