Wet footprints

by Mahoobee

Wet footprints on the porch,

leading to the main road.

The ground and my cheeks are wet.

Drip drop and muddy footsteps.

A crumpled page,

clenched in my fist.

She watches me from her window,

fingers tips pressed against glass.

Like forever,

she's wearing a mask.

I don't know what she's feeling.

No whimper, no smile nor she asks.

She watches me leave,

muddy footprints in her path.

Slamming my head on the steering wheel,

No one looks out for me.

Her window is empty.

A rock punching my chest,

Rubbing my eyes dry,

My soul feels like a mess.

I drive, turn around the corner.

look through the side mirrors.

there she is,

watching me leave.

Standing on the road,

wearing her red coat.

She's bare feet.

And she watches me go,

away from the familiar roads.

Covering miles and miles.

I had asked her whether we should quit.

All she had to say was a no.

But she had bitten her lip,

and stared at me through her misty eyes.

And All she did was,

watch me leave wet footprints on her porch.

Speeding away from the familiar roads.


©Mahoobee (8-9-17)

Hey guys!!! It's been like...forever?! I've been so busy and stuff. I am working on two books. Dunno whether to publish them here or wait. Anyway, Here's a piece of my messy mind. Hope you guys like it!!

Comment and Lemme know!!


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Manahill Naik

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