Z-Virus (Chapter 4) New Companion

by M.D Khamil
Chapter 4 – New Companion

“Put your hands behind your head. Who are you? Why are you here? Who sent you? Who do you work for?”
“Such a lovely meeting but lady, that’s a hell of a lot of questions to start with”
“Shut up, believe me I’ll pull this trigger if you don’t. Who do you work for? Answer me.”
“Ahh, well first of all I don’t work for nobody and I am on my own, and my other friend whom I lost few minutes ago”
“You’re not alone?”
“Right you are there ma’am”
“Then, he’s probably be dead. You said you don’t work with anyone, what’s with the uniform?’
“Oh I forgot about that. Why don’t you put the gun down first and have a comfortable conversation? I am not your enemy. It would be better if we talk nicely”
“We are”
“Come on, trust me”
“Why should I trust you? What made me believe that you’re not going to attack me?”
“Because I believe we are in the same side, you can take and strip of my weapons if that makes you happy. There are not so many of us left. No use to fight each other”
I saw her eyes carefully examining me from top to bottom. She doesn’t look like a normal young lady to me, no I don’t mean like she’s ‘one of them’ but she’s just different. She looks a little bit muscular on some parts of her body. Her biceps and thighs obviously show the signs. She lowered the gun that she pointed at me slowly.
“I trust you” she finally said it.
“Thank you” I replied.
“But that doesn’t mean I trust you one hundred percent. Now what lead you here?”
“I am looking for the cures. To fix this. This deadly pandemic”
She giggles then burst into laughter.
“What’s so funny?” I gaze toward her irritatedly.
“Cures? There’s no such thing as cures”
“There’s no cure. This is not some normal plague that can be cured with any kinds of drugs or medicines”
“Then we’re doomed”
“Not really” she replied as if nothing serious was happening.
“Not really? Is that the best what you could think of? Not really? This is not a game. We both could be the last humans right now on earth. No cure, yes to death!”
“Hey! I don’t come here for nothing alright?! Yes, there’s no cure to this deadly pandemic. But there is something hidden here that I need to find. Something that will lead us to save our kinds!”
“What is it?” I asked.
“I don’t even know yet, but we have to go to the top most floor of the building, where lies all the answers.”
“What we could probably find up there if not bunch of the living dead?”
“Depends on our luck. Something tells me that we should go to Dr. Edward O’Neil’s office on the top most floor”
“So it’s a deal. We’re working together now?”
“I’m Travis.”
“I have no intention of telling my name to you”
“Okay, then tell me what do you know about this plague?”
“The Black Death and Ebola”, “It has something to do with it. Only now that it is on a whole new different level.”
“What do you mean?” I desperately wanting to know more.
“The scientists were crazy. They started it. It’s their own technology. If only they didn’t fiddle and play with something they don’t understand this wouldn’t have happen.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Some of the scientists here formed a secret group of their own. Tightly secure from government ears. They experimented on some weird stuff that were illegal. Creating and mixing DNA to create new form of mutation and evolution kind of thing. I believe this plague was a failed experiment. I heard about them discussing about Project Z-Virus. The Black Plague and Ebola was their first experiment. Dr. Edward O’Neil and his partner Dr. Richard Ross has succeeded inventing a secret formula and technology that supposed to be the cure to any disease there is on earth. The serum was in inspection, experiment and tested multiple times for twelve years before it is officially launch. Sadly enough the news of missing scientists whom one of them happened to be Dr. Ross interrupted Dr. O’Neil emotion for several years but life must go on and to achieve their goals. It’s a technology known as Newton’s Nano Metabolism, in the form of liquid. The Nano-M has static powered energy that kills the disease from the inside. Last time they tried it on a sick dog that they have injected with the Black Plague and Ebola. Then they tested this bio technology by injecting it into the dog. That’s how it all started. How the Nano-M reacted and stabilized to form a new type of deadly virus to the Black Plague and Ebola is still unknown and a mystery.”
“How do you know all of this stuff? Who are you?”
“That’s none of your business. We must go now or would you prefer staying here till you get eaten and become one of them? I will gladly more than happy to shoot you.”
“Not a chance. Let’s move now”.

I followed her as she led the way. I was so scared for some stupid reasons. First, I was worried if Prince was out there somewhere. What if he couldn't make it? What if he was turned into one of them? Secondly, I am anxious and curious about the lady in front of me. What if she lied to me? What if she was only using me for her own good? Either way, I still have no other options. My head was still a bit dizzy. It was the effect from the hand grenade I blew up earlier. The banging sound was still echoing in my head as if someone repeatedly ringing the church bell in a hurry. Heck, I need to buck up and focus. I need to keep it cool, until I find out what she was up to. I just can't trust her yet, though my heart screaming that I should trust her.
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