Z-Virus (Chapter 8) Dead Woman's Pendant Secret

by M.D Khamil
Chapter 8 – Dead Woman’s Pendant Secret

“You built all this? “ I was still in amazement.
“ No. My master provides me all of this extraordinary luxury. This place has been my home since I was fourteen. Out of public or government eyes. They never found out this place, the ceiling was made out of titanium; so
even x-ray could not pass through it. Plus it is equipped with one of Newton’s recent technology that this whole place is camouflaged. Invisible.“
“ Too good to be true. Newton’s technology is not one to be messed up with! Such intelligence! ” I said with excitement. To the far left end of the wall was a big aquarium. Connected with the wall. I started imagining things what would happen if the aquarium cracked and the water rushing inside. There were so many exotic animals inside the aquarium, octopuses, sharks, jellyfish, stingrays and many others unique marine wildlife I’ve never seen before. The scenery seemed to attract Prince’s attention as well.
“ These are salt water animals, how can you take care of them and change the water? “ I asked.
“ Easy. Newton’s Technology. “ She answered.
“ I see. “ I replied to her. I could never feel more stupid right now if I had not asked such question. I noticed to the top inside of the aquarium was an open air. I could see birds flying. Then Instantly I knew what it was. “
This aquarium, is the pond I saw outside right? “ I asked Claire again.
“ Yes it is.”
“ Will it be saved if you let it opened? “ I wondered.
“ The aquarium has an automatic roof that open and closes when I wanted them to, and it is installed with sensor system to detect anything around it. It has the same technology used to hide this base. “
“ I am not surprise. Such architecture only men in the early 2000’s desired to embrace! “
“ Enjoy the aquarium, let me take something to eat and drink. “
“ Sure thanks. “ About five minutes later Claire came back to the lounge with handful of biscuits, snacks, chips and burgers. She put them all on the table where I was sitting with Prince on a steel couch, but very
comfortable to sit on. She then went back to the wall just near a huge touch holographic glass tv. She pressed some number combination on the touch penal and to my astonishment, a vending machine slowly went out of the wall. There was many choices of drinks but she took two bottle of red wine
and a bottle of milk. Claire tossed me a bottle of red wine that she took and gave the milk for Prince where she poured on a plastic bowl.
“ This will make me sleep. “ I said to her.
“ Oh? This will help me to think “ She opposed my words. “ Take it out. “ She added.
“ Take what out? “
“ The pendant Travis, the pendant!”
“ Oh sorry, I almost had forgotten about that“ I took it out and put it on the table. Claire reach the pendant and start looking at it curiously.
“ I have never seen the like of it. This pendant looks different. Its plain. There’s no design on it. Wait. What is this? “ She stopped and looking at one spot on the pendant. “This part is rough. Its very small. Looks like there ‘s something written on it. I’ll be right back. “ I was enjoying my wine while Claire took something somewhere in the back room. She came back with a magnifying glass.
“ What are you going to do with that?”
“ There’s something written here. Come see this. “ I went beside Claire and
look through the magnifying glass.
“ As red as an angry dragon, by the flame which it breathes fire, only then I will shine “
“ What does it mean? “
“ Fire . . . hmm. Claire I think we need to heat this pendant and when it reaches to certain degree then it will open. I am very sure of that. “ I was glad to figure it out but not entirely sure.
“ Let’s do it now “ She agreed. Claire took the pendant and put it inside an oven. I was not expecting that, I thought she was gonna heat it with fire.
“ Will it work? “ I asked.
“ Never doubt with Newton’s technology. “ Suddenly the pendant burst opened. Claire switch off the oven’s power and took out the pendant with a tong. Afterward she put the pendant in a cold water for few seconds and
wipe it clean. We carefully inspect the pendant. There was a key inside. I took out the key.
“ What could this be? “ Then, there was something underneath from where I took the key. Looks like a plastic paper folded into smaller size. This time I asked Claire to check it out. She took the plastic paper and open
it. It was as big as an A4 paper when revealed.
“ It’s a map! “ She said. “ This is not a normal paper. This map is made of
Newton’s heat proof technology. “
“ These mad scientists is hiding something valuable. Something that will save us from this plague. This key is the answer. But where is it? “
“ This map shows where the thing or whatever it is, is hidden. It is in another town. Not so far from Greendale, fifteen miles North, at Fort Knox.“
“ Fort Knox. Last time I went there the road was block. Is there any other route leading there? “
“ Yes, but much farther about thirty to thirty three miles from Greendale and we have to crossed . . . “ Claire gave me a troubled look.
“ Yes? “
“ We have to crossed the Dead Bridge. It’s old and the bridge was made of wood, hardest wood but is rotting. Nobody or any transport ever crossed the bridge since the past 70
years. Could be more than that. Wrong move, we’re doomed to death. “
“ We have no any other options. If this is the only solution, then we must. “ I was faking my own confident. I am literally been tortured by my own fear from the inside.
“ I guess we really don’t have a choice. I would rather die trying than die waiting. “
“ Then we shall go for our next mission tomorrow. “ I end the conversation while sipping my wine and enjoy the bitter sweetness sensation in my mouth.
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