by Midnight Poesy
Nuggets of misery,
Broken strips of drilled emotions,
Crooked lines of regret.
Oh what pain!What pain!

Come and go, and let me know,
What sickness blackened your shine?
What fractured your smile?
Or what desire left you etherised?

Unmoving parallels of great vehicles,
Or honks of great depression,
I've come to seek,
Who has blackened thee?

A broken back or a crushed skull,
A dead cell or rotten teeth?
What pain is it, in me
That can match the pain I see in thee?

Who was the thief who stole your joy?
Which artist covered you in a coat of mist?
All these potholes of anxiety that I see,
Once, I saw in the remnants of the dead, the doomed and the buried.

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