Best Foreign Airline Revealed: Japan Airlines Soars Above the Rest in 2023

by hameera_1

Uncover the top international airlines of 2023 through Bounce's recent report. From on-time arrivals to in-flight entertainment, delve into the criteria shaping airline rankings. Japan Airlines claims the spotlight with a leading score of 8.28, followed closely by Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways. Gain insights into their services and standings.


In the quest for the best foreign airline, Bounce, a prominent luggage storage company, meticulously analyzed 60 airlines globally. Various criteria were scrutinized to pinpoint the top international airlines of 2023. Let's embark on a journey through the details.

Timely Arrivals

Japan Airlines emerges as the frontrunner with an impressive 88.36% on-time arrival rate, securing the highest overall score of 8.28. Explore the pivotal transportation hubs it serves in Japan and its extensive global reach.

Canceled Planes

Singapore Airlines claims the second spot, tied with Iberia Airlines, boasting a commendable cancellation rate of 0.03%. Dive into Singapore Airlines' accolades as the Best Airline for five consecutive years.


Ascending to the skies with a score of 7.63, Singapore Airlines continues to shine. Uncover the opulence of its first-class experience and the extensive list of countries it serves.

Meal Ranking

Japan Airlines not only excels in punctuality but also in meal quality, earning a stellar four out of five stars. Delve into the gastronomic journey provided by this top-ranked international carrier.

The Soundtrack for In-flight Entertainment

Explore the top choices for in-flight entertainment, with Japan Airlines earning high praise. Understand how airlines elevate the passenger experience through curated music and movies.

Seat Comfort Rating

Securing another victory, Japan Airlines achieves a four-star rating for seat comfort. Gain insights into how the airline prioritizes passenger comfort on both domestic and international routes.

Staff Service Rating

Uncover the exceptional staff service provided by Japan Airlines. Learn about the professionalism and dedication that contribute to its high ranking.

No-Cost Carry-on Allowance

Embark on the benefits of flying with Japan Airlines, including its no-cost carry-on allowance. Understand how the airline enhances travel convenience for passengers.

Complimentary Verified Home Allowance

Japan Airlines goes above and beyond with a complimentary verified home allowance. Discover the added perks that make it stand out among international carriers.

Free Verified Foreign Travel Allowance

Learn about Japan Airlines' free verified foreign travel allowance, making it a preferred choice for global travelers. Explore the destinations covered by this generous allowance.

Airline Ranking

Get an overview of the top ten international airlines of 2023, with Japan Airlines securing the coveted top spot. Explore the rankings of other leading carriers, including Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Korean Airlines.

In the dynamic world of aviation, Japan Airlines emerges as the epitome of excellence, providing a seamless and delightful travel experience for passengers around the globe.

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