Z-Virus (Chapter 7) The Girl Who Killed

by M.D Khamil
Chapter 7 – The Girl Who Killed

Claire took the wheel while I sat on the passenger seat on our way to another place. She insisted of wanting to drive, she said she wants to go somewhere first, of where, I don’t know. I cleaned of the pendant with mineral water that I had in my truck and wipe it off with a handkerchief. The pendant shines brightly whenever the sunlight reflects on it. The size of it is almost as big as the palm of my hand. It has button on top it. It’s probably a special kind of locket. I couldn’t pushed the button. It seemed to be stucked. Tried many times with my best effort to open it but at last I gave up. I put it back inside my belt.
“ This damn thing is as stubborn as a stonehead! It won’t budge! “ I hit the door of my truck with my left hand.
“ Easy, cowboy. “ Claire interrupted.
“ I am!” I answered while letting out a loud sigh.
“ No you you don’t. Relax, we’ll figure it out sooner or later” She added.
“ Where are we headed to anyway? “ I asked.
“Somewhere place I belong “. A few minutes later we reach to a place where there was a small cottage near to a pond. There was what it may seem like a grave behind the cottage. The place was well cared, everything looks so
peaceful. The view sooth my raging heart. “ We’re here. Come on out “ She invited me with the most lovely tone I’ve ever heard from her. I opened the back passenger door of my truck and let Prince out. He was sniffing the
ground and scanning around the place. “ This is where I lived “ she said.
“ You lived here? “ I questioned. “ I like this place but isn’t it just too small for you to live in that small box? “ I told her. She smiled.
“ You’ll see. “ We walked to the cottage but she led me to the grave behind the cottage. To my surprised, the tombstone on the grave was named Jonathan Johnson. No wonder his name was not there at Raven’s Hill Graves.
Claire touch the tombstone and sat near the grave’s hump on a medium size rock. She probably had it moved there from somewhere else. “I’ve never wanted to be parted from my father. I’ve always wanted to protect him even
after his death. “ She expressed her heart felt sadness. “ If he were still alive I wouldn’t be what I’ve been today. He would curse me for being an irresponsible daughter” Claire was breaking up.
“ Claire it’s not your fault. There’s nothing you can do about it. “ I comforted her on which it seemed not to be working at all.
“ It is. You just don’t understand. “ I decided not to complicate matters by asking more questions but I am really itching to ask her another. I have to, I think.
“ Claire, when we were at the elevator on Newton’s building, you said about a man in black trench coat with hat and a black mask. Who is he? “ I asked in hoping she would answer me. She was hesitating about wanting to share the information or not.
“ He’s my master. He was the one who saved me that night and took me with him. “
“ Master? “
“ I was trained from the night he took me. From the used of many types of weapons to
martial arts. I received orders from him through the years to assassinate world leaders, also I am a spy to get information for him at Newton’s Corps. I have my own name he gave me. He called me Fourteen. “ It was hard for me to processed the information on my brain. My brain was completely paralyzed as if someone had stabbed a sharp electric pole straight into my skull.
“ Travis, I’m a killer. An assassin. “
“ You must be joking right? If not back then, at Newton’s, you would have fought them off easily!” I said to her almost wanting to yell.
“ I wanted to see what you would do if I was in trouble. I can’t deny it you have some skills. Beside I don’t want to get my hands dirty on those foul creatures ”
“ It went so fast, I didn’t even know what I was doing! It was all luck!”
“ Where is he? Your master you’re talking about? How he looked like? “ I continued.
“ I don’t know. He would find and meet me directly if wants to. But most of the time he would sent his messenger to let me know of my next mission. He always wears that black mask. Never seen his face. All my life. “
“ Your missions doesn’t sound like fun to me. “ I said to Claire giving her the coldest look possible.
“ I get used to it. Through the years I have been assassinating world leaders mercilessly. In 2019, I assassinated President of United States of America Donald Trump, followed by President of Russia Vlad Kosnovik in 2021, King
Ahmed Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in 2022, President Cho Young Seoul of North Korea in 2023, Toshiro Namikaze President of Japan in 2024 and President Gabriel Yoshua of Israel in 2026. I am the most wanted criminal in the world but they never caught me. My master always had my back ”
“ What does he want to achieve? Why he wanted them dead? “ I asked.
“ They have the answers of what he wanted and to what the world are fighting for, “ Claire said.
“ What? “
“ Nuclear Weapons. I get the information from them to be given to my master “
“ What is he intended to do with them? “ I asked again.
“ Only God knows, “ She replied. She gets up from where she had sat and invited me to go inside the cottage. The door creaked open as she pushed the door, then went straight for the switch to light up the lamp. There was
nothing much to look inside apart from a broken bed and vase, and spider web.
“ Claire don’t tell me you really stay and live in this place. I don’t really think it’s a good idea and I don’t even think it’s safe “ I told her.
“It’s the safest place ever. Trust me.” Prince was barking outside. He was barking at something but I look and turn around the place there was nothing.
“ Here boy, come on in quickly, there’s nothing here “. I shut the front door of the cottage as Prince got inside. Claire was opening something on the floor. It seemed like a door to a secret passage. Yes, it was what I think it was. I saw bright light from the door she just opened and followed her down to the passage by automated steel stairs.
“ Welcome to my secret base, this is where I lived and hidden from enemies outside. “
I was astonished to see the room, it was very gigantic complete with furnitures and modern technologies. It was as if I was in luxury condominium or seven stars hotel but upgraded to something more sophisticated!
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