Z-Virus (Chapter 5) Letter

by M.D Khamil
Chapter 5 – Letter

We started moving quickly and get into the elevator of the first floor. I think we should be grateful that the electricity was still working. I couldn’t imagine if there was no power, it would be dark as hell and we wouldn’t be able to walk or run as freely as we could now.
“Fifteenth floor quickly!” said the lady. I pressed the button. The orange light on the button glew and the top number of the elevator door started to change according to each floor we were getting on to. While waiting for the elevator we rode on to reach the top most floor of the building, I started
the first conversation with her. “ Are you alone? I mean like alone. Family? Friends? “ I said while waiting for her reply.
“ Why does it bother you? Nothing fancy about my life.” Sheresponded like an annoyed person.
“ I just need to know. You know, sharing one’s problem tends to ease a person’s misery. Telling your problems might does the job, if not many but a little ” I looked at her and she seemed upset and hesitating.
“ I was born without knowing who my parents was, I was raised in an orphanage. Until one day a single father adopted me. I was only fourteen. He taught me many things about life, patience and struggles. We had a perfect life. He was like everything to me. Eventhough I don’t have a mother, the love of a father is enough for me. Until one day, our home was robbed by a gang of burglars. He told me to hide in the attic and so I did. He fought off the burglars. When I thought everything was already at peace I came down, only to find my father was dead with a knife stabbed right through his heart” I saw her eyes were teary. I feel so bad asking about it. I must have had forced her to recall her dark memories.
“ I was totally disturbed. I was angry. I want to avenged my father’s death. So I chased after them, but it was too late, they had already ran away. I tripped my self just in front of our house yard. The rain was heavy that night, thunder clapping and zapping through the night sky. I cried and screamed out loud. My heart broke into thousand pieces. That was when a man in a black trench coat with a hat and black mask reach me and . . .”
“Tink!” We had reach the top floor.
“And?” I asked.
“We have to go now and do the search right away” She was avoiding my question and start walking out of the elevator. I followed her just a few inches behind her. She has her gun ready and so am I. I looked at her gun again, she has it on and I started searching on my belt. She noticed what I was doing. “What are you up to?” She said.
“ I am looking for my silencer. You had it on your gun so I think I should have it too.” I replied.
“ You should have been ready and prepared before you get here.”
“ I know. I’m sorry “ I feel rather like an idiot to be advised by someone much younger than me. “ So how we do find this Dr. O’Neil’s office?”
“ There. Just ahead of us.” She pointed with her index finger. Again I feel like a moron. I ask things without looking or analyzing around me first. Good job Travis. So much your hero story. The door obviously labeled written with a name Dr. Edward O’Neil. She went ahead of me first and opened the door slowly. It was pretty much annoying that the door produced creaking sound like an old wooden house. His office was quite huge. In the middle where lies his desk were full with files and paperworks. Through the right was standing four wooden shelves filled with books. Most of the books were references. Science books such as chemistry, biology and physic. There are some mathematic books as well, astronomies, medics, animals and some books regarding to Artificial Intelligence and Case Classified Area Fifty-One. She was right. These scientists were mad. To the left was a massive white board where I guess Dr. O’Neil’s wrote his formulas about his new foundation recepies. At the back of Dr.O’Neil’s desk was a massive potrait of all the scientists and staff of Newton’s Corps. Of course in the middle was Dr. Edward O’Neil and his partner Dr. Richard Ross. They were smiling, faces showing a true success. But something on the potrait attracted my attention. “Who was that? The man in the left back? He dressed and wears differently than the others.” I tossed the question to the lady.
“ That was Dr. Victor Lockhart. He worked alone and never socialized with the other scientists. I heard rumours about him. He never succeed in his lab tests and experiments. He envied Dr. O’Neil and Dr. Ross success. Bad tempered as hell. Strangely enough he went missing for twelve years before this pandemic started, the same year when my father was killed and the missing of Dr. Richard Ross ”
“ Where did they go to?” I wondered.
“ No one knows but some of Dr. Lockhart colleagues told Newton’s staff he was in distressed and committed suicide. He left a note on his desk in his office. Saying that he’s already in Heaven. And for Dr. Richard Ross, he’s just vanished. No news, no anything”
“ That’s really sad. He could have done something better than killing himself “
“ No one knows how hard it is to be that someone not until you were in his or her shoes. I used to experience the same thing. A cut on a skin will heal as time passes by, but a cut in the heart will stay, and no medicine can heal that ”
I can understand why she said that. It was not easy to be her or as Dr. Lockhart. But I am glad she is much wiser than that distressed doctor. The missing of Dr. Ross sounds more tragic to me. There must have been some serious conflicts back then. I saw she start searching the cabinet, then the desk and the drawers. I was looking through the shelves just in case something is hidden there.
“It’s locked” She said. “ The last drawer is locked” She added. She pointed her gun to the drawer directly to the key hole. “Bang!” She had shot it.
“What is it?” I asked her.
“There’s a letter. Written by Dr. O’Neil himself.” She picked up the letter from the drawer. On the letter it wrote “ To those who found this, this is your answer ” She opened the letter and it reads,

“ So now that you are in possession of this letter, whoever you are, if you’re a good person then you’ll save this dying planet. But if you’re an evil person then it means this is the end of days. I wrote this letter for a reason. I know that some day and some times in the future bad things would happen. It is a plan that I’ve been keeping to myself. Just in case. If you read this, then that bad thing had already happen. I created something that would save humanity from extinction like diseases. Eventhough I succeeded, I also invented something out of the public eyes. I worked this out with my partner Dr. Richard Ross and kept it somewhere in the city. But to get it, you need the pendant. The pendant was with my wife Elizabeth, but she died of cancer I couldn’t find the cure. She wore it around her neck and is buried with her in her grave. Look out for her grave and hopefully you’ll find the answer.”

Dr. Edward O’Neil

“ We need to dig up her grave. There is only one graveyard in Greendale and that is Raven’s Hill.”
“ This is insane. After all the trouble getting here we need to dig up a dead woman’s grave?” I seriously going about crazy. “ We don’t know what might wait for us out there! It’s the grave! Bunch of dead people! How do
we sure that they are not infected or we could be saved there? What are the chances?”
“ You have such a big mouth Travis, you’re acting like a little girl “
“ Excuse me? “ Those words stung me.
“ Enough okay? We have a job to do. I understand your worries but we have
to do this”
“ How can you be sure he was telling the truth in that letter? What if he intentionally wrote the letter to distract us from searching this room? The answer probably here!“
“Yeah, and we already got it” she raised the letter she was holding on her left hand.
“ I know Dr. O’Neil well. He wouldn’t play games with this. Now are you coming with me or we can go separate ways now? “ She said with eyes full of determination.
“ Fine! “ I finally gave up protesting.
“ Good “ She walked towards the door and start opening it. Suddenly something burst forward as soon as the door was opened. “Duck!” I shouted to her. She respond immediately and avoided the attack by jumping and crouching to the left side. They were two, three then four coming inside. One a woman and three others were men. The undead. I signaled the lady not to make a noise. The walkers are blind but it is still unfortunate for us that we were within five meters range and not making a foot step noise seem impossible. I had an idea. I picked up the fallen books from the floor and start throwing them one by one at the right back of the desk. They reacted to the sound as soon as the books dropped to the floor. As they were started running to the books, we rushed towards the door going straight for
the elevator. I ran first then followed by her. The walkers were so fast that one of them caught the lady’s hair and pull her backwards. “ Oh no you don’t! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” The sound from my silver desert eagle was so loud. I had no idea how I did it, but I shot every one of them right to
their skulls. They were pulverizing before they stop trembling and eventually died. I fucked up their brains. I didn’t even realized how did I switched my gun with the silencer, with my silver desert eagle. Everything went too fast.
“ You never told me that you’re good with guns “ She said while lying breathlessly on the floor. “ I guess I never did “ I was shocked too you know.
“Thank you” She thanked me with a pale face.
“ Not a big deal. So now we’re even. “ She was smiling when I said the words. “ Come on, let me help you get up “ I reached for her hand and went inside the elevator.
“ Claireese ” She said. “ Claireese Johnson ”
“What?” I was dumbstuck. She was only smiling.
“Oh! Well . . . Nice to meet you Claireese.”
“Just called me Claire.”
“Right!” I pushed the ground floor button and the elevator started going down.
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May 12, 2016 - 16:30 Wow! Nice chapter
M.D Khamil

M.D Khamil

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