White lies

by Mahoobee

I never believed in time.
All I did is see.
The waves when they came in,
Covering the soles of my feet.
I could just let go and speak.
Speak anything,
The first words made me weak.

I never spoke to the night,
Untill one summer,
Under the blue moons light,
I said all those white lies,
They bruised no one, not even me.

The yellow color of the paper,
Hidden beneath the sheets,
Was an old letter from gran to me.
There were pictures of sunlight, beach and sea.
And I was really happy.
Oh god! what happened to me?

Redrawing old sketches,
I came to a new scene.
I drew red roses and painted them dead.
But dipped them in red,
And made them lie on a lovers bed,
Yes, I was painting.

When I let the sun,
Count my freckles,
I think of you.
There's always a sky so blue,
And a night so cool.
The summers was in your eyes.
And spring in your smile.
And winter in your heart.
And autumn in your fading scars.

In warm summer twilight,
In my room full of fairy lights,
I stretch and I smile.
I tell myself all these white lies.
And I am not hurting anyone with these.
Not even me.
© Mahoobee (17-05-17)

Heyya guys! I am free from my college exams, got to prepare for uni now. I going to try my best to be active here. Though, give me some writing prompts or something. As well as suggestions. That would be very helpful.

i noticed that most of my poems are abstract and don't give the exact idea. I will try to write more crystal clear ones so bear with me for a while.

Comment and let me know, Don't forget to upvote *shamelessly types *

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Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

May 19, 2017 - 21:29 Amazing. And we'll wait for the "crystal clear ones". :)
Manahill Naik

Manahill Naik

May 20, 2017 - 16:05 Btw, I want to know the abstract meaning behind it. This one was way too abstract.
Sharmishtha Shenoy

Sharmishtha Shenoy

June 26, 2017 - 17:27 Whatever it is - I agree that white lies are good for the soul, if they are used to heal someone


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