by natsume1988
The night is calm and serene. Everything is peaceful, and quiet. Its a perfect night for a relaxing stroll on the beach, and if I have an option I would really love to do just that. But sadly, I can't. I have a lot of things I need to do tonight, and relaxing is not one of them. I sighed. Already tired just from thinking about it. People like me do not have the luxury to enjoy life. We have to do our part to live. And I'm not naive to think that I can change that.

A strong breeze suddenly pass by. Ruffling the leaves, and swaying the branch of the tree I'm sitting on. I tightly hold on the thick bark, pressing my nails at the hard and sharp wood, until I bleed. The pain is bearable, but I can't help but cursed loudly in my head. My work tonight is much harder than any other task given to me before. The risk is high, and the stake is big. Still, I'm not even starting, but I'm already wounded. Damn tree!

With annoyed face, I jump from another branch, then to another again. My steps are light, and quiet. The branches didn't even move as I passed through. Suddenly, a building came into view, prompting me to stop.

It's tall, with high fences, well armed soldiers guarding every corner and of course CCTV's. Just my luck, huh? With this kind of set up, getting the job done won't be an easy feat. However, I can't give up now. Boss is very persistent with his order, and I do not have the right to disobey him. That's how my life is. In order to live, I don't have the choice but to do what I have to do.

I rack my brain, and tried to remember the data and blue print of this place. Boss just gave me the info yesterday, and according to that, there would be an opening on their defence, every hour. I'm not sure why though, but I guess for now, I just have to wait before I go and infiltrate.

I shift my weight, and slowly push my legs downward, planting myself comfortably on the branch of the thick oak tree. The wind suddenly blows, and ruffles my hair. The air smells so fresh, that it helps in calming my nerves. Feeling slightly at ease than awhile ago, I lift my head and looked up. Tonight is a new moon. But because there's no cloud tonight, the sky is illuminated by millions of shining stars. Giving light, that would help me on finding the right way.

Damn, how clichè! That sounds so cheesy, it makes me sick!

I sighed and lean my back on the tree, then I turn my attention at the building in front of me. I let my mind wonder. Letting the unwanted memories to plague my head. I'm what you call as an unlucky child. Abandoned ever since I'm an infant, I grew up alone and unloved. The people in the institution where I was thrown into, is not a pleasant place to grew up in. I can't remember how many times, I've been covered with bruised and cuts. The bullying in that place is intense, that there was even one time, that some older kids, accidentally killed a much younger boy. Sadly the management, just turn a blind eye through everything. No one really cared, so its not a surprise that I ran away. I guess it became too much for me, that running away is the only way I can think of, to saved my self.

I'm only ten during that time. I do not know anything. I just thought that running away would help me in some way. I'm hoping, that by running away I could finally be free. But the outside world is not as unforgiving as I thought it would be. In order to survived, anyone have to do everything they could to live. But what can a ten year old like me had to do, to accomplished that? I was powerless, useless and a good for nothing brat. I was naive and ignorant to the laws of society. I couldn't count on how many times, I wished to, just die, and just end my sufferings.. The misery and desperation that I always felt, every morning when my stomach growled from so much hunger, was enough to take away my sanity. I was on the verge of losing it. I am already cornered. Which probably the reason that push me to stupidly make that mistake. That change my life, for the worst.

It was cold, and I'm hungry. During that time, I'm not thinking rationally. I thought that I can do it. That it won't matter if someone caught me. I even thought that it would probably better if the police got a hold of me. At least, if I'm caught I can go and eat in prison. Or maybe because I'm still a minor I can be put in juvie. Or even an orphanage. I really don't care about that, as long as I can get a hold of food that I can eat, its more than enough.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Because to my dismay, the one who caught me was not the police but something much worse. The Eastern Cartel.

Its a group of criminal organization, based in Asia. They're name is known throughout the Black Market. They deal with illegal drugs and armory. They even sell slaves, for known and powerful people all over the globe. And of course I'm so stupid to steal from one of the big shot on their group. That time, I just planned to take his wallet, get a small change for food, and even give it back after. But I'm not even starting when they noticed me. Although, a lot says that I'm still lucky to be able to live after that. I know within myself that I'm not. After five years in the group, I always wished that I should've died that day. At least, if I die I can be reborn again. If I'm reborn again, I can finally have the freedom that I always dreamt to have. That maybe on my next life, I can live normally, like any other 16 year olds should be.

But that's only a wish. A dream that will never turn into reality...

My eyes turn into the left side of the compound, and when I saw that the coast is clear, I knew that its time.

I effortlessly, jump down from the tree and run towards it. With calculated and prescise moves I jump to the wall, shifting my weight to the right angle, balancing my whole body, I step to the flat and marble wall and quickly run up to the edge of it, until finally I jump to the other side.


"You've gotta be kidding me!" I curse out loud. I didn't expect that guards would be in this place. According to the data, no one should be in this spot, during this time. So why, they are here!

I'm quick on my feet, I am already kicking, and punching the group of men coming my way. But as usual, I'm really unlucky. Out of nowhere, it started raining bullets. I quickly ran, maneuvering my body, to avoid any incoming bullets. Some of the men from the same group are shouting for them to stop but they didn't. And the outcome. They were all dead.

I'm already breathing heavily, but thankfully I'm still standing. I have scrapes and bruises all over, but not fatal. I guess my training come in handy. But I know, it's only the beginning...

"Where you came from, rat?" Someone sneered.

I'm not sure who spoke, but the voice really creeps me out. It holds malice and strength that I know I can not win over.

'I guess, I'm really gonna die tonight..'

Sadly, this is my reality. As a trained assassin of the group, times like this is inevitable. Death will always follow me in every step of the way, and now, its either by the Boss hand, from failing to finish this mission or from the enemy's hand if they can capture me.

I carefully look at the men surrounding me. They were cautious in their every steps as they come nearer. That's to be expected. They can't kill me yet, at least not after I confessed. They understand that I'm here for a reason, but they don't know why, yet. And because of that, they will keep me alive as long as they can, while they try to find it out. Clearly, this place is owned by a powerful gang leader. But he's not right here, right now. That's why they're confused on what my true objectives are.

I'm looking at the group like a hawk, waiting for the right moment, that's why I almost shout from glee when an opportunity presented itself. One of the men, let his guard down for a second, and like a snake waiting for the right moment to strike down, I lift my knee and give him a quick kick on the groin. He shouted from pain, and fall clumsily on his knees. Without sparing him a single glance, I jump over his head and starts running. They were still in shock, and that only give me enough time to run inside the building. But after a couple of minutes I can already heard them running after me.

But that didn't stop me from running more faster. I pump more power on my legs. Giving enough fuel to my foot to run more quickly. But all of a sudden another group appear in front of me. I'm quick, fast, and precise. Without thinking my body just moved on its own accord. I elbow the first guy's face, hard enough that I can hear a loud crack. Then I shift my waist, and lift my foot kicking the second guy directly into his jaw, and finally I brought my right knee on the last guy's chest, earning a painful groan from him, before I dash out, leaving them unconscious on the floor.

But any luck that I have just awhile ago must've vanish. When suddenly, I came face to face with the devil himself, forcing me to stop running. He's looking at me visciously, sporting an evil smirk, and taunting me, while he slowly creep nearer. The one and only, Juanicho Mendez.

He's one of the most deadliest man in the Underworld. A renowned assassin, with a high streak of sadism and love for blood. He just not simply kill his target, he also enjoyed torturing them. He loved them to scream and beg for his mercy. My predecessor always warned me about him. That if I ever saw him, I need to run as fast as I could. But unfortunately, I can't do that now because to my dismay the group who've been following me are already behind me.

"Juanicho, thank God! He's an intruder, and we have to capture him. And for the hundredth time, please keep him alive this time, at least until father comes home." Someone's says.

"Keep it, Carlos. You know that I can't do that. This brat came to me, and for that he has to be treated with great care." Juanicho said sweetly. His voice sounds so sickly sweet that it makes me want to throw up. But his words click something inside my head. I didn't let it show but what he says make me smile. Just look at that, maybe I'm really lucky tonight... "So you heard me lowly vermin, bow to me and be thankful that I chose your fate tonight! Ungrateful bastard..."

I snap my head at him. Lifting my chin I let my eyes locked on his dark ones. Defiantly meeting his gaze, not even wavering for a second. But the sick bastard just smile. And that snap something within me. Juanicho probably saw me move, that's why he sheath his long sword. But he didn't expect me to step backwards. I spun on my heels, and exactly brought my fingers on Carlos neck, puncturing the skin, embedding it deeply until I cut his main artery.

Carlos Antonio, the only son of Federico Antonio the known Italian mobster, didn't even let out a sound as he fall on the tiled floor with a loud and heavy thud. Silence envelope us. Everyone are shocked, and baffled beyond their minds. They remain frozen on their feet, as they watched Carlos bathe with his own blood, while it begun to pool around his now lifeless body.

Even Juanicho can't move. Just like the others he is shocked too. He might not be suspecting it. Well, Carlos for what I knew is a person with a good heart. Problem is, he was born in the wrong family. And someone wanted to use that for their own gains. Truthfully, I do not care about that. I just wanted to live, and in order to do that, I have to kill him. And after that, obviously I have to escape here first.

So without waiting for them to snap out of it, I break into a run.

My legs are burning, and I'm already getting tired but I have to get away fast. Now, that I killed Carlos they will absolutely kill me without a second thought once they spotted me. So getting away now, is my main priority.

I'm already beyond their land, deep into the forest but I know that the distance is still not enough. Juanicho will surely come after me, and I don't want to think on what he's going to do with me once he find me..

I'm about to take a left turn when I was stop by a blade. It came out of nowhere, that it almost hit the back of my head if I didn't duck at the right time. I sharply turn my head, and look behind me, and like what I'd expected he's already here. Great! Just great!

And help me God.. Fucking shit, he's really pissed. His whole demeanor is different than before. The playful and sickly twisted smirk on his face were nowhere to be seen. His eyes is ablaze with so much anger, as if he wanted to kill me with his eyes alone.

'Uh, huh... This is bad.. Really bad..'

"Filthy bastard! I'm gonna enjoy torturing you! First, I'll break your fingers, slowly one by one. Then next your right arm, then the left, then your left leg, then your right leg. Oh, that would be so lovely.. " He sneered, with a cold voice. "I'll even skin you alive, and make you bleed..until the very last drop.... I'll make you suffer. I'll make you beg. I'll make you scream. I'll make sure that you regret everything..."

I can't help but chuckle after hearing him say those words. Look at the irony! As if I don't feel that way already. He don't know anything. He don't know the regret that I always feel every single morning when I open my eyes. How dare he.. The fucking..

"Bastard!" I am not thinking clearly when I jump, and attack Juanicho like a possessed madman. I kick him, punch him, then I gave him an uppercut, then a jab. I'm giving everything I can. Without holding back, I attacked him relentlessly. My attacks are sharp, precise and on mark. I didn't give him any opening. I just let my anger consumed me, and let it possess my body, giving it all ruthlessly to Juanicho.

He might be feared by many, but like any other men he also screams, cry and beg. "Stop! Please stop it!"

But I'm too lost to care. Without hesitation, I lock my arms around his neck, and broke it. With heavy breathing I drop his lifeless body. My mind suddenly become clear. With shaking hands, I looked at his wide and haunting eyes. I shake my head, becoming scared. Its getting hard to breath. I don't know what's wrong with me, but seeing Juanicho's non moving body frightened me. Its just like, when I did my first kill. I'm getting nauseous..

"Why it came into this?" I cry out. "I don't want to kill anymore... I don't want to.."

Tears are already cascading on my cheeks. Still shaking my head, I step back. My body is trembling.. I'm losing it. My mind and heart can't take it anymore. I'm already tired with this kind of life. I step back again. But it seems it's a wrong move, when my foot didn't felt any solid ground.

"Eh?" Gravity is pulling me with so much force. My body were turn upside down, and before I knew it I'm already falling. I can not see anything, but never ending darkness. I can't think anything else.. but only one thing is clear... I'm going to die. With that thought, a smile slowly form on my plump lips. My body began to relax. I can feel my heart becoming calm, as I murmur.. "Finally.."

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