A college love story

by zebatanveer

Today it was a big day for me,
finally I completed my three years course successfully and today its our
farewell. I feel now only I stepped Into my college but it going to be
completion of third year. For others, it Is farewell day but for me it Is more
than that because today I m going to propose my man. I m nervous but I have to
do, else some one will take him away. In my college he is the greek god for
all girls, handsome meaning itself less in front of him. Today I didn't confess means then never I can, he planned to go to states after completing our exams
so this is the time to express my love. He need to know I simar khanna
madly sincerely fell in love with him. Now I need to buy one ring for him, with
empty hand I proposed means it wont be nice.

I went to jewellery shop and asked for men rings they showed me which section.
I saw some designs and in that I selected one. I asked him to pack it. I m lost
thinking how I am going to propose with this ring. Shop keeper came and gave me
the ring. I went to pay bill in lost thought. Without realising this Is
jewellery shop, I asked, brother here buy 1 get 1 free offer not available?  He looked at
me with wide eyes like i am 
alien. He composed
himself and said, this is not provision store or textiles to put that kind of
offer. I slapped myself when I realized what I asked and where I asked. I
smiled sheepishly saying, sorry got habituated by asking in shops. He replied,
nice habit... Next time while asking first
see in which shop you are
standing then ask. I stick out my tongue and came out. After coming to home I
slept for

At evening, I got ready wearing pink colour single piece dress which is upto my
knee and my dress fitting my body perfectly. After taking my silver clutch I
started to go for my farewell. I reached my college in twenty minutes. When I
entered every one praised me, my dress and my curly hairstyle which made me to
some confidence. I scanned everyone to get glimpse of him but he is not
here. Everyone enjoying and having fun with their Friends but I can’t able to,
only because of him.

I spotted amar finally, I rushed to him he looked at me in surprise. I said
without wasting my time I need to say something to you. He replied, of course simar you can say anything to me. I said in nervous no not here, just come
with me. We both went out of the hail, and moved towards garden which is near
to parking area. Before he ask anything. I kneel down in front of him. He was
shocked and asked, simar what is this. I said with puppy face, please amar let
me finish first. amar uttered, but I said, please...amar nodded as yes.

I closed and opened my eyes to gather my courage, clearing my throat I started
to say, I don't know when and how this feeling started to occupy me, it may be
on the first time when you paid for my chocolates or it may be on the time when
you held me, when I was about to fall. Till now I secretly admired you and
still doing, today is our farewell day for all
us. But I don’t want to bid good
bye from you. So today I am confessing you I  simar khanna madly and
sincerely fell in love with you.... I showed ring in front of him. He is
baffled I know, I tried to say something.

Suddenly I noticed one figure moving from there. I looked at person, oh
s*h*i*t!!! Ajay... I screamed his name, Ajjjjaaayyy...He turned and looked at
me. I said still without getting up from knee position, I need to say
something. Ajay looked at me in anger, but why. He said in gritted teeth, I
don’t wanna hear anything, you continue your proposal. I asked, It means you
heard it all He replied in anger, yes. I said, then its good I m just
practicing. Ajay asked me in confusion, for what... I replied with glee, to
propose you. Ajay uttered, oh...then his eyes went wide telling what the.... I
said, yes I m practicing with him how to propose you...just one trial nothing
much. He gave horrified expression. I think he is In shock. I called him, Ajay can you come here... He asked, why.. I said again, just come... Please for
He came near to me. I looked at amar who standing like statue, poor guy
got more confused I think. I said, amar thanks for coming with me...now you can
go, you go and enjoy our farewell He gaped at
me, hitting his head he
left from there.

I looked at ajay and said, Ajay already you heard what I m going to say so
directly coming to the point, will you marry me? He looking me with blank
expression just in silence.

I said making puppy face, please
say yes more than ten minutes i am
kneeling down like kid who
didn't submit her homework, he chuckled and gave his hand to pull me up. But I
put ring on his finger he was shocked. Finally I got up saying, now my Rs 15000 
ring  on your finger which
nerve is directly connect to your heart so
you need to accept my love. He was amused and asked with smirk which will make
girls to die for it, what if I pay back... I screamed, noooo...no ajay you
cant, dont do this to me...dont break my cute little heart, it dont have spare
parts. He slid inside his pocket, I felt dejected seeing him going to give me
money for that ring, rich brat Rs 15000 is all pocket money for him.

Suddenly he pulled my hand my eyes started to get moist. I felt something
sliding on my ring finger, when I looked i was
shocked to see, Ajay
putting diamond ring on my finger...damn it..I can’t believe it... I grinned
showing my visible white teeth. he smiled and said, Its pay back... I asked
with glint, what about mutual pay. He got confused, what.. I jumped in his arms
saying follow me I slammed his lips, he din't respond at first due to shock but
later we enjoyed our first kiss and sealed our love.

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