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Another Love story part 1

              Siddharth an average looking guy fallen in
love with his one schoolmate Ayesha. Ayesha was his senior in school .She
hardly knows him. But Siddharths brother was Ayesha’s classmate in school. So she
knows only his name , not much about him . Siddharth  never expressed his feelings for her. They
went to college  in different states .They
were connected through each other with social networking site but hardly
talked. They started conversation with each other on social networking site.But ayesha still don’t knows his feelings for her. They started working, again in
different states.They never met each other ,not even in schooldays . Ayesha was
working and siddharth left his job and went to pursue his further studies.
And  during these period , he started
expressing his feelings to Ayesha. After few months he proposed her to be his
girlfriend. Ayesha said yes and they moved ahead in relationship but they were
living in different states .They took out time for each other to meet at least
in a 4 months. He  takes Ayesha for long
drives, candle light dinner , bike ride, beach side walk .Ayesha send surprises
to him in his hostel . Sometimes she send basket-full of fruits and flowers ,
his favorite perfume. She even surprises him with bundles of roses ,scented
candles and cupcakes whenever they meet. . And like usual love story which
started with love as it proceeded ,there started a lots of fights, arguments
between them. They  often did breakups a
lot . But if somebody actually loves each other, then of course they get courage
and strength to face these storms too which comes in relationship because
neither of couple wants to lose his/ her . Siddharth got the job in other
country .He will be leaving in coming month . Before leaving, he wanted both
the parents should  meet and talk each
other and fix a date of marriage till next year. Both belongs to different
communities(that’s also an issue) .Ayesha loves siddharth’s caring nature a lot
irrespective of his dominant behavior. Siddharth loves everything about her ,
he says to Ayesha but never expresses much. His got a some internal hidden
oceanic love for her(may be). After one and a half years of there relationship
they decided to step there shoes in marriage .Both wanted  to be with each other in their everyday life but
they also knew , that there will be  responsibility too, are going to come with
marriage.  lets see what happens in next

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